Published: 03 February, 2020

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website & Mobile App like Dream11?

In recent times, The fury of playing fantasy sports games among people has embellished to an extent level.

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Website & Mobile App like Dream11?

In recent times, The fury of playing fantasy sports games among people has embellished to an extent level. As well, the emerging technologies, as usual, has their part in the fantasy games which had taken the craze for sports and entertainment to the next stage. At first, Dream11 and IPL had induced the booming of fantasy sports games roar. Right? Well, we all knew Dream11 is the significant fantasy sports app that arises from India that gained its attention among people with its fascinating gaming concept and unique features.

Hope everyone knew about fantasy sports games. Right? Here are the prime types of fantasy sports games.

(i) League based games

(ii) Concept-based games

(iii) Daily/weekly based games

(iv) Score based games

(v) Seasonal leagues

Dream11 Clone App

As said earlier, Dream11 Clone App/Web is inheriting all the attributes from the existing Dreram11 App and creating a clone of the original app is called Dream11 Clone App. On the other hand, we also include various new features accordant to one’s business need.

Now you are excited to know the unique features of the Dream 11 app. Right? Proceed further.  

Admin Convenient Features

1. SignIn/SignUp

By entering the username and password, the admin can simply log in to the application. Registering the basic details is essential if the admin is new to the app.

2. Dashboard

It holds all the details of every match like the number of matches held, upcoming matches, live matches, the number of participants as well as the total revenue.

3. User Accounts Control

Admins alone have the rights and responsibilities to update, add, delete, edit, activate and deactivate the user accounts. Hence, the app is secure for users.

4. Match Control

Managing, updating, adding, deleting, editing, activating and deactivating the tournaments is done by the admin. This aid the admin to have a full-fledged control over the matches.

5. Games Category Management

Here, the admin can include a new game category or eliminate the discarded category in the list which assists the admin to efficiently manage the app.

6. Revenue Management

The entire money produced by all the matches will be portrayed here. The admin can take a look at the entire earnings as well as the amount generated from the several matches with the different filter options obtainable in the Dream11 Clone App.

7. Payment Control

The user can experience a problem less payment, where all the payment gateways in the application are monitored by the admin.

Supplementary Features

1. Geo Tracking

The most vital trait of the app which let to send push notifications and messages to the users regarding the ongoing and upcoming tournaments on the basis of their nearby location.

2. Mail Reminder

This feature assists the admin to easily send emails to the user regarding their picked team, the players' details and the tournaments without any hurdling.

3. API Integration

This API integration lets to use the app easily and facile interaction into the application platform.

4. Live Match Score

Through this feature, it is simple to know the live score, match highlights, expert reports of the matches.

5. Push Notification

This is a very constitutive attribute which let to send alert messages to the users to furnish instructions about the match timings and the time to create the team.

6. CRM Integration

It assists the service providers to have power over the offered tickets, emails, locations, push notifications and so on.

7. Analytics

This attribute in the Dream11 Clone App records, stores, and update the absolute data into the application which will be favorable to recover the data when it is required for some queries.

How much Does it Cost to Build an App/web like Dream 11?

The following are the attributes which impact the building cost of app/web like dream 11

(i) Platform

The cost of the development depends on the platform you pick to build your app like Android/iOS. While comparing, the android app developers are huge than iOS developers. Hence, iOS needs a really tough level of coding than the android OS.

(ii) Geography

The Cost to the designers and developers differs from region to region. For instance, the US developers cost pricey while in comparative with the Indian developers. Hence, the cost of building an app quietly depends on the geo-location.

(iii) Intricacy

Complexity is enhanced, when we enhance more functionalities and characteristics to the application. Brilliant minds need to be hired to resolve the complexity .and the cost for developing the Dream11 Clone Script will end in high fees.

(iv) Mobile App Framework

The coding in the mobile app framework is complex and takes a lot of experience. So the cost of building an app quietly depends on the frameworks.

The Bottom Thought

Are you an entrepreneur seeking a dream11 clone app/web for your online fantasy sports business? No worries!!!

Once you have decided to build your business fantasy sports app, it is vital and essential to make adequate study and comprehend how other online fantasy sports betting apps like Dream11 work. As well, it is a good decision to hire a mobile app development company to create your fantasy sports app like Dream11.

Even there exist several fantasy sports mobile app development companies in the market that can create the gaming app matching business enterprise requirements, Osiz technologies is the right company, specialized in on-demand app development which offers high-quality apps and the cost of fantasy sports app in a budget-friendly manner. Get in touch with us!!!

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