Published: 13 November, 2019

Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

As everyone well knew that mobile apps furnishing the jaw dropping benefits to us day by day. What’s gonna be excite us in the upcoming year?

Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

As everyone well knew that mobile apps furnishing the jaw dropping benefits to us day by day. What’s gonna be excite us in the upcoming year? Curious to know the mobile app development trends 2020? Proceed further to get what’s going to make the next headline.

For the last few years, mobile apps and devices germinate a great deal that revolutionize the world. To point out, there’s always something new for app developers, startups and business owners to feast on.

For the sake of its unbeatable trends, the development progress takes a hit too. Why these trends deviates on year to year? This is due to

1. Powerful app stores such as Google and Apple

2. Updates of market leading apps

3. Apps gone viral (or expected to remain viral)

4. Several industries utilizing the emerging technologies

5. The unchangeable demands and needs of customers

Henceforth, it’s crucial to upgrade about the emerging mobile app development trends 2020.  

Here is the most promising mobile app development trends 2020

Trend 1 - 5G Technology

Currently, we had fast internet which accomplishes our wishes in a fraction of second. In future, you will acquire even more faster internet that will be hundred times faster than 4G. To point out,   You had fast internet before, now you’ll have even faster internet. Hundred times faster than 4G, This is more vital to mention that 5G technology is on top of app development trend list for the year.

At present, the app which take 5-10 minutes for downloading will take seconds with the 5G technology.

That lag you feel while playing Pubg or Counter Strike? No worries! It is no longer an issue with the 5G latency.

On the other hand, app developers have fetched 5G mobile technology into account to enhance performance of the app on the basis of speed, data security, augmented reality and 3D gaming. In fact, 5G phones have already made it to the market.

Trend 2 - Augmented and Virtual Reality

Which would you prefer to download, An app or a VR app? Several of mobile applications accommodate AR & VR in 2019 that fit to this modern digitized world which will gonna be a blast in 2020. At present, such apps are limited to gaming and entertainment, but it will be applicable to all industries in the upcoming year.

Businesses of several aspect incorporate experience of real world in mobile applications. To point out, Google Play Store and App Store are filled with AR and VR apps. The best instance of an AR app is Pokemon Go.

Trend -3 Instant Mobile Apps

Instant mobile apps, a kind of like instant noodles and lot more rapid than it but not an absolute package. Let you to know the taste of app, I.e. what the app may be like. To point out, it’s a trial before download. Smaller in size, while in comparison, but these apps furnish fundamental functionalities without downloading the app in your device.

Curious on why would anyone desire to download instant apps?

The significant benefit associated with the instant apps is application demos. Through this, users are concerned by offering the taste of the applications’ fuller version that simplifies the users to know what the app is like before downloading. On the other hand, these apps furnish an significant way of approach among the business to reach out their users without convincing them to get it. If anything, it’s a win-win invention for both.

Sometimes, some apps are too hefty to download and unavailability of required space situations may occur. To mention, this sort of situation is ideal in instant apps. You may have a one time use for this app so why to download while having an option to access it without installing.

Trend - 4 Internet of Things and Wearables

The Internet of Things (IoT), a technology is more than just a buzzword which perpetually evolve and enhance our way of living and connect with the world.

IoT in simple terms, a simple way to sync the world. To spot out, adept app developers of nowadays are utilizing this technology to build interactive as well as intuitive platforms to handle devices and equipment simply via mobile apps. Bring word in your hands with the IoT wearable device and be in connect with the any corner of the world as you desire.

In the same way, nearly every tech giant you can name has initiated to develop IoT capable mobile apps.

Trend - 5 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, a core of the evolution of several sophisticated technologies. To point out, all those movies with astonishing self aware robots are no longer seems to be an impossible reality with AI. Ai, not only developed as a breakthrough technology but also boosts the many other technologies growth.

In recent times, many businesses are integrating AI in their mobile apps for the enhancement of better customer experience. Likewise, consumers too would rather use apps featuring AI on day to day basis.

In fact, app development companies are also utilizing AI to illustrate how it aid to industries existing in various domains. Another advantageous traits is, AI is not much pricey to integrate in apps, Therefore, there exist the mass adoption by a good number of small and big companies. In a competitive world, you should you left behind when your competitors embracing this cool tech. No better time than right now to create your own AI app.

Trend - 6 AI Chatbots

As far chatbot plays a vital role in the AI world. Soon, the AI chabots in the mobile apps will gonna be a blast in the 2020 which is considered as the most promising trend of mobile app development. It let to the businesses a lot through providing instant response to the customers. This in the sense symbolizes that, customers no need to wait a while for the response from the consumer. Not only in business phase, AI Chatbots has much more benefits to deliver and facilitate us.

Many of the businesses desire to develop this sort of advantageous mobile app fro their customer experience and instant engagement with the user.

Trend - 7 On Demand Mobile Apps

At present, there are massive of mobile apps have created for on demand mobile app service and it will be much more huge than present in the 2020. as per the PwC report, the revenue of on demand economy will reach $335 billion in 2025.

51% of the peoples who furnish services for startups in the on demand economy are under 35 years of age. To point out, on demand apps plays a pivotal role in the digitized world. For the sake of this, many of the business come front to develop and deliver on demand mobile apps which will be the better decision to shine out in this competitive world.

Apps with all these amazing traits will gonna be the trend in mobile app development. Business seeking to build these kind of mobile apps for the better customer experience. We, Osiz technologies, a leading mobile app development company undergoes all these trends in mobile app development to deliver best of best to our clients.

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