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Published :28 June 2024
Cyber Security

Endpoint Security Services


Endpoint Security Services

Defending against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats is paramount in today's digital age. At Osiz, we specialize in comprehensive endpoint security services designed to protect your enterprise from a spectrum of risks, from advanced persistent threats to zero-day attacks. Our fully managed solutions ensure 24/7 centralized management and monitoring of endpoints, whether they're on corporate networks or offsite. Our proactive approach extends beyond external threats to encompass internal risks like unauthorized data access and crypto mining. With Osiz's managed endpoint security, you gain the advantage of early threat detection and mitigation, preventing potential damage before it occurs. Backed by over 15 years of industry expertise, our services are tailored to scale alongside your business, integrating cutting-edge technology and strategic solutions. 

Experience transparent, detailed reporting through our endpoint security as a service, empowering you with actionable insights for informed decision-making. Take proactive steps towards safeguarding your digital assets with Osiz—request a free demo today to see our solutions in action.

Osiz Endpoint Security Services

Osiz understands the ongoing challenge of endpoint security and offers specialized services to alleviate the complexity and enhance protection for your organization.

Endpoint Security Assessments

Our Endpoint security assessments provide clarity and strategic insights. By engaging with your key stakeholders, we analyze technology needs and business objectives to deliver objective recommendations that align with your enterprise goals.

Managed Security Services (MSS)

Whether you lack resources or specific expertise, Osiz MSS is here to support you. We customize endpoint security solutions to fit your unique environment, whether it's bolstering support, managing endpoints, or implementing advanced detection and response strategies (MEDR).

Endpoint Security Configuration Review

Deploying the right tools is just the beginning. Our experts conduct thorough reviews of your endpoint security configurations against CIS hardening standards and industry benchmarks. We provide detailed reports on alignment with baseline expectations and offer actionable steps to enhance your security posture effectively.

Unified endpoint management

Secure your mobile workforce with Osiz's AI-driven, cloud-integrated platform. We streamline endpoint management across diverse devices, ensuring robust protection and seamless operation.

Cloud security

Embrace hybrid multi cloud environments confidently with Osiz’ comprehensive cloud security solutions. We embed security into every phase of your cloud journey, safeguarding your data and applications against evolving threats.

Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR)

Osiz accelerates incident response through advanced automation and standardized processes. Integrate seamlessly with your existing security tools to fortify servers, storage, and endpoints against sophisticated cyber threats.

Features of our Endpoint Security Solutions

Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV):

Detects both known and unknown (zero-day) malware, including fileless attacks, ensuring comprehensive protection against sophisticated threats.

Ransomware Protection:

Identifies system processes indicative of ransomware behavior and intervenes to halt file encryption processes before they inflict damage, safeguarding critical data and operations.

Real-Time Threat Data:

Harnesses threat intelligence from internal sources within your organization, combined with data from other users of our endpoint security service and external threat feeds, to provide proactive defense against emerging threats.

Behavioral Analytics:

Employs advanced analytics to detect abnormal activities on endpoints, triggering automated responses such as endpoint isolation or lockdown to prevent potential breaches.

Application and Browser Control:

Controls and restricts access to applications and web content, mitigating the risks associated with malicious or inappropriate online activities.

Device Compliance:

Collects endpoint data for auditing, forensic investigations, and compliance purposes, enabling enforcement of corporate security policies to maintain a secure environment.


Utilizes isolated environments to safely execute and analyze suspicious files or threats, allowing for controlled testing without endangering the integrity of your devices.

Benefits of Endpoint Security Services

Advanced Threat Observation:

Endpoint security services provide a controlled environment where cloud-based protection platforms can observe and record attacker tactics. This proactive approach allows for the detection and mitigation of advanced persistent threats (APTs) before they can exploit vulnerabilities in IT systems.

Data Sharing and Collective Defense:

By aggregating threat data across organizations and endpoints, cloud-based endpoint protection systems enhance defense mechanisms for all users. Insights gained from individual attacks can be utilized to bolster defenses globally, creating a community-driven shield against emerging threats.

Support for Remote and BYOD Environments:

Unlike traditional systems limited to corporate networks or VPN connections, endpoint security services enable seamless management of remote devices, including those used in bring your own device (BYOD) scenarios. This flexibility ensures consistent protection regardless of device location or network access.

Scalability and Simplified Maintenance:

Endpoint security services eliminate the need for organizations to deploy and maintain on-premise infrastructure such as servers and databases. Everything except the endpoint agents is hosted and managed in the cloud, offering scalability based on actual usage and reducing upfront costs associated with infrastructure management.

Cost Efficiency and Predictable Budgeting:

With endpoint security services, costs are structured as a subscription model per endpoint, simplifying budget forecasting and eliminating upfront expenses for central management infrastructure. This pay-as-you-go approach optimizes cost efficiency while ensuring robust security measures are consistently updated and maintained.

Why choose osiz for Endpoint Security Services?

Choose Osiz for Endpoint Security Services to benefit from comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that protect your organization's endpoints and networks. By integrating endpoint, network, and behavioral analytics, Osiz offers a robust suite of cybersecurity solutions tailored to defend against threats targeting endpoints and spanning your entire network infrastructure. Osiz minimizes false positives, ensuring accurate threat detection and swift response. Osiz offers centralized management tools, advanced detection capabilities with minimal false positives, proactive monitoring to reduce attack surfaces, and over 15 years of industry experience serving global clients across USA, UK, Canada, Nigeria, and more. With a diverse portfolio of 160+ software products and a commitment to client satisfaction, Osiz provides tailored solutions and a free demo to ensure your cybersecurity needs are met effectively.

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