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GameFi Clone Script to launch Your IGO Launchpad & Game Aggregator Platform

Published: 23 March, 2022

GameFi Clone Script to launch Your IGO Launchpad & Game Aggregator Platform

Every nock & corner of the global gaming industry has become a standalone platform by removing intermediaries. The tremendous evolution of the Metaverse still rocking the technologies. On the same line, GameFi has taken place. 


Come with me to know about the GameFi deeper. 


What Is GameFi In The Crypto World?


GameFi is the steadfast blockchain-based game platform that allows the players to receive real-world financial benefits; it’s a confluence of gamification, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and play-to-earn (P2E). 


GameFi enables users to obtain products for their in-game activities through missions, trading, and other techniques. launchpad offers various services like staking, token sales, yield farming, trading of cryptos, stablecoins, and DeFi tokens. 


Traditional games have allowed players to accumulate and exchange digital assets for decades but they risk losing their money if the publisher closes the games or goes out of business.


GameFi games save their assets across a distributed network. These operate independently of any specific company, lowering the risk associated with digital assets dramatically.


Future Enhancement of GameFi


GameFi users have a lot of leverage among gamers and investors. Until now, the traditional gaming business had enormous power. The introduction of the metaverse has enticed the game industry to relaunch.


Axie Infinity is an easy approach to analyze the future of GameFi while figuring out the currency project. It now costs 125 euros, although it is used to cost 0.12 Euros. Although the MetaSoccer game which involves soccer in a metaverse realm has not been released, it has already garnered $2million in fundraising.


Another example is a North American company that partnered with the Californian research company Niantic to develop and launch AR-enabled video games. Fold AR is a game similar to Pokemon GO that allows players to earn cryptocurrency while playing.


Popular Top GameFi projects are as follows, 

  • Wax-powered Alien Worlds

  • BSC-backed Bomb-Crypto

  • Axie Infinity which runs on Ronin

  • Hive blockchain’s Splinterlands 

  • Polygon-backed Sunflower Farmers

  • EOS-powered Upland

  • MOBOX, which runs on the BSC

  • Ethereum-backed Crazy Defense Heroes

  • BSC-powered X World Games

  • Avalanche’s DeFi Kingdoms. 

Top New GameFi, P2E & Defi Projects

  1. CryptoSnake

  2. CryptoSnack 

  3. Dungeonswap

  4. NFT Boss Battles

  5. My DeFi Pet

Are want to become a successful Metapreneur in the Gameworld? Develop a GameFi clone by connecting with us. 


What is GameFi clone Script?  


GameFi clone script is a game aggregator and launchpad with a decentralized platform that enables entrepreneurs to create an IGO launchpad similar to GameFi where games may earn digital assets for their in-game actions on various blockchain games. The GameFi clone can assist entrepreneurs in establishing a string gaming community for gamers to showcase the greatest play to earn blockchain games.


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How Osiz Will Development a GameFi clone Software?


A GameFi clone is a gaming gateway that functions as an aggregator and is prebuilt. Players will have access to a marketplace, compete in tournaments, and win interesting prizes. Furthermore, the GameFi clone script functions as a launchpad. As a result, potential project makers can share information about their projects.


They can expose details such as the total amount of tokens available, the official website, the roadmap for the next 3-6months, profile links, social media, the day and time, the overall fundraising goal, claiming digital tokens, and the acceptable payment methods.


Osiz is a leading NFT marketplace development company that creates a GameFi clone like GameFi. We render it to your specific business needs. You can also include graphic designs, logos, themes, forms, and taglines as brand elements. Ultimately, you will be able to attract a wide range of console makers, studio owners, gamers, and blockchain development companies from all corners of the galaxy.


Business model for Our Gamefi clone script 


The business models so far we have come across, 

  • Token sales fees 

  • Trading fees 

  • NFT sale fees 

  • Yield fees

  • Staking and leasing fees 

  • Collaboration fees 

  • Acceleration fees

  • Marketplace activity fees 

Features of GameFi clone script 


Our GameFi clone development has three ecosystems consisting of five pillars such as Accelerator, Launchpad, Aggregator, Yield guilds, and Global market.


  • Accelerator 

The blockchain game developers that are working on blockchain games have upgraded the accelerator which can greatly expedite their delivery in NFTs and P2E mechanisms.


  • Launchpad 

 GameFi is a blockchain-based IGO(initial game offering) launchpad that supports both tokens and game objects.


  • Aggregator

It is a unique gaming attraction where players can learn about blockchain technology and play games based on it. It allows players to sell, transfer, and lease their in-game products and NFTs on the GameFi global market.


  • Yield Guilds 

 The yield guild for BSC and polygon game players and token owners are undoubtedly a GameFi clone. Token holders can contribute to the Play to earn game’s development by participating in scholarships and other creative work.


  •  Global market

 The global market enables players to buy in-game items and assets as well as tickets to numerous sporting events, all in one place to increase user engagement. It is also referred to as a multichain marketplace which acts as a marketplace for selling, buying, and exploring a variety of in-game products and assets.


Why Osiz For GameFi Clone development Services?


Osiz is the leading GameFi Development company that enables you to easily launch your own highly secure IGO launchpad, such as GameFi, replete with cutting-edge features and security measures tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We have a team of competent technical professionals who can help you establish a high-performing DEX gaming platform like GameFi that meets your needs. 


Hire Our GameFi Developers for IGO Launchpad Game Development


We are the only one who has a Leading and Adroit Team of GameFi Expert developers. They are upstand in the coding language to give top-notch source code to run a successful business. We have 100% happy and long-lasting customers. 

Our dedicated Blockchain Game Development team has many years of experience in gaming application. Then you can choose your own NFT-based video game platform on your business demands. To grab a superior Game development service, the great place to reach is Osiz.

Being in the top position to provide NFT Gaming Platform development services, Osiz Technologies strives to develop all kinds of highly secure NFT applications.


1. Budget-Friendly Development

2. Transparent process

3. Time Zone Compatible

4. Easy Communication

5. A pool of Expert Developers

6. Best In Class Project Management 

7. Product Quality


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