Blockchain Solution For Healthcare Industry

Acquire Blockchain Technology to Manage Clinical Trials and Medical Records While Maintaining Regulatory Compliance.

Blockchain in Healthcare

Healthcare industry is now moving towards a more patient-centric approach with major focus on delivering affordable treatment and prompt healthcare facilities at all the time. Quality healthcare services backed up with latest technology is the new demand for today. Despite working with gadgets like mobile phone and computers, it is still not possible to collect, analyze, secure and exchange data seamlessly. To simplify the healthcare system that is smooth, transparent, economically efficient and easily operable, blockchain technology was implemented in healthcare industry.

Blockchain is the next internet that creates immutable and distributed record of data that can be shared with the blocks connected in peer-to-peer network. By integrating blockchain at healthcare, the challenges in the healthcare system can be mitigated and it serves as a boon to the patients, doctors, medical employees and the insurer. Osiz technologies is a superior blockchain development company, who develop custom blockchain applications for healthcare sector to carry out the medical procedures from maintaining patient’s personal record to diagnostic reports and doctor’s prescription.

Challenges in Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry faces many new changes and new challenges despite the size of the organization.
Here are the major challenges of healthcare sectors.

Drug Traceability

Drug counterfeiting is the most serious problem in the pharmaceutical industry. The problem with fake drugs is that they are very different from the original product in a quantitative and qualitative way, which might not have the exact ingredients as required. This will be a treat to the patient and doesn’t treat the disease it is actually supposed to do.

Data Security in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are designed to test the effectiveness of a specific medicine to validate or invalidate hypothesis. Information regarding statistics, test results, quality reports, etc will be recorded during the clinical trial and it is possible to change the outcome or modify the data easily. This could damage the brand of an organization among regulatory agencies or patients.

Patient Data Management

A healthcare sector has numerous patients with different diseases and treatments. Each patient’s history must be maintained and recorded properly, in order to treat the patient with correct medication. Similarly, sharing these record among the medical community is another challenge because it will be expensive. more time consuming and insecure.

Huge Data

More and more of data is being generated and scattered across multiple parties and devices including the payers, providers and the patients. As it is possible to hack the data and make changes, the chance of fraudulent is more. Therefore, there is no “source of truth” which an organization can use to optimize patients experience.

Applications of Blockchain Technology In Healthcare

Smart Contract

Smart contracts are digital contracts that can verify, facilitate and enforce the rule. We build unique smart contract for your organization to develop a consistent rule that allow multiple organizations to access a patient’s record.

Integrity of Records

As the information recorded in the blockchain is immutable, there is no possibility for error in the record. You can ensure that the data is accurate and it is a huge advantage for the organization to give proper treatment to cure a disease.

Supply Chain Management

The drugs are transported from the manufacturing centers to the wholesale distributors and retailers. We integrate blockchain so that you can track the drugs in transit and people involved in process to get rid fake drugs and find the source of counterfeiting.

Change in business model

You can experience a new working model when blockchain is integrated with healthcare operations. Doctors, nurse and other healthcare professionals can access the patient’s data anytime and also know the real-time health condition of the patient easily.

Benefits of Blockchain In Healthcare

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary invention which gives pro-level solutions to various challenges of diverse industries. Similarly, blockchain has also brought numerous benefits to the healthcare organizations and the patients. Using blockchain, correct treatment is given to the right person at the right time as the data is securely recorded and shared in a transparent network. Blockchain is the right solution for your healthcare organization as it has the following components.

  • High security
  • Decentralized system
  • Single data source
  • Universal access of data
  • Integrity
  • Less Cost of maintenance
  • Transparent ledger
  • Immutable record
  • Reduced transaction costs
  • New Innovation

Why Osiz Technologies ?

  • Certified blockchain development company
  • Full stacked with world class technologies
  • Global experience in working with diverse industries
  • Universal access of data
  • Utmost security and integrity
  • Futuristic solutions
  • Unique blockchain strategy
  • Cost effective process
  • Client’s satisfaction

Hire Our Blockchain developers

Being early adopters of the blockchain technology, we posses extensive knowledge and experience in building the best blockchain solution with advanced security features. Our dedicated blockchain consultants and developers would learn your organization’s workflow and analyze the sectors that needs blockchain integration. We provide a complete support to build flawless blockchain application for your healthcare organization and ensure transparency in the process. Engage with us to become the perfect healthcare organization with advanced blockchain solutions.

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