Published: 04 March, 2021


In the digitized world, an online presence is important for business enhancement. All the traditional businesses are advancing with innovative technology, people started adopting available online services for fulfilling their needs at their doorsteps.


In the digitized world, an online presence is important for business enhancement. All the traditional businesses are advancing with innovative technology, people started adopting available online services for fulfilling their needs at their doorsteps. Acquiring the business website is important for the online presence and business conversions. 

B2C Portal Development 

B2C Portal Development is developing an online marketplace to showcase your products and services to your target audience. It is an E-commerce website where users can search, find, and order the products required on the online business website. B2C Portals have dynamic web pages without any limits. 

The Challenges Faced by Traditional Businesses

Lack of Attracting the Perfect Customer

The traditional business lacks in attracting the customer, they fail in showcasing the products and their features to the potential customers.

Making Targeted Traffic

They lack in reaching the people and they fail in reaching the target audience. Businesses are not able to reach the target audience diminishing the location barriers.

Attracting the Customers

Business is not able to attract the customers with providing the best service like available offers and coupons for specified products.

Sustaining the Ideal Possibilities

This is another way of targeting the audience with attractive and possible ways to grab the user. Attracting users with packages and coupon codes, referrals. 

Converting Shoppers into Paying Customers

In some cases, people are intended to buy some new items while seeing them available but were us in traditional business not able to showcase all their products to the customers efficiently to make them buy the available product.

Retaining Customers

The business fails in retaining the customers without providing proper support, help systems at any instant of time. The retained customer may help to drive more new customers to your business with your service satisfaction.

Accomplishing Beneficial Long-term Growth

The customers once satisfied with your product and service may be an important part of marketing to grab new users and achieve business goals.

To overcome the challenges faced by the traditional businesses here comes the B2C Portals to enhance the business with an online presence and enhance business conversion by acquiring a user-friendly website.

Exclusive Benefits of  B2C Portal Development 

Improving Your Branding

The Brand is playing a very crucial role in attaining your business goals and it is very important for marketing. The Brand reach is very much important for your long-term business goals which offer feature-rich prospects.

24/7 Hour Availability

The Presence of a business website helps to bid with your customers without any time barriers and it makes your service available for instant requirements.

Better Customer Support

You may provide the best customer support services with the 'Help and support 'service on your business website. This is a significant part of marketing to satisfy the customer with the aid of a support system instantly. 

Low Start-up Costs

Starting a business with a physical presence with a pleasant infrastructure is more costly than deploying a successful business website. The cost of launching a business website is cheaper than establishing a business physically.

Online Business Presence

In the digital era, an online presence is important to stay ahead of the business niche. This helps to reach more people without any limits on time, locations, and payments.

Live / Work from Anywhere

It helps you to operate your business without considering your live location, whereas a traditional business shop or marketplace has to be opened promptly.

Reduce Operation Costs

B2C helps in reducing operation costs comparatively with traditional business operation and time. The human resources on the operating process may get reduced and inventory management gets easier with the business website.

Target the Global Market

The business website helps you to reach a global audience beyond geographical barriers. It helps to serve the audience from various locations and to make avail of your service to the global audience through the business website.

Increase Company Responsiveness

B2C Portal helps you to increase your company responding to the customers' needs immediately. The customer always expects an immediate response from the seller's side and this helps in user engagement.

Business to Customer (B2C) Portal Development Company

Osiz technologies, a web Development Company provides various B2B, B2C portal development services with the latest technology stack, a robust website with impressive Web Design and layouts. B2C portal helps the business to improve user engagements and sales with an online presence. 

Eminent Features of Our B2C Portal Development Services

  • Responsiveness, Reliability, Robustness
  • Convincing and Quality design
  • Optimization and Scalability
  • Scalable and Standard development
  • Rich features with easy to use interface
  • Interactive and quality shopping cart
  • advanced search and navigation features
  • Reviews, Ratings, Feedback forums
  • User Account(Login/Signup)
  • Report Generation
  • Admin Management
  • Relevant Content Management System (CMS)
  • Payment Integration, Inventory Management
  • Secure transaction environment for payment
  • Offers, Discount, etc. with time limitations
  • Support and Help Section
  • Maintenance
  • B2C Ecommerce

Industries We Serve with Our B2C Portal Development Services

  • Enterprise Portal Development services
  • Ecommerce Portal Development
  • Travel Web Portal Development
  • Service Portal Development ( Reservation, Ticketing System, Scheduling Appointment System, and more)
  • Informational Website Design Portal ( Portals for managing, and distributing business and market information)
  • Marketplace Portal Development ( Buying, Selling, Renting system)
  • Social Networking Portal Development

Top 10 Popular B2C Portals 

  1. Amazon India
  2. Flipkart
  3. Alibaba
  4. Snapdeal
  5. Myntra
  6. IndiaMART
  7. Book My Show
  8. Nykaa
  9. First Cry
  10. 1mg

Our B2C Portal Development Process 

The B2C Portal developments process is categorized as planning, development, and maintenance. 


We analyze the business scope, current trends in the market niche and analyze the requirement criteria available according to the budget. We furnish a proper business plan with a roadmap.


The next phase of the development process starts with wireframing and Mockups

Front-end Development

This phase starts with portal design and layouts for the B2C Portal. Web design is very important for a successful business website, as a user should feel the ease and comfort with your website for user engagement this, in turn, improves your conversion rates.

Back-end Development

The back-end is an important part of efficient web design and managing the portal efficiently for fulfilling the user demands. We provide strong, reliable, and secured Db for the B2C portals. Our B2C portal development services give reliable durability to your product for future scalability.

QA and Testing

We perform QA and testing with advanced testing tools to validate the development process dynamically with rectifying the bugs. It serves to evaluate the core functionalities of the development process.

Technologies & Frameworks

We Use Emerging Technology stack and Frameworks in B2B Portal Development to provide a highly qualified, reliable, scalable, and Secure B2B Portal. 

And more

Why Prefer Osiz for B2C Portal Development Services?

Osiz Technologies is a leading Web Development Company. We have a pool of qualified web developers involved in building a business website. Osiz has 12 years of expertise in the design and development of the business website.

  • Quick & pro-active strategy by the client servicing managers;
  • Much talented, adequate & skilled UI Designers & Web Developers;
  • On-time project deliveries within budgets;
  • Responsive & SEO friendly B2C Portal
  • 24/7 Support System

If you are interested in launching your own B2C Portal, then a Get a Free consultation from our experts.

Call/Whatsapp: +91 9442164852
Telegram: Osiz_Tech

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