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Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain

Our Blockchain Solutions can Optimize the Business Transactions While Adding greater visibility and efficiency across the supply chain process, to deliver higher quality to your customers and develop trade relationships with your business network

Renowned Blockchain Development Company For Supply Chain Management

Supply chain simply means, movement of a service or a product from the supplier to the customer. Though the overview of supply chain looks simple, the supply chain process is intricate, as it involves lots of people and sharing of information with parties involved in the transit. There were few challenges like difficulty in tracing the product to know the status of the product in transit and to overcome the challenges of supply chain management, it was integrated with the blockchain technology. Blockchain will add value to Supply chain process by making the supply chain process more clear, transparent and enhance security for suppliers and customers.

We, Osiz technologies, a renowned blockchain development company in India deliver robust solution for supply chain management. We have strong team, who has the ability to support your supply chain business by implementing advanced blockchain. We adept to develop custom blockchain on various platform and make your supply chain management more effective, secure and transparent, through customizable blockchain applications.

Renowned Blockchain Development Company For Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Challenges

Supply Chain Challenges

Supply Chain Management plays a vital role to track goods and services on real-time basis and will be a huge advantage to every business. Despite this, as many people and organization from various parts of the world are involved in the supply chain process, it faces several challenges. Some of the supply chain challenges that can be overcome by blockchain are mentioned below:

  • Technological barriers to validate real-time transactions.
  • Lack of transparency and traceability of a large number of transactions.
  • Operational bottlenecks in non-transparent economies and countries.
  • Tracing status of shipments of delivery.
  • Inability to keep up the pace with expectations of customers.

Blockchain Solution To Supply Chain Management

In this fast growing techno-world, blockchain has brought drastic changes to various industries. We are specialized in developing unique blockchain solution, to effectively solve any issue in industries. We develop blockchain based solutions for supply chain management.

  • Blockchain will provide you a more secure way to register your goods and commodities while recording the information on the digital shared ledger. Blockchain has the potential to solve all the challenges of the supply chain process.
  • The information is stored and shared openly with everyone in the blockchain network, hence it becomes an immutable record. This will help you to enhance customers trust by increasing the transparency in the supply chain while reducing the risk of loss of the product.
  • When the information is recorded the blockchain, a unique code will be generated for each network, hence impossible for hackers to change the recorded information. This means that, the data cannot be changed and you can be sure that the product is not forged.
Blockchain Solution To Supply Chain Management

Impact Of Blockchain Technology In Supply Chain Process

Blockchain technology has brought unbelievable changes to various industries. Blockchain based supply chain management is ingrained with the following features:

Strong Inventory Management

Strong Inventory ManagementĀ 

Blockchain in Supply chain management will enhance the inventory data by segmenting them into blocks in the private blockchain and helps you with proper streamlining of the processes and operations on a consignment.

Optimize Manual Errors and Frauds

Optimize Manual Errors and FraudsĀ 

As blockchain eliminates the human interface in the supply chain process, you can reduce manual errors, reduce frauds and risk of loss, as each and every transactions will be stored in the public ledger.

Massive CostsĀ cutting

Massive CostsĀ cutting

Blockchain helps in bringing down the transportation costs and overheads of the existing supply chain in your company. Also, you can reduce additional costs by eradicating authentication and involvement of third-party services.

Enhance Relationship Between Customer-Retailer

Enhance Relationship Between Customer-Retailer

Customer-retailer relationship is one of the most crucial aspects for any business. You can bring transparency in supply chains, and strengthen the customer-retailer relationship within your enterprise, by using blockchain for supply chain process.

Efficient Use Of Time And Resources

Efficient Use Of Time And Resources

Integrating blockchain in supply chain system will cut down additional costs and utilize the available resources to the maximum, thereby consuming less time. You can earn more profit while getting customers trust.

Strong Tracking And Tracing Of Consignments

Strong Tracking And Tracing Of Consignments.

All the details regarding the movement of the product will be recorded in the blockchain network. Hence, using blockchain technology, you can easily track your product and reduce the risk of loss of product in transit.

Why choose Osiz for Supply chain blockchain development ?

Osiz Technologies is a multifaceted blockchain development company in India, experienced in developing robust blockchain solutions for supply chain management industries across the world. We are tech leaders with the following qualities

  • Top-notch solutions
  • Transparent Strategy
  • Proficient blockchain developers
  • Secure and confidentiality of data
  • Technical support
  • Quick process
  • Assured Quality
  • Happy client
Why choose Osiz for Supply chain blockchain development ?

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We are well stacked with highly talented blockchain developers who deliver the best blockchain solutions despite the size and nature of your business. Our blockchain development team of experts has deployed blockchain for various types industries and specialized in building unique blockchain application for your supply chain management and enhance your customers trust. Our experienced blockchain developers provide end-to-end support to your blockchain development project, even after deployment of blockchain on your main network.

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