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Published :1 April 2022
Token Development

Initial Game Offering Launchpad Development Services

IGO Launchpad development

The unbelievable reach of NFT Game, Play2Earn, & GameFi has rocked the Virtual game field till now. In that series, Initial Game Offering (IGO) is gaining popularity among crypto investors. This gaming platform has comprehended the prediction & implementation of technological advancements. It allows the investors to pre-purchase a blockchain game’s NFTs or tokens before the development stage.

We people love to have imagination and creative technologies in and around us. Thus the launchpad was the turnkey solution for the players that will help in making the system function in complete flow. Our IGO launchpads will help the users to build a space that they can completely utilize to show the real potential of their gaming ideas or projects. 

First, IGO launchpad development is the process of founding a crowd sale blockchain in the gaming environment with gaming assets such as mystery boxes, skins, weapons, and characters, among other things. Individuals can construct their game launchpads by using the IGO launchpad development company, such as BSCpad, Binance NFT, EnjinStarter, and TrustSwap.

Initial Game Offering Development  

Osiz is the foremost result-driven IGO launchpad development company has specialized in developing launchpads for blockchain games. We have built IGO and have accomplished delivering quality IGO launchpads for our clients all over world. 

Are you new to this Concept of IGO Launchpad?

What is Launchpad?

Well, In the crypto-world, Launchpads is the best thought for the business person to sprout ideas in the earlier stage to wait for the reach. Mostly, the legendary services & products of the crypto verses will begin with launchpads which helped them to grow as the more influential power of the market. 

Verbatim it acts as a nucleus for the projects with new scope to make the crypto space a better place. Launchpads host the offerings or projects on their platform and make them available to people around the world. Anyone from the world with the internet can invest in the project launched by the launchpad. 

  • The Holder can feel the Benefits based on Launchpad Holding Requirements or Tiers Allocation Type

  • Platform Return on Investment

  • The number of funds raised and the numeral of token generation events

  • Check the number of token generating events that have occurred.

  • IGOs in the Gaming Industry.

What is an IGO (initial Game Offering)?

IGO launchpads are the latest cryptocurrency craze and they work in the same way as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). On the other perspective, IGO hosts gaming initiatives in which NFTs or tokens are being used as in-gaming cash and awards. Investors can invest heavily into IDO launchpads' gaming ventures and expect a large return once the project is published on major bitcoin trading or gains popularity in the rapidly increasing gaming community.

The IGO is the group of NFT assets from the best gaming projects that are only available on Binance. Assets can be launched through NFT auctions, fixed price auctions, or mystery boxes. All drop items will be in-game assets such as early access passes, gear, and guns as well as special Binance aesthetics. 

Features We Offer in IGO launchpad 

1. Digital Wallet integration: An investor can use the launchpad to add a crypto wallet for their favorite cryptocurrency.

2. Automated Liquidity pool: Makes it easy to create an automated liquidity pool for your IGO launchpad, helping businesses to contribute funds to the pool in exchange for yields.

3. Flow trading: Don't be bothered about transactions or the need to wait a certain number of sessions before making another transaction. Ourlaunchpad allows users to engage in real-time trading with no limits.

4. Transparency: IGO launchpad is entirely decentralized which allows us to gain people’s trust by starting transparently and keeping the source accessible in a public forum. Every feature of our launchpad is available for public inspection.

5. Diverse staking models: Creates numerous staking modules that allow users to engage in the IGOs, hence providing the ecosystem to the users.

6. Anti-Scam measures: With the incorporation of anti-spam measures to monitor proxy patterns, blacklist, and other features, your fundraising platform gains trustworthiness.  

Initial Game Offering (IGO) Launchpads Workflow  

The IGO launchpad was created to launch a blockchain game to raise capital funding. During the initial phases of development, participants in the IGO launchpads have instant access to game assets. The assets include mystery boxes, skins, characters, weapons, accessories, and other objects.

Many IDO launchpads are currently available including Binance NFT, BSCPad, TrustSwap, and others. Each launchpad has its unique configurations procedure. If a user wishes to join the launchpad platform, they must first purchase a native token.

For instance, an investor must have a BNB token in their Binance wallet to be able to participate in Binance NFT. Members can lock a token in the pool for a specific length of time after getting it. Based on the method, an NFT is calculated based on the number of locked tokens.

The finalists are then provided awards based on the subscription process. A participant may be required to keep or stake purchased gaming tokens before trading them.

IGO launchpad Clone solutions 

GameFi - The main purpose of our Gamefi clone script is to enable you to easily launch a gaming launchpad. A GameFi clone may perform a variety of gaming tasks like staking, yield farming, and so on.

SeediFy - Seedify clone is a crowdfunding platform that aims to help entrepreneurs start successful blockchain businesses.

GameStarter - GameStarter clone may be used to create a fully scalable gaming environment for blockchain-based gaming projects.

Binance Launchpad - the Binance launchpad clone offers an exclusive mechanism for establishing a new token and fundraising in the cryptosystem. 

EnjinStarter - Enjinstarter clone creates a cross-chain compatible launchpad by targeting a variety of major scalable gaming platforms.

Why choose Osiz for IGO launchpad development?

IGO development establishes a gaming launchpad for gamers interested in purchasing gaming assets. It is possible to create a business by creating game launchpads. Offering incentives to players who come up with a new notion and investors who want to invest in IGO launchpads could result in a substantial investment.

We Osiz assist you with the creation of popular IGO launchpads such as GameStarter, Seedify, GameFi, and others. We are a prominent blockchain development firm with clients from all around the world.

If you are planning in creating an IGO launchpad can speak with one of our specialists about their needs.

Get in touch with our team for further information and consultation. 

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