Blockchain Solution For Real Estate

The future in hands. The Next new big thing in commercial real estate that revolutionize the business.

Blockchain in Real Estate

It is a future-proof that blockchain real estate market can help to create new business models that combine the sellers and potential buyers. For instance, it becomes very simple to visualize how all the sorts of properties are liquified, tokenized and traded with much stocks on exchanges. This blockchain instance also Impact transaction time positively where property sellers can simply find their sell shares fractions of a certain property as opposed that have to search for an individual buyer. As a matter of fact , it is more than likely that the entire real estate industry will profit from this shift through reducing the entry barrier to real estate investiture. New explanation of property ownership and rental contracts will spring up from this real estate business shift. We, Osiz technologies, undergoes for the blockchain in real estate with the above mentioned perks by the passionate professionals.

Challenges in Real Estate

Intermediaries Involvement

In real estate business, the intermediaries plays a vital role between the property sellers and buyers. Because of these intermediaries, fraud activities may occur by conveying the wrong information to the buyer as well as seller regarding the property details.

Property Assurance

The another challenge arises with the real estate is property assurance. In this, both the seller and intermediary can undergo fraud activities to the buyer. The buyer has no absolute knowledge about the property they wish to buy.

Cross Border Payments

The major problem spring up in the real estate is Cross-border payments. Traditional systems are slow, unwieldy as well as expensive and also not combined with the trends .Similarly, they move across multiple ledgers, banks and clearing systems, they are much complex to track.

Protection for Personal Data

Real estate sites atypically accumulate data about provider and buyers in the centralized servers and databases, that can be compromised and there does not exist security of the buyers’ personal data.

Blockchain Solution To Real Estate

Property Management

Real estate property mortal can be recorded on a public blockchain ledger, investing external stakeholders auditability and lowering times and costs bureaucracy .

Land Registry

In land registry management, blockchain have a evidential impact that facilitates to connect the public administrations and private stakeholders for information and data sharing.

Property Sharing

The automated home sharing services symbolize an interesting devolution of present centralized homestay networks among redistributed applications built on top of blockchain infrastructures .

Home Automation Services

With the coupling of smart contract technologies and shared transactions ledgers, it is simple to automate service provision both in home automation context and management of post-occupancy.

Advantageous Traits

  • High data protection
  • Simple land registry
  • Effective business integration
  • Secure transaction
  • Preferable payment gateway
  • Simple automation service
  • Efficient property management
  • Alternative payment method.

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  • Transparent services
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  • Sophisticated add ons services

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