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Gojek Clone Script - Launch Your Profitable On-Demand Multi-Service App Like Gojek in 48 Hours!

Gojek Clone Script - Launch Your Profitable On-Demand Multi-Service App Like Gojek in 48 Hours!

The people around the world are busy and have sophisticated lifestyle activities. The growing demand for on-demand services is increasing exponentially among the global peoples, and people are fond of utilizing comfortable online on-demand services to fulfill their demand on a single tap on their ondemand App. Here are we are going to discuss One of the on-demand apps for rendering multi-service app Gojek and how to launch a multi-service OnDemand App like Gojek with Gojek Clone Script.

What is Gojek App?

Go-Jek is an on-demand multi-service platform and enables digital payment. Gojek was started in Indonesia in 2009 as a call station to connect users in courier delivery and two-wheeled ride-hailing services. Gojek app is launched in 2015 with four services like GoRide, GoSend, GoShop, and GoFood and presently offering 20 services in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.

What is a Gojek Clone App?

Gojek Clone App is a fully developed and ready-made Clone of the successful multi-service OnDemand App like Gojek. This clone script replicates all the existing features of Gojek with added customization and upgraded app functionalities. Our Gojek Clone app features are customizable according to business demands. The multi-service app is an extensive platform that hosts a wide range of on-demand services such as taxi rides, delivery services, and others.

Why Start Gojek Clone App?

The OnDemand Economy is booming exponentially, the market value shared by the ondemand Economy is an average of $57.6 billion annually.  According to PwC, the market for on-demand apps and web will achieve $335Billion by the year 2025.

Go-Jek’s value is now calculated at US$10 billion by US market intelligence firm CB Insights, putting it in the ranks of startups called “decacorns.”The people in the USA are using at least one on-demand services for their day to day activities. As the ondemand app is reliable in handing users requests and delivery of goods on the same day as the ordered at desired locations and people are very comfortable in availing of OnDemand services. Starting a Multi-service OnDemand App like Gojek will be the best business plan to evolve into the booming on-demand economy.

What is a Gojek Clone Script?

Gojek Clone Script is a complete source code of the multi-service app that has similar functionality to the Gojek app. Gojek Clone Script is developed to facilitate similar functionalities like the Gojek app, and the features can be added as per the business requirements. It is an app that holds Major types of categories like Taxi Rental, Delivery Service, and handy services. 

Gojek Clone Script is an Extensive All in One Platform Covering various Services

Rental Services

  • Bike Rental
  • Car hailing 
  • Taxi Rental

Delivery Services

  • Grocery Delivery
  • Food Delivery
  • Pharma Delivery
  • Alcohol Delivery

Other Services

  • Babysitting
  • Plumber
  • Beauty service
  • Fitness coach
  • Carpenter
  • Electrician
  • Handy-man
  • Maids
  • House-cleaning
  • Home-painting service
  • Office Cleaning
  • Helpers
  • Mechanic
  • Catering
  • Logistics

How Does Gojek Clone App Works?

The Gojek Clone App is an extensive platform enabling multiple services to the user on a single app. Each part of the app is designed according to the client's ease of availing of services from the app. The user navigates through the services required and utilize the service and pay through the various payment methods in-app. Here we will see the options and their workflow for User, Service provider, and Delivery services.

User Options

The user has to signup and login into the app to search for the demanded services. Once after picking the service has to fill in certain details and request for service. Users will be shown a list of service providers with their profile history. Service providers can accept/reject a request from the user.

Services Provider Options

The service providers list them and User requests are processed with a unique methodology to display the list of the nearest available service provider to the user locations.  Once the request is accepted by your Service partner, and the user gets the details about the allotted technician details.

Delivery Partner Options

The user has to pick the desired delivery service and order the items required from the store/restaurant. Once the order is accepted by the store and the nearest delivery person is assigned for the delivery service. After a Delivery person accepts service and is provided with the delivery details. 

Key Features of Our Gojek Clone App

User App

The user can sign up or sign in with the app using email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts.

Nearby Drivers/ Service Personnel
Users can search for service persons or drivers near their location to book the service through the app. Users can view profiles and pick as per their choices.

Book Now Or Book Later
The services listed on the app can be instantly booked and also can book in advance as per the user schedule.

In-App Chat/ Call
Users can contact drivers or service providers over chat or call options available in the app.

Multiple Payment Options
Users can pay with various payment methods, like credit/debit cards, net banking, and cash payments.

Booking/ Order History
The order history is helpful for the users to check their order and delivery details, payment details for future reference.

In-App Notifications
The user able to get the details of the orders placed and the status of the delivery. It is also able to provide the offer and discounts available for the services.

Ratings & Reviews
The users can rate the service availed and the behavior of the service partners. This helps to rectify the issue faced by the user and also help in ratings of the service provider to get more service opportunities.

Service Provider App

Sign up/ Sign in
Service providers can sign up or sign in with the app using email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts.

Validation Documents
Service providers have to get verified their documents into the app to validate their accounts. Only after the validation, they are authorized to allow their services the In-app.

Manage Profile
Service providers are allowed to create their profiles with their name, photo, contact details, and area of expertise.

Availability Toggle
Service providers can go online or offline using the toggle mode, enabling them to provide their service only when they are ready.

Accept/ Reject Requests
Service providers can take or deny service requests based on their suitability. They can also specify a valid reason for denying a request.

Set Service Radius
Service providers can point to their service limit with help of the enabling the service availability in the specified area.

GPS-Enabled Navigation
Service providers can implement the best-optimized route to reach user location on time, with the help of a GPS-enabled navigation system integrated with the app.

Link Bank Accounts
Service providers can associate their bank accounts to their profiles to collect their wages from the admin after deducting commission.

Earning Details
The earning history of service providers on a daily, monthly, or annual basis is displayed here for future reference.

Service History
Service providers can view all the ongoing, finished, and canceled service requests, accompanying with their details.

Accept Multiple Calls
Service providers can pick to serve multiple service requests at a time if the requests are from nearby locations.

User Feedback
Service providers can share their feedback with users.

Store App

Store Profile
Store managers can generate a profile for their stores including details like store name, location, opening and closing time, and items available information for user source.

Divisions and Subdivisions
Store managers can list all products in their store on the app below various divisions and subdivisions that helps the users to navigate and find easily.

Minimum Order Value
Store managers can fix the least cost to place orders. Users can order goods above the least cost.

Manage Orders
Store managers can handle the open-ended, completed, and canceled orders in the app using the order management option.

Instant Notifications
Store managers are instantly intimated about the user requests by push notification in-app option. The delivery partners' details are intimated once they are assigned for the particular order delivery.

Order Tracking
Store managers can keep tracking the goods under-delivery till reaching the user end from the delivery partners.

View Earnings
Store managers can view their earnings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis in-app history.

Customer Support
Store managers can contact their customers immediately in case of any issue with the order.

Admin App

Robust Dashboard
The admin can observe all open-ended services through the admin dashboard. They can control them and take required actions if necessary.

Manage users 
admin can maintain the profiles of users registered with the app. They can view user information without any constraint.

Manage Service Providers
The admin can accept or decline the request of service providers to furnish their service through the app.

Manage Store
The admin can manipulate the stores that endorsed up with the app and can pick to remove them from the app for any valid purpose.

Toggle Mode
The admin can decide to allow only some of the on-demand services on the app and turn off the rest with the toggle mode.

Commission Charge
The admin can process payment to delivery officials and shop owners after deducting the commission for services offered in the app.

Offers and Discounts
The admin can provide offers and discounts to the specific users who are frequently utilizing the service in the app and it would help improve their sales.

The admin can answer user doubts and fix them for a better app sense. Delivery officials and store managers can reach out to the admin in case if they require any support.

View Reviews and Ratings
The admin can view the reviews and feedback given by users. Based on user reviews the necessary action can be practiced to preserve the quality of the service.

Analytics & Reports
The analytical reports are generated with insights to enhance the business. The admin can optimize the app with the information gathered from app analytics.

Launch Your Multi-Service On-Demand App Like Gojek With Osiz Technologies

Osiz Technologies is a leading OnDemand App Development Company, has delivered more than 100+ on-demand apps, and have happy clients around the globe. We have a pool of developers who are experts in developing the OnDemand app for a multi-service app like Gojek. We provide the Gojek Clone Script helping you to launch your Multiple On-demand Services On Single App. Our Gojek Clone Script is provided with trendy features, intuitive UX/UI, and rich functionality that are customizable according to the business demands. 

Want To Start A Robust Multi-Services App like Gojek? We Offer A Easily Customizable, Scalable, And Reliable Gojek Clone App. 

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