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Provide services globally. Deliver omnichannel digitally with end to end development of nex gen media and entertainment solutions.

Media and Entertainment Software Development Solutions

The media and entertainment, which has a major concern nowadays and has an engaging user experience for it. We, Osiz technologies have the in-depth comprehending of this domain and furnish media and entertainment app development services and solutions. Over many years of experience in the industry, our development team is capable to craft impacting software solutions such as media apps, digital SCM, gaming applications, salesforce automation, ERP/CRM and so on to cater your business requisites.

We are specialized in creating media and entertainment apps and furnishing business solution regarding to our clients’ specific requirements.

Advantageous Attributes

We get together with our client to embellish their business with smooth services that are required to monetize their media processes. Preferring our services will let these following multifold benefits to them.

  • Effective implementation strategy
  • Enhanced brand recognition
  • Media focused solutions
  • Optimized digital media processes
  • Remote booking and selections
  • Seamless data flow
  • Simple event finding
  • Flexibility and reliability

Our Media and Entertainment Development Services

We provide technology driven solutions that absolutely embrace the media value chain. Through providing apt domain specific platforms and deploying applications to support solutions, our services fulfill the majority of business process necessitate from media industry. Some of our domain-based solutions admit

Digital Asset Management

We provide digital asset management service that undergo with the cloud DAM solution, asset creation and management, CMS solutions, dynamic indexing, asset distribution and control as well as smart storage and searching to make your business more efficacious than existing.

Digital Rights Management

We furnish digital right management software that comes with traits of easy sharing, tracking DRM media modules, access control, and so on. It let our clients for the simple and efficient rights management of media and entertainment.

AR/VR Based Apps

we aid our clients to open up booking and interactive ticketing experiences elicited with AI and cloud computing, built with Geo based mobile apps that comes with high quality, photo realistic renders and portals.

CRM for Media and Entertainment

We furnish customer relationship management service for media and entertainment that permit our clients as well as users to obtain best services to efficiently manage their business with the seamless and sophisticated progress.

ERP for Media and Entertainment

We develop ERP to the media and entertainment that are specially developed for the CRM, brand management and networking, payment gateways, event update as well as profile managing especially for the publishers, gaming industry and E-Commerce enterprises.

On Demand Entertainment Apps

We create on demand media and entertainment applications with the robust and scalable panels for powerful analysis, high-tech administration panels as well as highly customizable user interface for music and video playing apps, online streaming apps, and so on.

Why Choose Osiz?

We Osiz comprises an experienced solution providers of media and entertainment software solutions for your businesses in worldwide. Our team is efficient and skilled with following qualities.

  • Experience in building innovative apps
  • Handle multiple software technologies
  • Brand your application in the app store
  • Serves the customer worldwide
  • Years of experienced UI/UX designers

Hire us

Our team of experts enhance your business in providing unique and innovative solutions. Consult our software development specialists to attain in detail about the issues and the desired solutions. Grab the required software development that suits your business demands to face your media and entertainment technology challenges. Our designing and developers experts help you in making your business industries stands top among others.

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