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Published :6 July 2024
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Fleet Management Software Development

Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management Software

A fleet management system is needed to implement and build for the way your team works. While most fleet management software is built by non-professionals, Osiz focuses on top-notch solutions by fleet experts who understand your requirements and operation. With experienced fleet consultants, Osiz helps fleet managers succeed through greater performance, efficiency and control. We follow industry best practices and work with the processes you have in place. We chase down information, utilize experts, reverse errors with testers, and put out fires on having a grip on every aspect of your business performance. 

Our Fleet Management Solutions

Fuel Monitoring System

Our system provides valuable insights with easy access real-time data on fuel-filling & drainage, along with other relevant information.

Tire Management System

We access both real-time and historical tire pressure data for your entire fleet. Also you can set up alerts for low tire pressures by helping you steer clear driving conditions.

Video Telematics System

Our solution goes beyond the capabilities of GPS tracking systems. And with our video monitoring solutions, you can experience the added benefits that set apart from basic tracking.

Features in our Fleet Management Software

  • We provide advanced tools to reduce workload and increase productivity.
  • Our TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring ensures optimal performance and safety
  • Our vehicle health monitoring tracks the health of vehicles to prevent breakdowns and maintain efficiency.
  • Our solution optimizes routes to save time, fuel and reduce operational costs.
  • Our system conducts regular vehicle inspections to ensure compliance and safety.
  • Our expense management track and manage to improve financial oversight and budgeting.
  • We integrate the Elock system to enhance cargo security with electronic lock systems.

Benefits of Fleet Management Software

Increase Asset Availability - Vehicle & equipment are the set of tools built to keep your assets in tip-top shape and on the road where they belong. 

Costs Under Control - The software finds ways to save money on maintenance and operations by monitoring all direct and indirect costs in one system.

Boost Operational Efficiency - We can reduce SRTs by planning shop schedules in advance to increase accountability and boost productivity.

Improve Fleet-Wide Comms - The use of centralized data, streamlining communications, and sharing actionable data can get drivers, technicians and leadership on the same page.

Why choose our Fleet Management Software?

Osiz Fleet Management Software helps businesses of all sizes keep track of vital information about their vehicles as well as the employees who are behind the wheel. We test and compare fleet management solutions with skilled testers to make your business decision easier.  Around 80+ countries have benefited with our solutions. Our high-end solution has achieved 500+ partnerships with 5000+ happy users. We offer a variety of features and vehicle tracking of functionalities to make our choice a better one in fleet management software. Get a free demo from our experts. 

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