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Android App Development Life cycle

Each phase of android app development life cycle has an exceptional role to develop a successful android app.

There are five types of app development, they are:


Planning is the initial phase of the development requirements to build a successful android app. Our efficient android developers team make an impressive plan to develop your android app.


Based on our planning and your app budget our android developers will design a user friendly android app to gratify your needs.


This phase is the one, where the android app development is going to begin. Our certified android developers is responsible to develop your android app beyond your expectations with your planned budget.


The most crucial phase of the android app development life cycle for testing the app. We also offer the services to certify the developed android apps which is developed by our developers.


The final phase of the android app development. After all the successful completion of all the above phases, we will launch your impressive android app in the market.

The Pros of Getting Android App Development

There are many advantages of android app development, they are:

Open source

Preferring android apps will not requires any license to practice as well as the royal software development kit can also be purchased without any license.

Low investment and high ROI

It diminishes the investment cost and also offers the high Return of Investments (ROI). The investments is required for these following phases only:

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Easy to adopt

Developing android apps is not much complex with java computer language. As per the android app developers survey, expert developers suggests that, android apps are easy to adopt with java programming language.

Customizable User Interface

Being an open source platform, it permits the developers to change their dreams into actions. Through this, it is easy to build interactive apps which are highly customizable and easy to manage.

Multiple sales channels

A unique mobile platform where you can create your own distributions and sales channels through Google play store and third party app market places.

Hire our Android Developers

We have highly educated professionals with vast experience to develop the successful and impressive android app. Our developers get update with the inventive technologies to satisfy the client’s needs and they had a wide knowledge on how to reduce the project cost for the business profit. Also, our experts are educated with different languages that makes the better interaction between other country clients.

Strategies We Follow in Android App Development

5 easy steps to create mobile development strategy are:

Identify Needs of your Target Audience

While developing any android app, it is more crucial to comprehend the needs the target audience. Our proficient android developers follows these certain strategies and build your app that gratify the needs of your target audience.

Selecting the Perfect Development Platform

Android, one of the most popular mobile operating system that are widely used across the globe. Our expert developers prefers the perfect platform to develop your app that cover your respective customers and reach your app worldwide.

Building a Powerful Android App

Our efficient android developers negotiate the app development process strategically and powerfully to make it as a seamless app. Also ,we undergo with the error free testing and detect the unmatched conceptualization of your app to make it more perfect.

Paid/Free App

Based on the paid or free app, our developers make an engaging experience to your app among the consumers. Our talented android developers are expert in developing an alluring free as well as paid apps.

Strategic App Marketing

We enhance your android app visibility on the play store through app store optimization (ASO) activities and foolproof marketing. Also, we rank your app on the Google play store to increase the app traffic.

Top Notch Mobile App Development Company in India With Own Premises

Osiz Technologies Pvt Ltd, a preeminent mobile app development company in India. We have successfully touched millions of happy clients with our extended services. Also, we have a reputation as an inventive app development company based in Madurai. We have expert android app developers with our own premises to build a successful android mobile apps and gratify the client’s needs.

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