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Published :5 July 2024
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Delta Clone Script | Create Your Futures Exchange like Delta

Delta Clone Script

Delta Clone Script 

Osiz Delta Clone is a trading solution for c suite entrepreneurs and startups to launch your own cryptocurrency options and futures exchange. We have around 15 years of experience in the crypto market and with 90% traded volume for Delta Clone. Our platform is both stable and reliable boasting a replicate trading volume as in Delta Crypto Options Trading Exchange.  We have a team of 500+ crypto developers to provide a secure crypto exchange with a free demo.  We provide a replication of the original Delta exchange with customized features, robust mechanics, high frequency trading platform as of better than the original exchange.

Our Delta Clone Development Services

Custom Delta Clone Development: 

Customized development to replicate Delta’s robust features and advanced functionalities while satisfying the business requirements.

Advanced Crypto Derivatives Trading: 

We implement advanced high frequency trading features, including Crypto Futures and Perpetual Contracts, similar to Delta.

Security Enhancement: 

We integrate top-notch multi-layer security protocols, secure wallet integration, two-factor authentication to safeguard user assets and data.

High Liquidity Solutions: 

We integrate liquidity APIs and market making solutions to ensure a seamless trading experience and a good liquidity pool management.

User-Friendly Interface: 

We design intuitive and responsive interfaces with permission management & KYZ integration to enhance user engagement and to emulate Delta’s users a good trading experience.

Smart Contract Development: 

We implement secure smart contracts to automate trading with blockchain networks and automate settlement systems, akin to Delta’s smart contract functionalities.

Features of Delta Clone Script 

Buy and Trade - You can start trading with the purchasing of cryptocurrencies directly using UPI, NEFT, IMPS, or cards

Versatile Margining - You can trade with various margin modes of your choice such as Isolated, Portfolio and Cross Margin with the flexibility of trading strategy.

Withdraw to Bank - A good hassle-free conversion of crypto to fiat by transferring funds directly to your bank account

Options Spreads - You can trade long and short two call or put options simultaneously by saving 50% trading fees with advanced options.

Strategy Builder - Our sophisticated tools create & analyze your own trades and strategies

Basket Orders - You can place multiple orders simultaneously with basket orders and execute complex trading strategies.

PNL Analytics - You can easily analyze your daily gains and losses with top-notch PNL analytics feature which provides detailed performance insights

Deep OTM/IM Options - You can trade deep Out-of-the-Money(OTM) and In-the-Money(ITM) options with daily and weekly access options for diverse trading opportunities.

Easy Options - We can simplify options trading by price direction (up or down) and get trade ideas to make profitable trades. 

Benefits of Delta Clone Software

  • Our Delta Clone Script is customizable with unique business requirements.
  • Our platform incorporates advanced security measures, multi-layer encryption, two-factor authentication, and anti-DDoS protection
  • Our solution is aiming to support small or large-scale operations with the power of handling high volume transactions.
  • We promise in enhancing user friendly interface for a better Delta’ user experience
  • Our script supports wide range of cryptocurrencies for diverse trading
  • We incorporate advanced tools like Strategy Builder and Delta Metrics to improve trading outcomes
  • Our script’s mobile-friendly design enable traders to execute trades on-the-go

Why choose us for Delta Clone ?

With 15 years of experience as a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, Osiz offers Delta Clone development for an unparalleled trading experience in the crypto industry. We excel with a track record of 150+ successful crypto solutions delivered globally, including prominent markets like USA, UK, Hongkong, Taiwan, Ireland and more.  Our Delta Clone Script is developed in order to comply with global regulatory standards, ensuring the exchange to be operated securely in diverse markets around the world. We focus on customized solutions according to specific requirements backed by comprehensive support and maintenance with a free demo offering. 

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Mr. Thangapandi is the founder and CEO of Osiz, leads a team that's nailed over 500+ successful crypto projects, Osiz excels in delivering cutting-edge crypto exchange solutions. Mr. Thangapandi's deep expertise ensures secure, scalable, and user-friendly platforms. Clients trust Osiz for its innovative approach and commitment to excellence.Our way? Tailored solutions that meet unique business needs, driving growth and efficiency. Osiz serves a diverse clientele, continuously setting new standards in the crypto industry. Simplicity, security, and success define our path forward.

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