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Instantly Start Your P2E - Blockchain NFT gaming Platform Like Cryptosnake

Published: 17 March, 2022

Instantly Start Your P2E - Blockchain NFT gaming Platform Like Cryptosnake

DeFi-based NFT games have been pumping to record highs, gathering users globally to grasp more. Recently, our world has adopted the P2E (play-to-earn) business model that allows gamers to earn crypto rewards while playing their favorite games. And now Cryptosnake aims to live up to that expectation. 

What is CryptoSnake Clone Script?

Cryptosnake clone is a DeFi Based NFT Gaming platform in which the games mainly focus on ‘Snake’ play. It is a blockchain-based NFT game that is trending in the market. Osiz is a premium Blockchain-based NFT game development solution provider where you can launch your own NFT game like Cryptosnake.

What is CryptoSnake?

Cryptosnake is an NFT-focused blockchain game on the simple yet classic “Snake” from the 2000s. It involves the concept of a snake that has to “eat” bricks to grow. 

Players must guide the snake so that it does not collide with the game's obstacles or its own body. The game’s difficulty increases as the snake’s length grow.

The essential principle of this game has not changed, despite the fact that it has been converted to many platforms and developers have tried to come up with fresh concepts to make it more interesting. Cryptosnake, on the other hand, is attempting to replicate that nostalgic experience while also introducing a mechanism for users to earn real cryptocurrency while playing the game.

Features of the Cryptosnake Clone Gameplay

  • To make a crypto-snake, you must transfer any number of BEP-20-compliant tokens to the game's smart contract. The player will receive their first NFT of a crypto-snake after lockup is completed.

  • The game begins when the NFT crypto-snake token has been sent to the game's staking contract, and profit is accrued in SNAKE tokens.

  • The normal reward for staking SNAKE tokens for all new game participants starts at 60% each year.

  • Bonus tokens are universal, transferable between players via a blockchain transaction, and can be used on any NFT snake.

  • Only the project team can issue special cheat tokens that act as bonus tokens and distribute them on the marketplace, or players can get them as gifts.

  • The game has a unique investment bonus incentive structure, in which all players receive 20% of the value of assets locked by new participants on a daily basis.

Benefits of CryptoSnake Clone Script

The main benefits of NFT in gaming platforms include, 

In-Game Asset Ownership: A participant in CryptoSnake Clone NFT gaming has complete ownership over his earned and acquired assets, and they can alternatively earn cryptocurrency. Physical ownership enhances the appeal of playing a blockchain-based game and can serve as a consistent source of income. Gamers may save in-game purchases, sell them to other players, or transfer them to other compatible games using blockchain technology.

Inferable Scarcity: Collectors place a premium on uniqueness and authenticity, and the scarcity of in-game NFT purchases can be verified thanks to the unchangeable records built in the underlying blockchain network. The number and uniqueness of each NFT, as well as its history, are verified by this distributed public ledger.

Interconnection: Independent blockchains serve as the backend architecture for other interconnected games in decentralized games. As a result, game assets represented by NFTs can be created to work in a variety of contexts.

Highly secure environment: NFT-based gaming solutions provide a high level of security and stability. Because blockchain technology safeguards a gamer's wallet with an impenetrable layer of cutting-edge technology, he may be assured that his digital assets are protected.

Our Valuable Features of Blockchain NFT Gaming Platform

  • High-level security - When it comes to token transactions in the marketplace, security is a key component of the NFT gaming platform.

  • Transparency - Supports a secure transaction by ensuring a bug-free payment process.

  • Smart Contracts - Smart Contracts are digital agreements that are signed to prevent fraud and eliminate intermediaries for no commission fee. 

  • Decentralization - The Crypto NFT platform's decentralization allows all data to be duplicated and spread across several blockchain networks. When a new block is introduced, the NFT platform's network updates its blockchain.

  • Instant Payment option - The NFT marketplace accepts instant payments without requiring personal information or credit card information in order to trade.

Bringing the Iconic Snake Back to Life

The Cryptosnake clone script project is a fresh arrival into the decentralized gaming market, offering a unique synergy of DeFi and NFTs. With a unique blend of NFT treasures, character improvements, and a strong financial Play-to-Earn component, Cryptosnake revives the iconic concept of the old Snake game from the 1990s, all transferred into the present blockchain gaming environment.

The blockchain-based game Cryptosnake allows players to design their own crypto-snake in the form of an NFT token, which will be powered by cryptocurrencies on the famous Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. The implementation of the given game and its underlying concept will allow players to earn money while they are not actively playing.

Tokenomics: What is a Snake token?

Cryptosnake's native utility token is SNAKE. It's built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and may be traded for other BSC-based coins.
It has a 10 billion token supply cap, with an initial distribution of 100 million SNAKE tokens available for presale on PancakeSwap, letting investors and other market participants purchase the token before the project launches.

The remaining 9.9 billion SNAKE tokens will be used as staking tokens and will be issued elastically when the NFT is broken (when the snake is destroyed) and converted into SNAKE tokens at market exchange rates. At the time of staking interest accrual, new tokens will be issued.

Cryptosnake clone Gameplay strategies

Cryptosnake Clone faithfully recreates the fundamental gameplay components of the traditional Snake game, including the intake of food morsels in a pixelated arena, which causes the snake to expand in size. Growing the crypto-snake is not so much a spatial problem in Cryptosnake as it is an end-goal that leads to an increase in the profitability of crypto-farming, unlike the old Snake game that came preinstalled on every phone and computer in the mid-2000s.

Players can obtain access to bonuses that can be unlocked on-demand by playing Cryptosnake, resulting in an upgrade of the NFT snake's present parameters. Players can use their enhancements or sell them to other players in markets, allowing them to profit from their success.

Why Choose Osiz Technologies For Cryptosnake Clone script?

Osiz Technologies is the prominent Blockchain-based NFT Game development company that provides professional Cryptosnake clone gaming platforms like Cryptosnake platform and token development services.

You are a crypto enthusiast to start a blockchain-based NFT platform like Cryptosnake, approach us anytime.

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