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Reshape Your Clothing Business with Our Online Custom Tailoring Software

Published: 26 June, 2020

Reshape Your Clothing Business with Our Online Custom Tailoring Software

Today everything can be accessible from the internet. You can buy anything from there. Likewise, online shopping has expanded the demands for ready-made fashionable clothes. Because some peoples prefer to wear a ready-made dress and they won't go for custom made clothing.

However, every youth prefers to wear custom-made clothes. The reason behind is that some of the clothing stores have already moved up their business presence online, which makes it convenient for the buyers to choose many options from it, and also fashion trends change every time.

What is custom tailoring software?

A custom tailoring software is nothing but customizing your own apparels ease based on the requirements you want. This software helps each customer to design, personalize, and seamlessly customize their clothes. With this tool, you can create the entire cloth designing process better.

Why clothing business needs online custom tailoring software?

Presently, satisfying the needs of customers is very difficult. Because everyone's perception gets change depending on their professions. Furthermore, they always feel to be very unique in their own way of dressing style.

The only way to get success is by serving customer's needs at a single place. So, every tailoring entrepreneur needs to implement custom clothing and tailoring software within their website where users can easily design clothes according to their body measurements. And also most of the tailoring software has a drag and drop features that provide a user-friendly experience to the customers. In addition to this, you can reach a global audience and make more sales.

Osiz Technologies - Online custom & bespoke tailoring software development company

We are the team of experts who helps you to kick start your own online custom tailoring business and provides a better chance for your customers to design their clothes. We provide better development solutions from startups to large enterprises.

Our custom clothing software features:

Fabric selection and design customization:

Each customer can choose the fabric type for further customization. Then, you can alter every detail of your dress according to your needs. It can be of pockets, sleeve length, the inner lining color, collar choice, and the color of the thread.


Our custom clothing tool provides an option to personalize their custom-tailored clothes with initials or monograms in any font colors.

360 degrees View:

Applications that allow customers to view their designed clothes in a 360-degree rotational view. Your users can look at every area of your clothes that are designed by them.

Size chart:

The tools allow users to get the measurement details with the size chart which helps them to get a better way of taking their body measurements.

Mode of payments:

We integrate a payment gateway within your website which makes the process of your transaction consistent.

Usage across cross-platforms:

The tailoring software can be used on any type of device, either it can be a desktop, laptop (or) smartphone.

Customer's data management console:

Each customer's details like clothing design, measurement, order no and personal information can be stored in a single platform which helps to avoid the confusion and can easily delegate the work at the warehouse and also deliver the stitched goods on time.

Social media integration:

Custom tailoring software is encompassed with the perfect media tool that makes your social media more favorable and also your customer can share the website on their social media for better reach.

Demo video tutorials:

Users can have a much better experience with the tutorial videos done by our experts. The demo video helps users get to know about the knowledge of clothing/tailoring software.

Customer support:

We integrate 24/7 support options in the software which helps you to get an immediate response from your customers if any issue occurs.

How does our custom clothing design software works?


Customers can register with their email address and also with a social media login.

Fabric selection, measurements, and design:

Every user can choose their required type of fabrics, size chart, designs they want and customize it according to their clothing styles.

Make payments:

Once the customization is done, add your clothes into your cart and make payments.


Once you have done the payment it will let you know the delivery date of your clothes either through the email and phone number when you have provided at the time of registration.

Where to get the best custom tailoring app for your clothing business?

Are you planning to start your own online custom tailoring software for your business? Don't worry. Osiz Technologies is here for you. We are the top-leading custom tailoring software development company that aids to start your online clothing and tailoring store with advanced features and an innovative interface. With the help of this tool, every young tailoring entrepreneur can generate business more.

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