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Published :24 June 2024

Web3 Neobanking Development

Web3 Neobanking Development

Web3 Neobanking Development

Web3 Neobank development uses Web3 tech like blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It creates a new kind of banking. This decentralized way is more transparent, secure, and accessible than regular banks. By focusing on users and future needs, Web3 Neobanking could change the financial world. With over 15 years in the industry, Osiz stands out as a top Web3 Neobanking development company. We create full-featured Web3 neobank solutions with the latest functions and advanced tech. We've designed and delivered similar tech products before. Check out our case studies and video testimonials for more details. You can also talk to our experts for a free demo and learn about your project's features, functions, price, tech stacks, and more. 

Our Web3 Neobanking Development Services

Osiz stands out for its Web3 Neobanking platform solutions specifically designed to be crypto-friendly. Our expertise lies in core banking functionalities like account management, transaction processing, and regulatory compliance (KYC/AML). 

Web3 Neobank Account Management
Take control of your digital assets with cutting-edge Web3 account management solutions. Enhance your banking experience and gain better control over your cryptocurrency and fiat expenses.

Web3 Payment Gateway
Easily integrate our Web3 payment gateway. Collect payments via blockchain networks and digital wallets, and track transactions effortlessly with our automated blockchain accounting solution.

Web3 Payment Solution
Our Web3 payment solution handles bulk instant payouts, speeds up invoicing, generates blockchain-compliant invoices, and helps you manage crypto and fiat payments seamlessly.

Web3 Expense Management
Streamline your team's spending and expenditures with our scalable Web3 expense management solution. Issue crypto-enabled VISA and corporate credit cards to your team for efficient expense tracking.

Web3 Reward Management
Boost your financial operations with a selection of premium blockchain applications and world-class rewards programs connected to your Web3 business account.

Web3 Payroll System
Enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated Web3 payroll system. Run payroll quickly, pay salaries directly in crypto or fiat, and manage tax deductions with ease.

Web3 Accounting Automation
Handle all your accounting tasks on a single platform linked to your Web3 company account. Manage bookkeeping, invoicing, and automated payment reconciliation in both cryptocurrencies and fiat.

Web3 Virtual Account
Experience automated banking by opening a virtual Web3 account. Manage your crypto and fiat finances, payments, accounting, reconciliation, and spending efficiently.

Web3 Virtual Cards
Monitor, track, and control online spending in real-time for your business using digitally generated Web3 virtual cards. Enjoy a smart and secure way to manage your expenses.

Web3 UPI Autopay
Simplify recurring payments for services like wealth management, leasing, digital subscriptions, and insurance premiums with Web3 UPI AutoPay, supporting both crypto and fiat currencies.

Web3 Cash Management
From a unique dashboard, monitor, track, and control everything related to cash management, reimbursements, account payables, and account receivables in your Web3 ecosystem.

Web3 Invoice Management
Generate blockchain-compliant paperless invoices and seamlessly collect payments in cryptocurrencies or fiat for your business with our automated Web3 invoice management solution.

Additionally, we excel at integrating these functions with various blockchain protocols:

Pre-Built Solutions: We offer pre-built Neobanking platforms with a modular architecture. Our platforms are highly customizable. You can easily add features like crypto wallets, multi-currency support, and links to DeFi protocols.

Regulatory Compliance: We ensure our solutions adhere to relevant financial regulations, allowing clients to navigate the evolving Web3 landscape with confidence.

Blockchain Integration: Osiz integrates the solutions with popular blockchain networks like Ethereum, allowing for wider interoperability within the Web3 ecosystem.

Features Of Our Neobanking Development

We create a platform with cutting-edge features for a smooth user experience. Let's look at the features we add to make your next-gen solution.

For Users

  • Profile Creation - Set up your user profile easily.
  • Biometric Security - Use fingerprint or face ID for extra security.
  • App Interface Customization - Personalize how the app looks and feels.
  • Multiple Payment Options - Pay in many different ways.
  • Multiple Tiers - Choose from different account levels.
  • Loan Management - Handle your loans efficiently.
  • Cross-Border Payments - Send money internationally.
  • Budget Assistance - Get help with managing your budget.
  • Saving Account Management - Manage your savings with ease.
  • Real-Time Fraud Detection - Stay safe with instant fraud alerts.
  • E-wallets - Use digital wallets for payments.
  • Reporting and Analytics - Get detailed reports on your spending.
  • Account Management - Control your account settings.
  • Notification and Alerts - Receive important updates instantly.
  • Geolocation to Find Nearby ATM - Locate ATMs close to you.
  • Investment Management - Manage your investments.
  • Cross-chain Functionality - Work across different blockchain networks.
  • Bill Pay - Pay your bills quickly and easily.

For Admin

  • User Management - Manage user accounts.
  • Cryptocurrencies Management - Handle various cryptocurrencies.
  • NFT Marketplace Integration - Integrate with NFT marketplaces. 
  • Token Creations - Create and manage tokens.
  • Loan Management - Oversee loan processes.
  • Transaction Management - Manage all transactions.
  • Customer Service - Provide excellent support.
  • Account Management - Administer user accounts.
  • Investment Management - Oversee investment activities.
  • Fraud Detection - Detect and prevent fraud.
  • Budgeting and Expense Tracking - Track budgets and expenses.
  • Credit Score - Monitor credit scores.
  • Card Management - Manage issued cards.
  • Overdraft Protection - Protect against overdrafts.
  • Integrations with 3rd Party Services - Connect with other services.
  • Notification and Alerts Management - Handle notifications and alerts.

Our Web3 Neobanking Development Process

Identify Your Target Market
We only begin our development when we clearly understand our target market. Our experienced business professionals cater to market demands and craft solutions.

Determine Current User Needs
The next step is to find a gap and understand what your target consumers want from a Web3 Neobank app. Here, you establish features and functionalities that enhance their interactions with the platform.

Define Our Services
Based on project needs and customer demands, we define our Web3 Neobank app development services. For a simple project, we suggest a predefined pricing model. In this model, our experts discuss all your platform details. Once you approve, we start working and deliver on time.

Another model is hiring developers on an hourly basis. This model is used for complex projects with changing needs. It may take longer to develop but is tailored to your vision. Our team stays in touch at every level and implements your strategies.

Develop Your Web3 Neobank Fintech Mobile App
In this phase, our developer designs the app wireframe and seeks your approval. With consent, we design and develop the frontend, backend, and UI/UX. This involves quickly developing features like verification, signup, investment, and transaction history.

Establish Core and Backend Infrastructure
A robust infrastructure is essential for Web3 neobanking tasks. We implement third-party APIs for payment gateways, transactions, and everyday tasks, ensuring flawless debit/credit transactions.

Compliance and Security
Maintaining data confidentiality is crucial. We establish a robust security infrastructure to protect all activities from threats. This step significantly affects cost calculation, as security choices reflect your budget.

Test Your Web3 Neobank App
Before launching, rigorous testing helps identify and fix any issues, ensuring your app’s functionality. Experts find potential threats, bugs, and glitches on the platform.

Support & Maintenance
Just as development is crucial, so is support and maintenance. We offer post-development services to keep your platform updated and scale up your business processes.

Web3 Neobanking Development Benefits

Web3 neobank offers many perks over traditional banking. Let’s see some of them:

  • Web3 neobank uses blockchain to store info in blocks. This means your data is safe.
  • Web3 neobank apps give a better experience with top-notch tech.
  • These apps are fast, with no loading time.
  • They stay connected with users 24/7.
  • No extra fees like withdrawal or SMS charges.
  • International transactions are faster and easier.
  • Web3 neobanking is paperless and can be done anywhere.
  • Loans are processed quickly for startups and individuals, with overdraft options.
  • Users can customize the app interface to their liking.

Why Choose Osiz for Web3 Neobanking Development ?

Osiz is a leading Web3 Development Company with 15 years in IT, known for innovative solutions. We have 500 experts specializing in software development. We know over 30 industries. Our web3 neobank app uses interconnected decentralized apps. It offers an immersive 3D experience, an engaging interface, and a secure environment. We offer free blockchain consultancy to help with innovative ideas. This service helps you choose the best technology for your business based on security, speed, gas fees, and more. With over 160 successful products delivered, we serve clients in the USA, UK, Canada, Nigeria, and beyond. Try our expertise with a free demo.

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