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Osiz helps you to Build Your own Independent Blockchain with Bitcoin-level Security using the business-friendly Komodo Platform.

Komodo Blockchain Platform

Komodo is an open, composable smart chain platform to develop blockchain with powerful, secure and privacy-oriented features. Komodo platform inherit its own blockchain and cryptocurrency named KMD. You can create your own blockchain on the Komodo platform as it has almost all the properties to make the blockchain safe and robust. Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) consensus mechanism protects the Komodo blockchain with bitcoin-level security, by constantly holding the current state of blockchain in KMD and BTC.

Osiz aims to streamline the process of deploying your own custom blockchain on komodo platform and out technical experts make sure that you are educated absolutely about the Komodo’s end-to-end blockchain solutions to protect and speed up your business growth rapidly.

Features of Komodo Platform

Multi-chain Blockchain
Multi-Chain Blockchain

Komodo blockchain has its own coin, consensus protocol and network to support numerous smart chains. Every smart chain exists independent to other chains, therefore it prevents congested network issue, bring down transaction fees and becomes scalable.


One of the most interesting feature of Komodo is that the solutions are fully customizable and modular. You have to select the right building blocks to develop the perfect solution and easily deploy it independently. There is no restriction, limitation or inflexibility to the blockchain solutions.

Open Source
Open Source

Komodo is open source, customer-centric and business-friendly platform which utilize the open platform model where all the third party projects are free to exist even without komodo. The platform prevents vendor lock-in, eliminates platform gas fees as well as dependence on external terms.

Why Komodo Blockchain ?

Komodo Blockchain is a promising platform to create your own independent blockchain (like ethereum). It consists of rich features of Komodo Platform, which helps you to overcome the issues and problems which exist consistently in the other platforms. Here are some of the important benefits of leveraging blockchain on the Komodo platform

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Independent platform where you can migrate blockchain from komodo platform.
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Has possibility to make transactions private whenever needed (using Z-addresses)
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Highly secure as the blockchain uses Bitcoin-Security using delayed Proof of Work (dPoW)
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Komodo allow you to trade two different tokens without involving the main platform token, using atomic swaps.
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Komodo has the power to scale millions of transactions in a second.
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It gives you the freedom to customize your own platform and there is no limitation or restriction to it.
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Komodo blockchain is highly secure and full of top-notch blockchain features.
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Every chain built using Komodo supports smart contracts, zero knowledge privacy and atomic swaps.
Decentralized ICO

Decentralized ICO (DICO)

Komodo’s dICO is decentralized initial coin offering, that allow you to launch your own independent crowfunding platform. Unlike centralized ICO, dICO will let you to crowdfund on your own blockchain and doesn’t need any intermediaries or dependencies and zero third party risk. With Komodo’s dICO, you can create your own independent blockchain, make your own blockchain rules and instantly launch a decentralized P2P crowdfunding platform without third party risk. Create your own independent blockchain to gain more capital for your venture through dICO.

Our Services

Multi-chain Blockchain
Robust Blockchain Development

We have experts with strong blockchain knowledge (PoW, dPoW, custom node network, custom mining, etc) provide excellent solutions for businesses and start-ups to build secure and independent blockchain.

Multi-chain Blockchain
dICO Support

We can help you to make your dICO idea happen as we are specialized at launching your own decentralized crowdfunding platform with advanced pricing setups either at variable price or your own fixed value.

Multi-chain Blockchain
Migration Services

Our service lets you to migrate any of your coin from Ethereum blockchain into a fully independent Komodo blockchain with cutting-edge security features and less transaction fees

Multi-chain Blockchain
Security Services

Leverage bitcoins’ security feature using the dPoW consensus mechanism that recycles the hash rate of Bitcoin network to maximize the security to every Komodo blockchain platform

Multi-chain Blockchain
Decentralized Exchange and Listing

Komodo platform uses atomic swap technology to trade coins without centralized exchange, middleman or third party. Also, our service helps you to list your coin on exchanges of your preference and manage them with ease

Multi-chain Blockchain
Blockchain Project Consultation & Documentation

Our team of professionals document your entire project from scratch to deployment and provide you end-to-end support for your complete creation of blockchain process

Our Implementation Process

Information Gathering

Firstly, our team will interact with you to collect all the essential information and proceed with deep learning to understand your requirements

Analysis and Planning

We will analyse the data and your requirements to support with a good plan to create your blokchain using komodo's blockchain technology


Using top-notch technology and avant-grande security features, we develop custom blockhain for your business.

Blockchain Testing

When blockchain is created as per your requirements, our quality checking team will examine the blockchain to ensure it is bugs-free

Deployment of Blockchain

Once the quality of the blockchain is verified, it will be deployed to your main network and our experts will train you about its usage and application

dICO Consulting

If you are in need of our dICO consulting service, our dedicated expertise will assist you in setting up and launching your dICO in a hassle-free way.

Why Choose Osiz to Create your own Blockchain ?

Why Osiz for Digital Trust Solutions
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Predominant Blockchain Solutions Provider
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Hub of blockchain expertise
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Usage of world-class technologies
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Strong knowledge on Komodo Blockchain
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Transparent development process
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Data security and confidentiality maintained
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Proper utilization of resources
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24/7 project support
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Timely completion of project

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