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How to Launch Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

 How to Launch Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

Are you planning to create your own cryptocurrency and become a part of cryptomarket. Then, its time to utilize this comprehensive guide and grab notions on how to launch ICO. Proceed further to move further.

What is ICO?

ICO, Initial Coin Offering – a public crowdsale of a new cryptocurrency. Well, when you search to know ICO’s goal, you can find definition like this. “The ICOs is to attract investors to invest their money towards the project by selling to them a limited number of tokens – unique digital assets confirming the buyer’s ownership of a coin or their right to purchase the company’s services”. In the circumstances, that the campaign is successful, the price of tokens increases giving profit to their owners.

Advantages of ICO

As a known fact, we are in the midst of the blockchain era, and expecting the cryptocurrency could be the next boundary in the finance. On the other hand, companies go for ICO to increase capital money through cryptocurrency.

For this, after launching digital coin or a token, every companies sell it to investors in exchange for the cryptocurrency, that is often a Bitcoin or Ether.

To point out, launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)is the key to success for the crypto platform.

The following are the key benefits of ICO:

(i) Quickness, Easiness, Efficiency

While comparing with other fund raising mechanisms, the handling process of initial coin offer is easier, cheaper as well as faster.

(ii) Easy marketing

Easy marketing in the sense, signifies that it can be easily advertised through online platforms.

(iii) Target Audience Engagement

You can easily transmit with your target audience via social networks, blogs, Slack and Telegram channels.

How to Launch an ICO?

Don’t be a mad think of launching ICO Is not that much simple. For the successful ICO launch, one should undergo the following steps without any iterations.

The progress of ICO launching is categorized into four ways.

(i) Preparation

(ii) Pre-ICO

(iii) ICO

(iv) Post-ICO

The each and every following steps comes under any of the above mentioned categories.

Step : 1 Understand the Cryptocurrency Market

Usually, companies which have existing own cryptocurrency or  endowed in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin should have comprehend about the key aspects of operation of the cryptocurrency market. On the other hand, investors are part of the cryptocurrency community, so they were well known with the progress of digital assets buying.

In the same way, plainly you must have a good comprehend on cryptocurrencies mechanisms and also the sort of selling points which appeal the investors who use them. To point out, being able to determine your ICO’s unique selling points ensue that it is a successful one.

Step : 2 Create an Outstanding White Paper

Nowadays, there is great demand in investors side for the crystal clear and well explained white papers. Still there are some investors jump in and buy sackful of crypto-tokens that simply based on market place hype. On the other hand, few are willing for this risk to because of the scams of high profiles.

To point out, a good white paper has the ability ti sell your ICO without the representation of looks like a marketing paper. Likewise, it should be similar to the science paper that let for the clear identification of a problem before furnishing a believable step by step solution to the problem. To mention, conscious in your white paper that should no resemble like marketing. Otherwise, no substance investors are likely to suspect it as being a scam.

Yet, you have not created a white paper, think to investigate some of ICO launch services which are out there. Since so much rests on how well investors respond to your white paper, you really need to make sure that it is truly outstanding so as to make the significant consequence.

Here is the way to make your white paper without much efforts. Your white paper should comprise answers for these following.

1. The problem you aim to answer

2. Solution to the problem

3. Your focusing market

4. Your business model

5. Particulars of effective marketing strategies

6. Money your required to generate through ICO

7. When you don’t meet your fundraising target

8. Cost of each token

9. Type of purchasing (bitcoin or other altcoins etc)

10. Long term value of these tokens

Step : 3 Acquire Legal Advice

Before the launch of any ICO, unexceptionally, it is crucial to assay proper legal counsel to make sure that you are absolutely conformable with the laws of the country your company is based in. To spot this crucial thing, the penalties for not enduring by these laws differ from country to country and that might wind up on a terrorist actions. It is advisable that don‘t go with these risky actions and acquire complete legal advice before proceed further.

Step : 4 Make the Right Team

Not only the expertise and experience team is sufficient for your successful ICO launch, but also the thing which is capable to project the confident image level to the investors is also required.

To point out making the best team belike the challenging part of any ICO launch. It is much better that every individual of your team should  belief in your idea and are processed to dedicate both their time and reputations on its success. Undoubtedly, this resembles the half of the successful ICO launch.

Step : 5 Choose the Right Platform for your ICO Launch

When all the above steps have been done fruitfully, then step in to this crucial step of ICO launch. This is the phase to pick out the token technology you are gonna utilize for your ICO. As a matter of fact, the massive of companies prefer ethereum to launch an ICO for the sake of its suitability. Similarly, the ethereum platform is focused by the blockchain technology to make digital contracts, that also aid for the easy and straightforward ICO launch. It takes only a few minutes to create Ethereum ERC-20 Tokens that can then be used for your ICO.

Customarily, there exist wide range of chances that aid you run a  token sale. Finally, you will need to do your research to pick the best for you. Besides, utilizing a cracking ICO tool as a support is also an amazing option. For instance, BlockStarter, which permit you to share your ICO thought with a significant worldwide blockchain community. Through this several companies and individuals can induce if they wish to jump onboard and help with your ICO.

Step : 6 Set Realistic Token Value

To spot out, you should consider the entire number of tokens you plan to issue and the amount you wish to raise, when it comes to set your token value. As per the general rule, its good to maintain the cost of of each token lower and also issue a higher number of total tokens. Henceforth, investors wish to take in as much as possible from each token which will be less apt to buy more high-priced tokens.

The alternative for this is to pick out to the fixed price model and offer your tokens at either an undeterminable price or one that turn depending on how many an investor buys. To point out, all these models have their own pros and cons, so careful while picking the models.

Step : 7 Kick of your Marketing Strategy

In existing, you must comprise well-defined market strategy formed for acquiring your ICO out to all the right people. At the same time, don‘t forget that your ICO needs to stand out from the massive number of ICO‘s that are launched each week.

On the other hand, you should make over a unique and imaginative PR campaign that comprises the following:

I. A relevant website which is of informative.

II. A Pitch Deck where your spokesman truly nails why investors should buy your tokens

III. Supporting things like a video that sells your ICO

IV. Paid advertisements and banners that particularly target the sites investors.

V. Targeted social media campaign

With any PR campaign, it is vital to generate the hype before ICO launch. This strategy should be orchestrated carefully, so that all parts are executed in the right time and at the right way.

After engaging with all these steps, have a look at this video. It will let you to comprehend the progress for a flawless and fruitful ICO launch

Wrapping Up

In order to initiate the conclusion, remember that investor confidence is the key component to any ICO. Exploiting your ICO detected by adequate of the right people is also a quiet challenge.

Altogether, planning and executing any ICO is a really time-consuming task. All the same, when done well, the rewards is 0f huge and that ascertain you to generate sufficient funds to take on whatever project need ICO.

To proceed further of all these steps and for the fruitful ICO launch, Osiz technologies is the right choice for you. A leading ICO development company, which carry off all these stepwise ICO launching guidance and assist various businesses with all-inclusive ICO services such as Admin Panel, Coin Transaction History, Wallet Integration, Whitepaper, User Dashboard, User Wallet, Payment Gateway, Smart Contract, and Coin Development.

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