Published :26 July 2019

Libra - Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency

Libra - Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency

In this modernized world, everything is instant as well as secure to the humans. As a known fact, technology impressing the world all around us by the simple send and receive of text messages, photos or pictures and documents and so on. In this circumstances, the query arise in everyone’s mind that why not for money transaction.

Well, now there is a way for the global level of money transaction with high scalability as well as secure. To specify about the LIBRA launch, a new global level currency designed and enclosed to this digital world. It signifies a trust in belief that money reach rapidly to everyone all throughout all corners of the world.

To specify that, Libra is powered by Blockchain with an absolute safety as well as approachability regarding where you are and who you are. Now, its time to go into the LibraCoin world which handel everyone with the money.

What is Libra?

Libra introduced by the Facebook is not only a just cryptocurrency but also a reliable digital currency is absolutely to deliver the Internet of money through an streamlined infrastructure. The intent of the cryptocurrency is to make transaction to any where of the world with limited amount as fee.

Notions behind the Libra

Usually, Libra is simply an approach of financial services to everyone, regarding to their financial background or geographical location. Its amazing that the Libra case study symbolizes that how the people who are having less money wind up to spend more money on financial services. Fine, this makes everyone somewhat interesting that should not go unaddressed.

It is a belief that a low-cost money movement will lead better economic possibilities, on the other hand, Libra is to charge a very trivial amount as the transactions fee.

To mention, Libra is also conceptualised to put an boundary on sophisticated financial inclusion, ethical factors, and the unity of the ecosystem.

What can you use Libra for?

Arrival of libra has made a way to the  enterprises to  obtain coins and to prepare wallet by themself. This fact make us to realize that libra is not only just limited to facebook. Moreover, Libra's cryptocurrency has designed to introduce for facebook and messenger users.

As a matter of fact, libra has being utilized for various purpose.  Once before its arrival, it has been assumed that one can  be used for desired services from partnered  business via libra.  This is because, partnership has spread in diverese to vast regions like Spotify, Uber and much more. In addition, anyone can run facebook ads by utlizing this libra.

Previously, Facebook launched Calibra as a subsidiary. Later, this will make Libra as an approachable one to all the users. The notion hidden in this is to prosper and frame more and more financial services in the name of a layer on Libra.

Apart from this, one can set up a Libra wallet from any destination of the world by delivering a valid identity proof. There exist only setback is facing the regions that have restraint on utilizing social networks. To conclude, Libra is going to work across all over the world in future.

Here is the infographic view of libra

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