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Superior AR Core Android App Development Company

Day by day the augmented reality is gaining more popularity for the sake of its astounding features. It helps to demonstrate stimulated stuff in the real world which you would like to see on your mobile world like paints and decorations. It makes the virtual 3d models/graphics to get intro the mobile’s camera. We, Osiz technologies, are specialized in AR core android app development that meet our clients requirements that let their business to reach extent. With the collaboration of adroit android app developers and sophisticated tools, we deliver the desired outcome of our clients.

Why AR Core for Android?

In recent time, the Google has come up with ARCore library for the enhanced AR development. The most beneficial trait of the AR android core is, it undergoes motion tracking in the real world by the camera that creates paths on planes/surfaces where we can place our 3D graphics and models. The most preferable android framework is sceneform that acts a best alternative of OpenGL. OpenGL intimidate to the code whereas sceneform quickly renders 3D objects without the support of graphics. We can acquire the Google Sceneform tools through android studio to perspect and for rendering 3D models. AR Core can make realistic view to the world with the android applications with AR core.

Our AR Android App Development Services

Motion Tracking Feature

Our AR core android app development comes with the features of motion tracking that allows the mobile to track the current location through the sophisticated features and comprehend its position relative to the world.

Environmental Understanding

The environmental understanding in our AR core android app development that makes the mobile to detect the location and size of all type of surfaces as vertical, horizontal and angled.

Light Estimation

We develop the AR android applications with light estimating feature that permits the mobile to estimate the current lighting conditions of the environment and it makes the AR android app more a better one.

Unique Brand Identity

Making imagines real has an unique power to enhance the brand identity of the business. Our AR core android app development let your business for the unique brand identity. Hence we support you for the massive business reach.

Reality App Development

Bounded with expert virtual reality app developers team, we build AR apps for retail, real estate, games, product design, training and healthcare industries and so on.

Supporting Services

We provide support and maintenance services to our clients even after the delivery of their projects. We aim for the best business reach to our clients business and our services for them with absolute satisfaction.

Tools and Technologies We Use


Vuforia, an amazing technology that makes AR iOS app more attractive and impressive. We practice this perfect software developer kit to acquire the benefits from its attribute to deliver an hassle free outcome to our clients.


Wikitude is an extraordinary solution for simultaneous localization and mapping. We habit the latest version of this wikitude in your app development that make it our favored tool.


Layar, an efficient tool for AR iOS app development to inbuilt highly responsive feature in it. We use it for expanding the capabilities of the printed products.


The technology that comes with the infinite benefits to build the successful iOS app without any iterations. We use this to swift to import 3D models from a modeling software.

Why Osiz?

  • Committed resource models
  • Accumulation of precise requirements
  • Exclusive timeline and engagement models
  • Effective initiation and delivery of projects
  • Flawless projects
  • Timely delivery
  • Cost efficient service
  • Global business reach

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Being a superior AR core android app development company in India with years of experience we work for the loyalty and quality to satisfy our clients. Our AR core android app development shows the realistic view to your imaginary and that build an unique brand identity to you. We work for clients success with their desired service models. Engage with us for the global business reach.