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Hire Blockchain Developers For Your Project

Published: 14 October, 2021

Hire Blockchain Developers For Your Project

We welcome you to "Hire Our Skilled Blockchain Developer". 

Let it be the most simple software application or it may be a perplexing Blockchain solution, Osiz is always there for you to assist with all various kinds of services that you need for your business. 

Our Blockchain developers have solid experience in creating Blockchain applications with cutting-edge technologies to indulge client’s needs. We offer engagement models for enterprises and startups to pick up one of the best solutions.

Engagement Models For The Hiring Blockchain Developer

1) Dedicated Team Model

Most Suitable For: Entrepreneur
Project Size: Large
Specification Type: Evolving
Involvement Of The Clients: Low
Time Outline: Estimated
Budget: Flexible

Are you an entrepreneur? Who is looking to develop a Web application or mobile application? But you don't have enough time to get the regular company structure to get connected with each member like a Blockchain developer, Blockchain designer, quality Blockchain analyst, and Blockchain web developer. Then, the Dedicated Team model is for you to get your requirement. 

Underneath this engagement model, you can get Android & iOS developers, web developers, UI/UX designers, quality analysts, and project managers will handle the entire team with a Flexible amount. 

2) Fixed Price or Full-Time Model

Most Suitable For: Entrepreneur & Startup
Project Size: Medium to Large
Specification Type: Fixed
Involvement Of The Clients: Medium
Time Outline: Fixed
Budget: Fixed

Fixed Price Model is for entrepreneurs & Startup, who has a medium to large-sized project with the clearest and well-structured requirements. For that, you can pay a decided amount or fixed price for the final product to the Blockchain developer. It is low risk and requires minimum supervision from your side.

3) Hourly Price Model

Most Suitable For: Startup Company
Project Size: Small to Medium
Specification Type: Fixed
Involvement Of The Clients: High
Time Outline: Fixed
Budget: Fixed

For the small project, requirements to do some changes or fix the issue on the already developed app, backup or restore and crash recovery. Or you want to upgrade the app with new features and functionalities. Then you can pick up the hourly price model to explain your time and, the material model is the best option.

In this engagement model, you can directly hire and communicate with the Blockchain developer to make changes during the development process and go for additional features in case if it is necessary.

4) On-site Team Model

Most Suitable For: Enterprises & Government Firms
Project Size: Large
Specification Type: Evolving
Involvement Of The Clients: High
Time Outline: Estimated
Budget: Flexible

We furnish you with the best Blockchain team or Blockchain developer to come on-site to your office. From that, you can directly communicate with the team in-person and explain the requirements and make them work according to your business requirements. This model is a perfect fit if your project requires your constant presence and approval.

5) Build Operate Transfer (BOT) Model

Most Suitable For: Enterprises
Project Size: Large
Specification Type: Large
Involvement Of The Clients: High
Time Outline: Estimated
Budget: High

We are the one who offers the BOT( Build, Operate, & Transfer) Model to get many benefits to setting up your own facility. With our local, reputable partner you can handle all the details of establishing your subsidiary and operate it for a defined period of time. Once that time has expired, we transfer the entire subsidiary and all its assets to you, along with staffing if needed, so that you can take control of the operations. We also suggest and implement creative, inexpensive solutions for the challenges that businesses face when they are experiencing rapid growth.

Benefits Of Hiring Off-Shore Blockchain Developers

Here are a lot of business advantages while Hire Blockchain Developers. So that, it allows you to feel relax, establish the specifications and just experience the journey of getting your project completed. 

Have a glimpse of it now, 

Hazard-Free Management For your Projects: You can have transparency, confidence, flexibility, and a greater degree of control with a team leader and a project manager to maintain your project without any hustle.
Cost Efficiency: While hiring our Blockchain development team, you can save time as well as money by letting them take care of your projects and your business.
Mushroom Up Your Productivity: Based on the work tasks completed, you proceed with further recommendations and testing processes to increase the quality of the project and productivity as well.
More immediate replies to Emergency Situations: If you face any critical issue on the project, no need to wait for it much for getting it resolved. Our Blockchain development team will assist you with 24×7 support to get rid of the problem.
Flexibility: To scale up your project as per your requirements, our Blockchain developers will help you to have flexibility and adaptability. So that, you can work more energetically to reach your ultimate goal. 
Speed to Market: With Our expert developer, you can get high-quality web applications leading to enhanced business agility and help to improve competitive pressure in the market.
Visible Success: By meeting the hired Blockchain developer team weekly, you can see the visibility of the progress on your project, which you can show to your project stakeholders.
Easy Access: Our motivation and intention are to have satisfied clients. With our professionals, we always provide quality work and keep the clients informed. Even, they don't care about the time zone to work for you. 

Hire Various Blockchain Developers From Osiz 

Osiz has a massive amount of Blockchain developers to aid you. Have a quick note of the developer what we provide. 

  • Hire Public Blockchain Developers

Our Public Blockchain Developers will develop marketplaces and cryptocurrency trading to help your project. 

  • Hire Private Blockchain Developers

Hire private blockchain developers to give a prominent level of confidence for your business.

  • Hire Hybrid Blockchain Developers

With our Hybrid blockchain developers, you can get multiple marketplaces on trading with higher protection.

  • Hire Consortium Blockchain Developers

Would you like to create better communication and transactions daily for your business? Just Hire Consortium blockchain developers. 

  • Hire Custom Blockchain Developers

Have a custom blockchain application from our Hire Custom blockchain developers for your business.

  • Hire Blockchain DApp Games Developers

Hire Blockchain DApp Games developers to develop your own unique dApp game to earn safe income.

  • Hire Blockchain Consultants

With our Blockchain consultants to know how to hire developers for your blockchain development.

  • Hire Smart Contracts Developers

Get a secure smart contract with our developers to develop 100% automated.

  • Hire Blockchain Wallets Developers

With our blockchain wallets developers, you can be built a reliable wallet for your blockchain network.

  • Hire Ethereum Blockchain Developers

Hire Ethereum Blockchain developers to build robust, scalable, and extensible cutting-edge technology. 

  • Hire NFT Developers

Hire NFT developers to build your NFT marketplace and tokens.

  • Hire NFT Games Developers

Hire NFT games, developers, to build online games through the NFT game platform.

  • Hire DeFi Developers

Hire Defi developers to develop your decentralized finance application.

  • Hire Crypto Exchange Developers

Hire crypto exchange developers to build your quality crypto exchange.

  • Hire Solidity Developers

Hire solidity developers to create smart contracts of the finest quality.

  • Hire DApp Developers

Hire dApp developers to build various blockchain platforms like Etherem DApp, Tron Dapp, Binance smart chain DApp and some DApp developers for your dApp (decentralized application).

  • Hire Maintenance Engineers

Our offshore programmers help you support and maintain your existing software.

  • Hire API Developers

Hire software developers from us and get a skilled team of coders who can build apps.

  • Hire CMS Developers

Hire software developers from us and get advanced and real-time web apps.

  • Hire Hyperledger & Multichain Developers

Hire Hyperledger and multichain developers to enable businesses to optimize your complicated business process.

  • Hire Polygon Blockchain Developer 

Our offshore full-stack Polygon Blockchain developer will implement the fast deployment of your projects and to have reliable support for ongoing projects. 

  • Hire Solana Blockchain Developer

Our Solana developers will give the latest blockchain trends to resolve your business challenges & needs. 

  • Hire Off-shore Full Stack Developers

Hire Off-shore Full stack developers to build your web and mobile application with a rigid base and security.

How Osiz Is Expertise In The Blockchain Networks?

The blockchain platforms our developers work on are mentioned below,

  • Solana 

  • Polygon

  • Ethereum

  • TRON

  • Binance Smart Chain 

  • Chainlink

  • Stellar 

  • Hyperledger

  • Fantom

  • Ripple HuobiECO chain

  • Cosmos

  • IPFS

  • Tezos

  • Multichain

How We Distinct For Other To Hire Off-Shore Blockchain Developer?

Osiz has n-number of hire remote Blockchain developers teams. And many of these want to hire industry-specific developers. For that, we have employed a special team of Blockchain developers who have served different industry verticals in their careers.  

  • 10+ Years of Experience

  • Signs Strict NDA

  • Free No-Obligation Quote

  • Quality Project Management

  • Transparency is Guaranteed

  • Flexible Engagement Models

  • Quick & Easy Onboarding

  • Agile & Adaptive Development

  • Zero Billing Guarantee

Planning to outsource Blockchain solutions? Or would you like to hire a team of Blockchain developers? 

Touch with us to start your business successfully. 

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