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KuCoin Clone Software Development - To Create Cryptocurrency Exchange Like KuCoin

Published: 07 September, 2022

KuCoin Clone Software Development - To Create Cryptocurrency Exchange Like KuCoin

Kucoin Clone Software Development Company:

Kucoin is one of the newest cryptocurrency exchange software that benefits users and traders by speeding up transactions involving digital currency. A group of business experts who had previously worked on ventures including Ant Financial or iBox PAY has operated the headquarters in Singapore. Kucoin is sure that the advancement of bitcoin and digital money will mostly enable technological developments. "Safe crypto Trading" is the ethos of the Kucoin exchange.

Osiz is the KuCoin clone software development company that is in charge of maintaining all the current trading features and plug-ins for KuCoin. With our help, you can quickly develop and launch a crypto exchange with tons of features like KuCoin. Due to its extensive customization options, KuCoin clone software is used by most startups and business owners. Ours is fully equipped with blockchain adoption as well as extra top-notch security features that boost the software's encryption.

How does the KuCoin Clone Software Work?

  • The KuCoin software functions similarly to the KuCoin exchange. Let's examine the working process, 

  • The user must first form an account by entering their Gmail username and password. To the registered Gmail, id will be sent a verification link.

  • An account can be quickly activated by the user by clicking the verification link.

  • After creating an account, the user must submit all essential information, including a license, official documents, and other data for KYC verification. Only the exchange admin has the authority to examine and validate KYC.

  • The user must provide the bank information to deposit fiat currency after KYC verification. They can begin purchasing crypto assets only after connecting with their bank account.

  • The user must select the cryptocurrency and place the order. The trading order will be carried out immediately after being placed. Additionally, the crypto coin will be instantly transferred to the user's crypto wallet.

  • You are allowed to charge your users a specific amount as a trading fee for each successful cryptocurrency transaction. By doing this, you can benefit greatly from the cryptocurrency market in a short period of time.

Features need to be included in the Kucoin Clone development:

Spot trading:

Every cryptocurrency exchange uses spot trading as its main technique of trading. The trader logs into the platform examine the price chart and immediately purchases them at the current real-time price. 

Margin trading:

Margin Trading is intended for experienced, advanced traders. The cryptocurrency trading platform enables users to trade for big profit by lending some cryptocurrency in advance.

Trading bot:

The creation of the trading bot, an AI-based trading system, was made to save customers time when handling their trades. The bot can trade automatically on behalf of the traders while adhering to all the predetermined parameters. Both volatility and human mistake are eliminated.

High Security:

All user data is saved on data encryption, which is a standard data transfer encryption protocol used by Kucoin. Multi-factor dynamic authentication has also been included as an extra security measure.

Kucoin Wallet:

Kucoin provides a highly secure wallet that was created in the cloud using Amazon Web Services. A sophisticated multi-level encryption mechanism was used in the creation of this wallet.

Support system:

A Kucoin clone offers a round-the-clock support system so you can assist your users whenever they need it and give them technical support when they need it to retain them on your platform.

Wallet Integration:

We integrate extremely secure wallets that make use of cutting-edge encryption techniques to protect the security of the user's cryptos.

Multi-lingual Support:

We offer a multilingual customer service system that can assist customers from all over the world and offers them a pleasant environment in their local language.

Why creating an cryptocurrency exchange like Kucoin is beneficial?

Quick Deployment: Since the KuCoin clone software has already been built and tested, deployment is more simpler and trouble-free.

Budget-friendly: Purchasing KuCoin clone software is cost-effective when compared to other ways of developing an exchange like KuCoin.

Features: The KuCoin clone software includes every feature you could possibly need, from the most basic to the most advanced complex.

Customizable: It is completely customizable, so you may add or remove features according to your business needs.

Support: If required, support will be given following the deployment of the KuCoin clone software. 

ROI: It consists of impressive ROI qualities that bring the exchange owner large profits. 

Security: The KuCoin clone software contains all the security features necessary to guarantee the security of your exchange.

Steps to be followed while creating an Kucoin Clone Software:

Research and analysis:

Analysis and requirement gathering are the first steps in the development of our crypto exchange. The client's requirements will be gathered by our team of experts, who will then offer the ideal solution for launching a cryptocurrency exchange like KuCoin.


With the analysis of the clientele's requirements and resource allocation, our team will plan according to that. 

Designing and developing:

To ensure the security of user funds, the development stage involves integrating all of the necessary trading features, such as crypto wallet integration, margin trading, order book system, payment gateway, and high-end security features.


A successful crypto exchange launch, like KuCoin's, depends on testing. The KuCoin clone software will be put through a variety of tests by our developers, including coding error debugging. This will enable you to create a reliable and secure cryptocurrency exchange that is comparable to KuCoin.


We will deploy a cryptocurrency exchange on the client server after all these steps are finished.

Why choose Osiz for a Kucoin Clone Software Development?

If you want to build a fully functional crypto exchange like KuCoin, Osiz will be the ideal choice for your crypto exchange business at an affordable cost.

The leading provider of cryptocurrency exchange clone software on the market is Osiz. Being a market leader, we have more than 13+ years of expertise in building cryptocurrency exchange platforms that are comparable to well-known exchanges. Other advantages include

  • With state-of-the-art trading tools and cutting-edge security measures, we provide the best KuCoin clone script available.

  • We are experts in providing a wide range of cryptocurrency exchange solutions with high-quality results at reasonable prices.

  • Our team of skilled developers can build safe KuCoin clone software according to business requirements.

  • In addition, we have a dedicated group of professionals who work closely with clients to provide efficient technical and customer support.

  • We have already provided more than 100+ cryptocurrency exchange solutions to our clients worldwide, and this has prompted several companies to contact us about launching profitable cryptocurrency exchange businesses.

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