Published :24 February 2020
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How do I start Car Pooling Business like Blablacar?

How do I start Car Pooling Business like Blablacar?

As a matter of fact, there are several means of transportation to fit this fast-moving world. Right? One can travel through car, train, bus, airplane, ship but the maximum of people feel comfortable traveling when their way of transportation is the car. On the other hand, everyone cannot afford to buy out their own car, hence peoples started to utilize taxi services. While taxi services upgrading to the next level, one can share their rides with the other people who are in desire of traveling in the same direction. As well, sharing the cost of the ride equally made us feel economically comfort.

BlaBlaCar Clone App

To start a Ride-Sharing business like BlaBlaCar, Osiz technologies provides a best BlaBlacar clone script, which comprises of all the existing features of the BlaBlaCar.

What is BlaBlaCar?

BlaBlaCar, french based Carpooling Company whose main motto is to interconnect passengers and drivers who have a need to travel together between cities and sharing ride costs of the journey among them. To point out, it is available in 22 countries and the name blablacar is the is for its rating scale for favored chattiness level of the drivers during the travel in the car. “Bla” for someone who is not very chatty, “BlaBla” for who likes to talk, and “BlaBlaBla” for those who can’t shut up.

Working System

BlaBlaCar, stands out from the crowd for its trustworthy services to the community. It provides users a ride or the user can share a ride with others using BlaBlaCar.

The working progress of the BlaBlaCar initiates with reserving the trusty owner by probing the availability of the car by registering the arrival and departure with the journey date. As well, check the availability of the seat in the car and select the available trusted car ride. At last, the ride is booked for a happy journey.

If someone desires to offer and ride with co-passenger and not concerned in traveling with empty seats then, the furnishing the riding process initiates with the entry of ride details. For instance, the certain address of the pick-up and drop points, journey date as well as the cost ride per co-traveler. Now co-passengers will book their ride with you. At the moment of booking, you will get the co-passengers phone number as well as some other basic details. In the same way, you can include your car photo which let others to find it easily. As a result, you offered a ride in BlaBlaCar. Hope, now you got the working system of the BlaBlaCar.

To point out, the success of BlaBlaCar is its business concept which is the conjunction of passengers and drivers who are in desire to travel in the same direction in a single platform. As a result, the passengers can diminish their riding costs while in comparison to the cost while they hire a separate cab.

Features of BlaBlaCar Clone App

Admin App Traits

(A) Admin panel and Dashboard - To handle the site features, settings, users, ride, discounts, seasonal offers, as well as to view the earned revenue.

(B) Extra Revenue - Admin can derive extra profit through banner advertisements, membership plans, and commission-based revenue module.

(C) Homepage Customization

Admin can make a banner with related image and text, customize description on the homepage and link social media accounts.

(D) Content Management System

The CMS permit to prospect, edit, include and exclude any of the improper content from the site as well as the user's profile.

User App Features

(A) User Profile

The elemental data of the users’ are recorded to determine the user next time when they log in.

(B) View Bookings

Through this feature, the users can view the booking history

(C) Manage Account

With this trait, the user can handle and edit their account details simply.

Security Features

(A) Email Verification

With an email verification for security purposes, users can edit, modify their details.

(B) Captcha

This helps to restrict the entry of unrecognized people to the site.

(C) Security Coding

This keeps the code secure and restricts for hackers to hack.

(D) Password Recovery

We can recover passwords through email verification.

Dispatch Panel

(A) Manual Booking

Assign manual bookings to cab drivers whenever in obligations by registering the fundamental details.

(B) Bird’s View

The rider can view on-demand & scheduled taxi jobs, online & offline drivers and so on.

(C)  View Each Taxi Status

With this trait, admin can perspect the status of each taxi individually.

(D) Bookings Dashboard

 This lets to view all your bookings in an individual dashboard.

Benefits of Carpooling Business

Here are some of the benefits of carpooling business

 - Carpooling preserves money for the riders and also provides more profit for the organization.

 - Carpooling is good for the environment.

 - It assists to build a new comfortable travel environment.

 - More convenient and an opportunity to make new friends.

The Bottom Thought

Rather than these prior mentioned features, you can also integrate several features to enhance your user-friendliness. Among the millions picking the best developing partner is very crucial and it is a complex thing. Here is the option to diminish your burden. Osiz technology, a leading on-demand app development company offers the best BlaBlaCar Clone App/web for your carpooling business. For any queries, feel to engage with us!

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