Published: 05 May, 2021

Create & Launch Your Own NFT Marketplace Like

The NFTS are growing trends in the present scenario, helps the artist to display their artworks as digital assets in the Blockchain.

Create & Launch Your Own NFT Marketplace Like

Foundation Clone Script

Foundation clone script is muti-tested, ready to market NFT marketplace source code to launch NFT Marketplace like Foundation and has similar features and functionalities.
Our Foundation clone script helps to launch your dedicated NFT marketplace to create and sell NFTs for artworks to share and encourage passionate artists over the blockchain-powered platform.

Foundation Clone Software

Foundation Clone Software is customizable, a complete source code with all the inbuilt features and functionalities like Foundation NFT Marketplace, and added features can be included according to the business demands.  Foundation clone software is built over Ethereum Blockchain and that helps to launch your NFT Marketplace to trade NFT tokens with a live auction.

Features of Foundation Clone Script


Each creator has a profile page and displays the artist’s work and the bidding records of created artworks. It has a Short bio about the creators.


The artworks help the users to display their artwork on the Marketplace for Auctions with defined ETH Price and timing.

Social Profiles

Each of the Users is linked with their social profiles.
Creators and collectors can share their NFT and aids in support charitable causes and decentralization.

Edward Snowden NFT

Edward Snowden is the first NFT auctioned on Foundation Marketplace and it represents "Stay Free" NFT for Freedom of the press foundation, helps to protect, defend, and empower journalism.

Exclusive Features for Creators and Collectors in Foundation Clone Script

 Creators: On Mint and Selling NFT 

The Creators space helps the original artist to display their artworks as digital assets and sell them without depending on the third-party display.

  • The Artwork is secured, authenticated to the creator.
  • It helps to legal rights like copyrights and trademarks for the original work.
  • It aids in replicate, share, display, and make derivative work of your piece. 

Collectors: Collecting NFT

The collectors support their favorite artworks and artists by collecting their NFTs on the Marketplace. It also provides a digital platform to collect their passionate artworks.

  • Artwork is collected over the secured blockchain as a digital asset
  • It helps to display and share them
  • It helps to resell and trade on NFT Marketplace

Overview: Foundation NFT Marketplace

Foundation is an NFT Marketplace platform for the live auction of digital art and NFTs. The digital asset is sold through live auctions by the artwork creators. The platform features live bidding for multiple artworks, including the Edward Snowden NFT (journalism).  

It is a platform where NFT artists and digital art collectors engage in decentralized auctions for an array of creative pieces. It is an Ethereum blockchain-powered decentralized platform for digital artworks that operates with smart contracts.

Types of Artworks in Foundation Clone Script

NFTs have become popular with collectibles and gaming platforms

  • Housing and real estate
  •  Energy industry
  •  Healthcare
  •  Fashion
  •  Insurance
  •  Sports, and much more!

How Foundation Clone Script Works?

  • User must have a Web3 wallet, like Metamask with ETH to create or sell an NFTs 
  • Creators have to join the community after receiving an invite link 
  • Creators must have a Metamask wallet with ETH to open a creator profile and mint the NFTs for artworks like JPG, PNG, or video file to IPFS, a decentralized peer-to-peer storage network.
  • Creator set the price for NFT in ETH and put it up for auction on the platform. 
  • The collectors can create a profile for buying the NFTs with metamask wallet with ETH
  • creators list NFTs for auction at a reserve price, and once the initial bid is set, a 24-hour auction countdown begins. 
  • If a proposal is set within the last 15 minutes, the auction extends for another 15 minutes. 
  • Once the collector win the auction the NFTs is transferred to the wallet and display on the user profile over the NFT Marketplace platform
  • The collector can share it on social media and sell it on a secondary market like Opensea, Rarible.

Why build an NFT Marketplace like Foundation?

Non-fungible token (NFT) is trending in markets as people are fond of collecting artworks as a digital asset. 
NFT are non-fungible, can't be interchanged with other tokens, unlike crypto tokens. NFT are created various domain likes artworks, music, video, image, etc

The NFT marketplace is a blockchain-powered platform where digital assets are stored on the blockchain with the help of smart contracts. Ethereum is open source and familiar with developing the decentralized application.

NFT Marketplace is a dedicated platform to sell and creates NFT artworks to decentralize the digital assets to share among the NFT aspirants. 

You can build your NFT Marketplace like Foundation with our Foundation Clone Script

Ethereum Standards in Foundation clone Script

The Foundation clone is built over Ethereum Blockchain.

The NFTs are built over Ethereum blockchain with various ERC20 and ERC 721 standards.

 ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT token standards are used to build the NFT tokens as Ethereum is an open-source blockchain popularly used in NFT Marketplace to tokenize the digital asset.

The user can buy or sell NFT with ETH with the help of a web3 wallet.

Why choose NFT Marketplace Development Company for the Foundation clone script?

Osiz being a renowned NFT Development Company offers the best-in-class NFT marketplace development services with the latest tech stack, premium features to create NFT and Sell NFT on the marketplace like the Foundation platform.  

  • Highly Qualified Service
  • Experienced Blockchain architects
  • 12+ years of Industry Experience 
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Advanced API Integration
  • 24*7 Technical Support
  • Smart Contract Integration

Are you planning to build your NFT Marketplace like then, Get a Free consultation from NFT Experts

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