Published: 30 October, 2021

Azure Blockchain Development Services Company.

We use Azure blockchain technology to build smart and efficient blockchain applications for supply chain and decentralized trust between banks, etc., to reduce fraud and fast the transaction process, and to create disruptive new business models for our clients.

Azure Blockchain Development Services Company.

Osiz is the top-notch Azure Blockchain Development company with hands-on experience on blockchain technology to provide fast, reliable, safe, and secure blockchain applications on Azure Blockchain Network.

We have adroit blockchain developers to build high-quality and scalable blockchain applications that guarantee trusted and secured platforms for both large-scale enterprises and startups. 

We use Azure blockchain technology to build smart and efficient blockchain applications for supply chain and decentralized trust between banks, etc., to reduce fraud and fast the transaction process, and to create disruptive new business models for our clients.

We have a proven record of success stories by offering Azure-based Blockchain Development services. Not only do we serve Azure-based Blockchain Development services, and also we handle various Azure-based blockchain verticals. So that, we can make our clients unique and help them to standalone all over the globe with eccentric featured Azure networks and solutions across various industries. 

Are you new to the Azure Blockchain? Then, the further coming part is for you. 

Let's know about,

What is Azure Blockchain?

Azure is a cloud computing platform invented by Microsoft. It is highly designed for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications. It is a ledger-oriented service that strives for the users to have scalable and reliable blockchain networks on the infrastructure. It has also supported multiple ledger protocols. 

Azure has built-in consortium management with governance controls backed by pre-defined smart contracts features. It is one of the tranquil network deployments and operations. One of the outstanding support in Azure is the Ethereum Quorum ledger. No need to pay the additional cost of any administration. It has service tiers that include two validator nodes (standard), one validator node (basic), and one transaction node.

Azure Blockchain Marketplace

It is emerging with the innovative tools that have merged with the Azure blockchain network. 

App Accelerators

Azure Blockchain Workbench – To efficiently create blockchain applications.

Vizix IOT blockchain – Used an IoT development tool.

Stratumn Indigo Node – A framework is used to build a Proof of Process network.


Blockstack Core v14 – Decentralized Internet

Parity Ethereum Dev – Used for fast Ethereum \Deployment

Truffle – Ethereum development environment, testing framework, and asset pipeline

Ethereum Studio – Ethereum Blockchain Environment with a complete development package

Rewards API – Rewards framework for Customer Loyalty Programs

Azure Blockchain Development Services

We Osiz have developed the Azure Blockchain development service with Azure CLI, Visual Studio Code, or the Azure portal with the assistance of the Azure Blockchain extension. Osiz is the only one who provides the astonishing Azure Blockchain development services; you can't get such mind storming assistance anywhere across the globe.

Osiz proffers to the cryptopreneur who is contemplating to develop a project on the Azure Blockchain platform.

Do you have any skepticism? Check our history of records and see how happy customer relationships we built in the overall world. 

Come on, let's see the types of services we provide on the Azure Networks.  

Azure NFT Marketplace Development

Day-by-day, the NFT marketplace was rising above the sky. Even you can see the drastic changes in the usage of the NFT and trading practices. We have notes of records by building the Azure NFT projects on any NFT based platform such as videos, arts, photos, music, and some more. 

Now It's your time to rock your business on the NFT marketplace. Simply merge the NFT in Azure to have a New outcome. 

Azure NFT Token Development

Osiz provides tailor-made NFT token development solutions for various businesses across the globe. We are experts in giving n-numbers tokens on various blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Azure, and more.

Azure uses node synchronization; it creates transactions faster than the other cryptos which have brought attention in the crypto world. We have the progressive experts to indulge our client's requisites and make them glow in their business.  

Azure NFT Gaming Platform Development

While NFT Gaming Marketplace runs on the Azure blockchain network, it has super-fast transactions with fewer gas fees due to its unique consensus algorithm on the Ethereum platform. Do you want to be the first Azure NFT Gaming Marketplace development service within a day? Then Osiz will be the right choice. 

Azure DApp Development

You can develop an enterprise-grade Dapps solution for us. Our Azure Blockchain professionals are competent to offer incredible support and powerful maintenance services to clients who already have decentralized applications and those who have their DApps built by us both get lifetime support. It allows them to reduce time to market and boost ROI.

Build Decentralized Crypto Exchange on Azure Blockchain Network
Osiz is the only pathfinder to develop a Defi exchange on the Azure Blockchain network throughout the crypto world. To empower your users with transparency, security, and trust by evolving business by creating decentralized applications for your financial services. 

Create A Secured Cryptocurrency Wallet on Azure Blockchain Network.

With Osiz, live your first Azure Cryptocurrency Wallet platform within a short span from the bug-free source code. Our Blockchain developers built all of the technical skills required to design Azure blockchain wallet apps. Your users can store a multitude of currencies and digital assets and keep track of the transactions.

Create Smart Contract powered projects using Azure Blockchain 
We allow you to unhitch your business solutions by bug-free smart contract services on Azure-based NFT market platforms. You can be driven by smart contracts to articulate sales between traders and investors.  

Essential Features In Azure blockchain development Services

Supports different blockchain frameworks: 

In this blog, you have already known above that Azure blockchain supports different networks or frameworks. It is also planning to add more frameworks. 


Azure network uses decentralized plasma side chains to enable safe, scalable, and quick low-cost Ethereum transactions.

Save Your Extra Amount for administration:

We have designed these Azure Blockchain Platform to support all the backend tools, open-source tools. That's why you do not need to give a separate amount for the administration. 

Easy and Quick deployment:

With this Azure Blockchain network, it is an effortless process to deploy by using the available tools such as Azure portal, Azure CL. In the marketplace, the MS Azure blockchain extension is available to support visual studio code to develop blockchain apps. It also implements the validator and transaction nodes. 

Asset interoperability: 

Azure networks will manage assets on numerous sidechains throughout various blockchains in the future.

Ultimate Security: 

In the Azure blockchain, it is protected by firewall security. The clients can comfortably configure the firewall to access it. Security features like authentication, encryption techniques, access keys are added to the network. That's why Microsoft had certified it compared to other cloud platform providers.  

Robust Maintenance:

In the Azure blockchain, the node has been maintained to support the latest version of blockchain.  

Effective consortium management:

With the consortium management, the Azure blockchain network has full access is granted to consortia. So, you will get permission to add or delete members as per your wish. Other features include codeless permission and policy enforcement.


Intuitive user experience (UX) as well as developer abstraction from mainchain to Azure chain.

Monitoring and logging:  

It gives total monitoring and logging services such as nodes storage, memory, CPU, blocks mines, transaction queue depth all metrics are monitored by Azure monitor service.

Azure Blockchain WorkBench: 

These Azure blockchain Networks will allow managing the applications. It constitutes services and capabilities to build any blockchain applications.

Thus, Osiz will do customization and up-gradation on the Azure platform for you to have innovative functionalities to run a successful business.

Benefits Of Our Azure Blockchain Development Services

 Azure is an enterprise-focused, permissioned blockchain that is especially progressing for financial sectors. It was constructed by using the base code of the Ethereum Blockchain network. It has similar functionality to Ethereum. However, it has a few different features such as network, peer permissions management, increased transaction, contract privacy, voting-based consensus mechanisms, and higher performance. These are not just the distinction and also the reason why it is the next generation of blockchain for the financial sector.

The following are the benefits of Azure Blockchain Development.

  • Enhanced contract privacy

  • Faster Transaction

  • Better performance

  • Permissioned network limits access to certain users

  • Voting-based consensus mechanisms

  • Assured Transparency

  • High Throughput

  • Strong Security

Thus, Osiz will do customization and up-gradation on the Azure platform for you to have innovative functionalities to run a successful business.

Hire Our Blockchain Developers for Azure-based Project Development

Take in-depth knowledge of Azure blockchain technology across all industries and its applications. Hire our professional team of blockchain developers to design and develop unique, creative, reliable, flawless, productive, and efficiently defend blockchain applications to get success in your business.

Why Choose Osiz for Azure Blockchain Development?

Osiz is a well-organized Azure blockchain development service firm with extensive experience creating decentralized apps on the Azure network blockchain platform. Due to the retirement of the Azure blockchain on 10 September 2021, we also upgraded into the Quorum Blockchain network

Get more information about >>> Azure Blockchain Migration

We have now become specialized in providing high-level enterprise blockchain solutions and services, owing to our blockchain industry-proven experience.

The following features define Osiz as the best Azure blockchain development company. 

  • Custom blockchain development services

  • Skilled blockchain developers & technical consultants

  • We follow agile methodology

  • We use the SDLC process

  • On-time delivery

  • Customer-centric business services and solutions 

I think you got information about the Azure blockchain. Shall we sign the NDT to discuss your new project? 

Touch with us to start your business successfully. 

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