Published: 02 August, 2021

How blockchain can be used in supply chain management?

Blockchain is an incredible system that records specific digital databases in the distributed ledgers.

How blockchain can be used in supply chain management?

Blockchain technology is easily integrated into supply chain management (SCM) in several areas like capture and verify the quantity of goods and handover of materials and products, track where goods are located at any time, and know where goods are sourced from.

In this blog, you can know How Blockchain can be used in Supply Chain?

Supply Chain Management - An Overview

In simple words, the Supply chain has defined the network of developing and delivering the goods or services from the initial stage of the raw materials to the final stage of delivering the product or service to end customers.
Such a network involves different types of activities like internal inventories, entities, information, production, distribution, internal productions, and sales.
The foremost objective of SCM is to monitor and relate the fabrication(mass production), distribution, and shipment of goods and services. 
Stats of Supply Chain Management 
57% of companies consider that the SCM system supplies them with a competitive edge that permits them to develop further on their business. 

A majority of the professional industry (70%) predict that the supply chain will be a chief driver of better customer service before the end of 2020. 

The factors that increased supply chain spending in 2018 are cutting costs (25%), SCM automation (25%), and market expansion (23.7%). These were followed by data and analytics (6.6%), customer service (4%), adding new talent (4%), eCommerce (2.6%), direct-to-consumer sales (2.6%), and mobile-enabled consumers (1.3%). 
 Why is the Supply Chain important? 

  • To build the best customer relationship and services.

  • Without any delay,  create and delivery the goods and services.

  • Increase the development and business functions.

  • Decrease the direct and indirect expenses. 

  • Shipping the right products at the proper time.

  • To overcome the challenges of globalization, expanding users, expectations of the customers, and economic upheaval.

  • More opportunities to save money. 

  • At last, industries minimize wastage, driving out costs, and achieving efficiencies throughout the supply chain process.

Pin-points Of Supply Chain Management 

Exorbitant Cost To Implement:

It is a bit pricey to implement the critical process for small businesses. The SCM system requires a tremendous investment in terms of time, money, and other resources.   


In SC system has committed numerous crumples in several departments within the enterprise. That may lead to generate complexity and hamper the functionality of the business. And also, it will be demotivating for the employees to accept this concept as it is new to them, thereby giving rise to several other difficulties.
Lack of Coordination: 

The distinctiveness of the SCM is the coordination among departments.  Erecting the coordination among several departments within great corporate is a hugely challenging task where this concept may ultimately fail to perform.
Lack Of Reliability:
One of the most significant processes in the SCM is reliability. But it is lagging in reliability. It has inaccurate information sharing by any of the departments. Then, it will have adverse effects on the performance of the whole supply chain.
To vanish off the crisis on the supply chain management system, we tend to incorporate it into the Blockchain. 
Meanwhile, we all come across the word "Blockchain" 
To make it more clear, see the definition of 

What is  Blockchain?

From its name, you can get the meaning. Blockchain is an incredible system that records specific digital databases in the distributed ledgers. Each data information is stored in the blocks then is together in the form of a chain (i.e) why it is called Blockchain. 
It has an unbeatable frame to rock the transactional world. With this blockchain technology, it is an immutable change or counterfeits the system. 
Every new data that comes into the block, will create a fresh block. Once the fresh block has been created and filled with the data then it has connected with the chain onto the previous block. So that, which makes the data listed in the form of chronological order.      
Thus, blockchain has called decentralized blocks. In short, the basic advantages of the blockchain are decentralization, immutability, security, transparency, and increased trust. 
At this point, I felt that you will be able to figure out some about the blockchain once you read the above content. All set, so let us see how to use blockchain in the supply system. 
Well, it comes to the promising blockchain technology that will improve transparency, traceability and as well reduce the administrative budget. 
Yup, it is a simple process. As well, it moves to Blockchain, these processes become decentralized and so each data will share with everyone in the loop of the system. Everything will be recorded for future use such as price, location, date, and all other relevant information to manage it. 
Hence, the availability of this information with Blockchain technologies can ramp up the traceability of the supply chain with a lower cost, improve visibility, cut off the counterfeit, and upgrade the organization's position at the greater level. 
Solution By using Supply Chain In the Blockchain 

1.E-Commerce Field
2.Food Industry
4.Manufacturing Field
5.Warehousing Field

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