Published :11 September 2019

Top Cross Platform App Development Frameworks in 2019

Top Cross Platform App Development Frameworks in 2019

Having cake. Eating cake. Alone, either is good. But its better to have both. Confused right? Read it twice, it just represents us the attribute of cross platform app development frameworks that let to build applications on both iOS and Android.

As a known fact, mobile application play a crucial role in this contemporary world, particularly android and iOS apps. Likewise, the platform which let us to build applications for both iOS and android is also respectful as well as crucial. It’s obviously the cross platform app development framework.

This is also the point to mention that developers prefer cross platform app development frameworks to build responsive and function rich mobile apps. On the other hand, while choosing the precise platform, development process and framework, the competition in the mobile application industry has been enhanced which in turn diverts developers’ preference to cross platform development framework for the sake of its broad reach.

Why Cross Platform App Development Framework?

Fundamentally, it includes compatibility in both Android as well as iOS. Besides, this component which let to written code once and run it on any of the platforms. When comes to business world, mobile applications help the in the reach of target audience. This is the reason behind why business needs mobile apps particularly, cross platform applications.

Here are the reasons why to prefer cross platform app development framework.

(i) Reusability of codes

(ii) UI consistent components

(iii) Cost effectiveness

(iv) Cloud integration

(v) Non hectic hosting

(vi) Reduced market time

(vii) No technical hurdle

Fine, the following are the top 5 cross platform app development frameworks which undergoes all these above mentioned advantageous traits.

1. Ionic Platform

To point out, ionic platform so called the most popular framework of cross platform which is utilized by huge of mobile application development company to build desired mobile apps. An open-source framework that even accepts simple technologies like HTML, CSS in JavaScript, which is quite handy with the developers. As well as, it is advisable for the mobile application development company to hire a developer with absolute knowledge of this technology for amazing mobile Apps.

To point out, this framework inherits definite elements from Android and IOS. In the same way, the ionic framework causes a leading community to furnish excellent support that let the developers to build a native application just like mobile.

Advantageous Traits

(i) It utilizes single code base

(ii) Delivers incredible results when combined with angular JS

(iii) Accepts angular js to develop application structure

(iv) Offers library of tools as well as components

2. Xamarin

Xamarin, owned by Microsoft, was launched to resolve the issues of the disjoined native technology stack that works on WORA (Write once run any model).  

To point out, this frame utilizes C# code hands that work on server platforms. When companies hire react native developer, they employ this framework to pull out the efficiencies and conduct its regular upgrade.  

One more amazing thing in this framework is code written in this framework can be utilized for several platforms easily and the codes based usually on .NET. On the other hand, developers can access the codes to native APIs with NuGet package and Plug-ins.

Advantageous Traits:

(i) Permits developers to utilize windows and oldest platform to share the quotes.

(ii) Examined over multiple devices with the cloud services support.

(iii) Offers cross platform application tool for the interface.

3. React Native

Facebook’s React Native was launched in the year 2013. To mention, utilizing JavaScript with the react native framework could be considered as a perfect match for the cross platform mobile application development.

To spot out, this frameworks design let the developers to use declared components for the integration of rich UI in mobile. At the same time, developers also obtain access to features such as camera accelerometer.    

Moreover, this framework let the developers to trail their reserves and it also hosts reusability of codes. To point out the beneficial thing, this traits altogether reduce the timeframe of the development .

Advantageous Traits

(i) Open-source development framework

(ii) Presence of support community

(iii) Embellished code sharing

(iv) Various plug-inside

4. Adobe PhoneGap

Apache Cordova laterally called Adobe PhoneGap is a cross platform framework owned by Adobe. Similar to certain other cross platform app development frameworks, this also utilizes HTML5, CSS and JavaScript for the development and permits the users to share the application which they are developing with the team so that they can acquire active feedback.

In this, there is a point to mention, it offers a cloud solution, when developer wish to build the application directly. It gives freedom over convoluted text commands and access to the third-party tools and components. Through this, the developers can perspect the dynamics change easily.

Advantageous Traits

(i) Supports to build application for different operating systems.

(ii) Permit to add more function with the plugin support

(iii) Devoid of any hardware restriction.

5. Flutter

Flutter, owned by Google, is an open-source, cross platform application development framework was designed to evolve the native interfaces for both iOS and android is relatively lesser period.

Developers across the world use this framework as it can work over preexisting code as well. This framework can also utilize the 2D rendering engine to develop the visuals, like- Skia.

Advantageous Traits

(i) Diminishes effort for testing

(ii) Faster app development

(iii) It is an astounding framework

Wrapping Up

As every one knows that, mobile application development frameworks is the crucial prospect of mobile application development companies. Likewise, the business platforms are using these developmental frameworks to leverage their possibilities. Before choosing the right cross platform app development framework, it is more vital to choose the precise mobile application development company to fit your requirement. For this, Osiz technologies is the right choice. Being a leading cross platform app development company, Osiz technologies delivers you the precise outcome that’s what you wish to deserve in your cross platform app development.

Wanna develop cross platform app for your business. Feel free to connect with our adroit app developers.

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