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Sandbox Clone Script To Launch Your Own 3D Metaverse NFT Gaming Platform

Published: 21 February, 2022

Sandbox Clone Script To Launch Your Own 3D Metaverse NFT Gaming Platform

Sandbox Clone Script

Sandbox Clone Script is an Ethereum-based decentralized platform that allows anyone to launch their own Metaverse NFT Gaming like Sandbox. We have developed and deployed the Sandbox clone script with all the rich features, advanced gaming attributes, and functionalities as same as a popular Metaverse game, Sandbox does. 

We have also integrated with the customizable option for you to make any kind of change based on your need on the SandBox. We Osiz provides Metaverse NFT Gaming services from all horizons with a SandBox Clone Script for creating a real-world NFT virtual game similar to SandBox. Our team will provide excellent customer service to anyone who wants to establish a fast-running Ethereum game like SandBox. 

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Do you like to know a brief note of what is a SandBox? 


What is a SandBox Game?

Sandbox was launched in 2011 by Pixowl.  In the initial stage, Sandbox has only come in mobile gaming platforms. At the time, it got tremendous downloads more than 40M. In 2018, Sandbox founders determined to construct a 3D predominant virtual world gaming platform used in the Ethereum blockchain network.  With this decentralized game environment, the players can create, control, and monetize gaming experiences. Users can easily upload, publish, create, and sell NFT creations in the SandBox NFT Game.

Individuals may create fantastic 3D games in minutes with the sandbox game generator in the SandBox game. It also ensures that structured components such as tasks, submissions, and stories are available to the players.

SAND - Native Token

The SAND token is the native token for Sandbox. With the SAND token, the players can use it for all transactions & interactions in the game. 
The virtual goods created by the players in the Sandbox game can be monetized as NFTs & can be sold for SAND tokens.

Features of our Sandbox Clone Script

  • Crypto-tokens are divided into three categories: assets, land, and sand.

  • This complex toolset can be used to generate avatars and NFTs.

  • The copyright of creators is safeguarded for the duration of their life.

  • A decentralized gaming platform

  • Innovative technology is used to create a sandbox game.

  • Voting rights and decision-making authority

  • The Sandbox NFT e-commerce platform is a great mix of digital commodities. It runs auctions to sell artwork, avatars, entities, objects, wearables, equipment, and virtual land to interested buyers in general. It was launched as an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the Binance Launchpad (IEO). Learn all about Sandbox NFT Virtual Land, Sandbox Clone, and how to make Sandbox NFT.

Benefits Of Using  Metaverse SandBox Clone

  • In this world, the rewards you earn have real value.

  • With the help of sophisticated tools, ensures that the gaming alternatives are unlimited.

  • NFTs can have converted from games made in the SandBox Metaverse.

  • By enabling functions like a store, sell, and monetize game creations in the blockchain, it is extremely simple to construct a voxel environment and gaming experience.

  • Adjustable screen resolutions, camera sensitivity control, and sound on/off control, among other things, provide enhanced gaming options.

How Osiz Will Develop The Metaverse NFT Game platform like Sandbox?

In Osiz, Our professional experts follow a careful method when building the Sandbox NFT Game. Business analysis, researching the operation of online gaming platforms, UI/UX design, Ethereum blockchain network deployment, the establishment of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, creation of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), integrating all features to the front-end and back-end, testing performance and speed, launching the decentralized solution in the market, and implementing digital marketing campaigns across multiple communication channels.

What Are Emphatic Points To Have Metaverse NFT Marketplace Like Sandbox?

  • One of the Fast-growing NFT Gaming Platform

  • It has a groundbreaking sale recodes USD 2,8M while compared to NFTs & LAND

  • Sandbox has spiked its popularity on the Metaverse gaming

  • Around 16,000 people buy virtual plots of land & 5,300 LAND owners in Sandbox metaverse.

Why Choose Osiz For Sandbox Clone Script?

Osiz is a leading Metaverse NFT Game development Company that offers our clients top-notch Sandbox clone software. Bug fixing, digital marketing, software updates, maintenance, technical support, and third-party API integration are just a few of Osiz's post-deployment services.

  • 14+ Years Of Experience

  • Requirement Gathering Of The Project

  • Crystal-Clear Analysis Of The Project

  • Whitelabel Metaverse NFT Game Development Services

  • End-to-End NFT Marketplace Solutions

  • Robust Gaming Platform

  • 200+ Experts Of Technology

  • 24/7 Support System To make happy the clients

  • 600+ Websites Delivered To Clients

  • 300+ Mobile Apps Delivered

  • 2000+ Clients Worldwide

  • Friendly technical support team.

  • Agile Methodologies.

  • On-time Delivery with quality output. 

Hire Our Metaverse Developers for SandBox Like Metaverse NFT Game Development

We are the only one who has a Leading and Adroit Team of Metaverse Expert developers. They are upstand in the coding language to give top-notch source code to run a successful business. We have 100% happy and long-lasting customers. 

Our dedicated NFT Development team has many years of experience in the NFT application. Then you can choose your own NFT-based video game platform on your business demands. To grab a superior NFT Game development service, the great place to reach is Osiz.
Being in the top position to provide Metaverse NFT Gaming Platform development services, Osiz Technologies strives to develop all kinds of highly secure NFT applications.

1. Budget-Friendly Development
2. Transparent process
3. Time Zone Compatible
4. Easy Communication
5. A pool of Expert Developers
6. Best In Class Project Management 
7. Product Quality
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Disclaimer: Osiz Technologies never mastery the Sandbox and their trademark as well as we never undergo any promotional activities for them.Simply,we are utilizing the term Sandbox to identify and understand easily.This is to note that, our products and services never harm an individual and organization.

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