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Property Portal

Thebest property portal development company provides the facility to buy and sell properties all over the world. The best company provides faster and convenient means of searching the best property

Best property portal development company in Madurai, India

The real estate portal development company in India provides allows a proper explanation of the property to the customers. it is a cost-effective way of advertising the property. It helps the customers to choose from a wide range of properties.

Our primary property portal app development services

The property portal app development services provide the following services to the users

  • A real estate website for advertising property
  • Web portal of property dealers to search a property
  • Management of online portal solutions to build your own property
  • Displaying featured property on the front cover
  • It provides user-friendly reports
  • Searching, adding and editing the properties
  • Provides showing the location of the property on google map
  • Management of membership and processing of payment gateways
  • Providing criteria on the result page

Tools & Technologies

The portal app development services use the following tools and technologies for real estate management :


Powerful computers

We use powerful computers with latest processors to develop the webpages quickly and efficiently. We also have a lot of computers in our firm where a lot of designers work simultaneously.


Dedicated servers

We have our own dedicated servers which are very efficient as well as powerful where we test our designed web pages.


Programming software

Our firm uses all the latest and paid premium versions of programming software which are essential to develop web pages.


Designing software

For adding logos and designs to the portals, we have separate software. All these software are paid and premium versions which has a lot of added functionality.

Our leading strategies for property portal development

The real estate app development company in India uses the following strategies

  • The message provided should be crystal clear. The foundation of the message should be strong.
  • Focusing it on one particular area or in other words focus locally to proceed.
  • Involve the real estate agents and get their feedback. This helps a lot.
  • Giving the agents an incentive to promote the real estate portal.
  • Using local images for the portal
  • Hiring a photo pro
  • Using animated videos for making it attractive
  • Making the site mobile friendly
  • Using social advertisements
  • Hosting webinars
  • Partnering with local business
  • Easy navigation of the site
  • Mobile friendly site

Hire our professional property portal developers

Hire real estate web developers and real estate app developers in India for the best property portals. buy and sell the properties at outstanding prices. Get faster and convenient means of searching the properties.