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Published :28 May 2021

Axie Infinity Clone Script

Axie Infinity Clone Script to Develop a P2E (play-to-earn)Blockchain NFT Game

Axie Infinity Clone Script

Axie Infinity Clone Script is a ready-made gaming platform that enables the creation of your own NFT-based game similar to Axie Infinity using NFT assets and P2E Principles.  It allows developers to quickly launch a similar blockchain-based NFT game where players can collect, breed, and battle virtual creatures called Axies. If you're planning to launch an NFT gaming platform for a specific audience or want to enter the market quickly, consider rebranding and customizing the Axie Infinity clone script. This will give your platform a unique identity that aligns perfectly with your vision. With this NFT gaming platform, the users can choose the digital universe pets to battle, gather, breed, and create Axie. Every crypto collectible made available for financial backers to procure has been dividing into different classes. It comes with both web and mobile applications. We Osiz have formulated source code for the Axie Infinity Clone to have a prompt commencement. Our developer has tested the NFT game application multi times to give bug-free applications to Our Clients. 

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Features of the Axie Infinity Clone Script

  • Battle: The Axie Infinity clone Script allows players to battle with virtual pets and get and win exclusive special prizes in playing the game.

  • Axie Infinity Shards (AXS):  Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) are governance tokens that grant players the right to participate in managing the game's ecosystem.

  • Virtual Land: In our Axie Infinity-inspired platform, the game world features a tokenized Grid that users can own, customize, and trade.

  • Axie Breeding: Users can utilize the Axie breeding feature to upgrade their pets and create new ones with unique genetic traits.

  • Multi-wallet Connection: Connect seamlessly to various wallets like Metamask, WalletConnect, and TrustWallet for versatile asset management.

Benefits of Axie Infinity Clone Script

  • Revenue Opportunities:  Choosing a similar game like Axie Infinity for your clone script opens up diverse revenue opportunities.

  • 100% Customization: Our Axie Infinity clone offers complete 100% customization, allowing you to modify features, adjust game mechanics, and even create your own creatures.

  • Reduced Cost:  Opting for the Axie Infinity clone script significantly reduces costs compared to developing a game from scratch, saving both resources and time investments.

  • Fast Development: Utilizing an Axie Infinity clone script enables rapid market entry, saving substantial time typically needed for developing a blockchain-based game like Axie Infinity from the ground up. 

What Is the Necessity Portion To Run A Business Like Axie Infinity?

As an entrepreneur, you need a trump card to run your business. Don't hit the temple of the head to know an exposition to run a business like Axie Infinity. For that, you need a crystal-clear source code. 

Many people provide you a source code like Axie Infinity. But, get simple software like Axie Infinity will not boost up your business. You must have an Axie Infinity clone software with highly embedded with gauzy functionality and features. 

Even you should have an NFT Game Platform like Axie Infinity with all the quintessential points and benefits that you can find in the original software. Also, you need a support team for the customization of your Axie Infinity clone script as per your wish. From that, you can allow your users to breed the Axies, raise the Axies, and get the Axie ready for the battle for expansion or for defense.

These all aspects will get satisfied with one and only pioneer in NFT marketplace development is Osiz. 

  • On the whole Dapp radar listing, Axie Infinity has Ranked 86th Place.

  • Ranked 7th in the Ethereum-based Dapp.

  • Per month the sales revenue has generated around $90 million.

  • Well in last month, Axie's price has increased by almost 600%

  • The largest NFT exchanges set a new record for token sales.

  • Every day, there are almost 250,000 active players on the Axie Infinity gaming platform.

  • Provide a stress-free gaming environment.

Now is the right time to know, how Osiz's Axie Infinity Clone script works?

Seamless Workflow Axie Infinity Clone Software

  • To enjoy the Game Platform in the Axie Infinity clone software, The users should register or login into the gaming platform to procure a crypto wallet.

  • If the users want to start the game, they must at least buy or borrow three Axies. In simple Axies are like Monsters that have used to fight with other players or teams.

  • To improve the Axies, the player needs to achieve in the Adventure Mode by upgrading to the next level. 

  • If the users need to upgrade to the next level, they need to go to different levels by accomplishing the adventure task.

  • Even the players can choose the Arena Mode to battle with various players on the platform with their Axies.

  • The Axies will be traded with cryptocurrency, and the values of an Axie relay on its strengths such as body parts, stats, and abilities.

  • To get benefit in-game, the player needs to start with Dominant Axie to set power sooner. 

  • Each Axie is bought via crypto exchanges supporting NFTs like Binance, Huobi, and Kraken.

  • The most expensive Axie in the triple mystic is called Angel. That was sold for 300 Ether(ETH) in 2020.

  • The player can also play by borrowing Axies from lenders, known as Managers. The manager can lend their Axies and get a fractional amount from the player’s earns by affording their Axies to play.

Stunning Fuctionalitions Of Our Axie Infinity Clone Software


To create unstoppable teams of Axies to defeat the enemies. In our Axie Infinity Clone Script, the users allow fighting with their digital pets. Each Axie has unique its own powers and weaknesses based on its genes. 


The users can become land barons to start their Kingdom by using the land to farm rare resources, tokens, and attack dungeons. Each square on the grid is a tokenized plot that the players can buy at any time.


Axie breeding is the process for players to upgrade their pets. Mix and match parents to formulate the ultimate offspring. Enhance the player to collect or start their own breeding business and sell their Axie babies on the market.

Small Love Portion:

It not but to breeding the Axies. The little love component is simply an ERC20 token. Axie Governance, Breeding, and successful fulfillment are not from leveraging benefits for users.

Axie Infinity Shards:

AXS is the Axie Infinity Shards. That is an ERC 20 governance token. The player can shape the future of the Axie Infinity clone script by signaling their preservation for upgrades to the ecosystem and commanding the usage of a Community Treasury. 


In the NFT exchange marketplace, the users can trade properly. In-game assets such as fantasy creatures, accessories, pets, and so on can be used to create NFTs. 

What are the salient Features added in Our NFT Marketplace Clone Axie Infinity?

As an entrepreneur, you need to focus on the features that will boost up your business. Here you can find to dozen up the money with our Axie Infinity clone script. 

Enchanting Features For Player (User)

  1. The players can feel the Realistic 3D experience with excellent graphic design.

  2. On the Game Platform, the Player can get Rewards for their performance. 

  3. A high level of trust and 100% transparency for the player to enjoy the platform.

  4. We eliminate operational risks for the players

  5. High Safety Measurement for the investment in Our Axie Infinity clone script.

Money-Making Features For Admin 

  1. Customizable Dashboards To Monitor The each Player

  2. Real-time Data Analytics Will Boost Up your Business

  3. Most elegant CMS & CRM system

  4. Effective User Management

  5. Secure Banking and Transactions Management

  6. To Earn Point By Offering Referral Code

  7. Elegant Ad Modules To Earn Commission 

  8. Benefits That Are Included In Our Axie Infinity Clone

  9. In PVP battles, the player can collect leaderboard prizes.

  10. By using the AXS Token, the player can purchase the digital goods & assets within the world of our Axie Infinity clone script.

  11. The player can breed Axies and sell them for various marketplaces.

  12. In the game field, AXS has provided to helps the investors to vote in the governance of the gaming platform.  

  13. SLP has been used for breeding new Axies that can be sold on the marketplace.

  14. The player can farm the love potions (SLP) and sell them on any crypto-exchanges platform like Binance, Uniswap, or more.

Hire Our NFT Developers 

We are the only one who has a Leading and Adroit Team of NFT Expert developers. They are upstand in the coding language to give top-notch source code to run a successful business. We have 100% happy and long-lasting customers. 

Our dedicated NFT Development team has many years of experience in the NFT application. Then you can choose your own NFT-based video game platform on your business demands. To grab a superior NFT Game development service, the great place to reach is Osiz.

Being in the top position to provide NFT Gaming Platform development services, Osiz Technologies strives to develop all kinds of highly secure NFT applications.

1. Budget-Friendly Development
2. Transparent process
3. Time Zone Compatible
4. Easy Communication
5. A pool of Expert Developers
6. Best In Class Project Management 
7. Product Quality

Why Choose Osiz Technologies For Axie Infinity NFT Clone Script Development?

Choosing the Axie Infinity NFT Clone Script from Osiz Technologies offers several compelling advantages for those looking to develop an NFT-based gaming platform. It incorporates advanced functionalities such as NFT-based character creation, breeding, battling, and trading, ensuring an engaging and interactive user experience. With robust blockchain integration, the script ensures secure and transparent transactions, enhancing user trust and confidence. Additionally, Osiz provides comprehensive technical support and regular updates, ensuring your platform remains cutting-edge and functional. We includes stages such as statistical analysis, business investigation, specialized documentation, compliance with various cryptographic money guidelines, model development, front-end and back-end advancement of the NFT commercial center such as Axie Infinity, bug, and glitch elimination, launching it formally on the lookout for attracting a large number of gamers, and progressing the advantages of the Axie Infinity NFT clone script across online crypto gatherings and web-based media stages.

  • 13+ Years Of Experience

  • Requirement Gathering Of The Project

  • Crystal-Clear Analysis Of The Project

  • Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Development Services

  • End-to-End NFT Marketplace Solutions

  • Robust Gaming Platform

  • 200+ Experts Of Technology

  • 24/7 Support System To make happy the clients

  • 600+ Websites Delivered To Clients

  • 300+ Mobile Apps Delivered

  • 2000+ Clients Worldwide

  • Friendly technical support team.

  • Agile  Methodologies.

  • On-time Delivery with quality output. 

Thinking to build your passionate NFT Gaming Platform like Axie Infinity? Then you are in the right place to get Consultation With Our young and skillful Specialists!

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