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Forking Olympus DAO Clone Script To Build Decentralized Community

Published: 01 April, 2022

Forking Olympus DAO Clone Script To Build Decentralized Community

Olympus DAO clone script 

The Olympus DAO clone script is a DeFi-based exchange programming code that mimics Olympus DAO. Using the well-structured clone script, it is simple to set up a DeFi with strict security protocols. Osiz, the leading DeFi-based exchange, provides competent DeFi generation services for any blockchain network.

What is decentralized finance (DeFi)?

Despite the fact that blockchain has been around for years, its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. Every day, a large number of new members join the blockchain community. This is due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, which eliminates third-party interaction. A blockchain is a distributed digital ledger in which each transaction is sent to multiple nodes across the network. This removes the role of third parties and makes it difficult to hack and alter at the same time.
Decentralized finance refers to peer-to-peer transactions carried out through the blockchain network without the involvement of a centralized party. Smart contracts are a type of technology that allows users to perform financial operations without the use of middlemen such as exchanges, brokerages, or banks.
People save money by eliminating transaction fees and other commissions charged by the centralized authority. On the one hand, the technology is new and emerging, and it is receiving a lot of positive feedback from users. On the other side, this is the ideal time to begin working on a DeFi platform.

What is DeFi 2.0?

Before diving into Olympus DAO, it is vital to understand what DeFi 2.0 is ?.  The existing decentralized financial system faces numerous obstacles. Scalability, security, liquidity, and capital efficiency are just a few of the issues that the present DeFi is dealing with.
DeFi 2.0 proposes strategies to counteract these flaws. Since 2021, a number of projects based on DeFi 2.0 have been released including Olympus DAO. It is a protocol that aims to eliminate many of the issues that plagued prior versions of DeFi platforms.

What is an OHM token?
Olympus has created the OHM cryptocurrency as a reserve currency. As a result, OHM should not be merged with USDC or Tether, which are both stable coins. Assume that the Olympus system is of good quality, issuing and returning OHM tokens with a reserve. OHM is treasury-backed reserve money that is used to manage the decentralized Olympus system.

What is Olympus DAO?

Olympus is a "non-pegged stable currency" that is supposed to be less volatile than convolutional cryptocurrencies since it isn't pegged to any fiat currencies. The OHM token's value is expected to fluctuate based on the value of its underpinning treasury of assets and DAO-defined criteria.
This is done by minting OHM when its inherent value is higher than its intrinsic value, and burning OHM when its intrinsic value is lower. The project's purpose is to develop a crypto native currency that may be used to substitute fiat currencies such as the US dollar.

Features of Olympus DAO clone script 

Our developers have compiled a list of powerful features that are incorporated in our Olympus DAO clone after conducting an extensive study on all De-fi 2.0 projects. They are, 

  • Swapping 

  • Integrating crypto wallet 

  • Farming 

  • Staking 

  • Liquidity pools 

  • Bonding 

  • Lottery

  • IFO

How does Olympus DAO work?

Instead of renting its liquidity, Olympus owns it. Let us take a step back and look at decentralized finance in a larger sense to have a better understanding. Users offer liquidity for uniswap, curve, and sushi which are all decentralized finance protocols. This bonding helps maintain market efficiency and disperse liquidity, but it is ineffective at protecting long-term value from market swings.
There is also the matter of incentives to think about. To get liquidity providers on board, protocols must offer them higher returns. By maintaining its liquidity, Olympus eliminates the problem of liquidity movement. It buys from customers in return for OHM tokens at discount.
Olympus protects the value of the treasury OHM tokens and maintains the protocol liquid by retaining the vast majority of the liquidity. The protocol issues OHM to decrease supplies and lower the price, allowing Olympus to build its treasury by reaping the benefits of its LP tokens and rising the floor value which is the market value of assets in the backup. If the price of OHM falls below $1 then the protocol will burn OHM to raise its value.

How the DeFi ecosystem has been clarified using Olympus DAO?

There are two convincing reasons why business professionals feel Olympus DAO’s creative strategy will have a huge impact on the DeFi ecosystem.

1. OHM token backed with its liquidity
The OHM token is the native token of Olympus DAO which they have admitted is not a stable coin maintained by their liquidity mechanism. The price of the token rises in tandem with the growing liquidity of the platform. The liquidity is owned by the platform and acts as a free token whose value is established by the market.
2. Liquidity owned, not rented 
Other DeFi platforms such as PancakeSwap, UniSwap, and others rely on its members to fund liquidity pools, therefore they must compensate them more than they supply to keep them on the site. There is no guarantee of consistent, long-term liquidity, but in Olympus DAO, the platform owns all of the assets in the liquidity protocol rather than renting them out. They provide a collateral amount of OHM tokens to all investors, guaranteeing that the platform is not dependent on its traders and that liquidity is ensured. 

Why Osiz for Olympus DAO clone development?

Osiz is a leading blockchain development company that provides excellent DeFi reach to potential clients. Our team is ready to build new technologies and business concepts. We also have professional experts who are specialized in digital marketing tactics such as social media marketing, discord marketing, public relations, discord marketing, marketing campaigns, content marketing, and more.  Our experts will clarify your queries and do your business needs.
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