Localbitcoins Clone Script - Start Your P2P Exchange Platform With Secured Escrow Application

Localbitcoins Clone Script - Start Your P2P Exchange Platform With Secured Escrow Application

Updated On Jan 17, 2021

In this digitized world, website is mandatory for every business to reach the target audience. Likewise,  you need to create own bitcoin exchange platform like local bitcoin website, professional developers is mandatory. Before starting for the p2p localbitcoins exchange, one should have a cluster clear comprehend about LocalBitcoins and LocalBitcoins clone script.

Fine, proceeding further will let you to acquire lot and lot about LocalBitcoins and LocalBitcoins clone script.


A Peer to Peer Bitcoin trading platform with absence of KYC to buy and sell bitcoins. To point out, the works of LocalBitcoins follow Escrow Concept to trade bitcoins on this platform. On the other hand, it also aid over-the-counter (OTC ) trading of local or fiat currency for bitcoins.

LocalBitcoins lets you to sell, buy and manage bitcoins on bitcoin wallet both in online and offline ie., hardware and software wallet storage available.

LocalBitcoins Clone Script

A website clone script which comprises of all the alive features and works as like LocalBitcoins Exchange. You can start your own bitcoin trading platform as like LocalBitcoins with LocalBitcoin Clone Script.

Premium features of our local bitcoin clone script:-

1) 100% bug-free source code
2) Build with latest technology stack
3) SEO friendly Website design
4) Responsive Web Design
5) Mobile Friendly Pages
6) Cross browser compatible Website
7) User friendly CMS Dashboard
8) Secured Escrow wallet
9) Multi-currency support
10) Multi-language support
12) Liquidity API
13) Matching Engine
14) Cryptocurrency price ticker API
15) Rest API

How to Create P2P Exchange Platform like LocalBitcoins?

Here is the working of LocalBitcoins. Have a Look

1. The initial step for the seller is to build an online sell bitcoin ad that lets him/her to pick out payment methods, fix pricing and trade terms as a free message.

2. The next step after making the perfect ad is funding your wallet with required bitcoins and let the customers to trade request from your sell advertisement.

3. The required amount of bitcoin will be taken from your localbitcoins wallet for the trading process, when a customer/buyer opens a trade from your advertisement with you.

4. Once the buyer pressed the I have paid button after the payment, then they will be notified through SMS and on the website through that signifies payment has been done.

5. The bitcoins from escrow transfers to the appropriate localbitcoins wallet buyer, when the payment confirmation SMS/Mail have received.

6. The final step lets both the buyer and seller to leave a feedback. This is because feedback is more vital in order to acquire the repute of buyer/seller as well as the exchange platform too.

Why LocalBitcoins Exchange?

I. Along with payment methods and trading rates LocalBitcoins permits users to buy and sell bitcoins through the method of posting an advertisement.

II. LocalBitcoins accepts massive methods of the payment where  Cash Deposit is the most fabulous payment method.

III. Being a de-centralized platform, it permits you to make trading directly with another person without the involvement of admin or third parties.

IV. LocalBitcoins endure more than 248 countries to Buy/Sell Bitcoins with their local currencies which does not require verification of KYC.

V. Apart from signup and login, LocalBitcoins does not require any other ID Verifications or any other KYC information verifications.  In some cases, only some buyers or sellers may request identification before trading.

VI. No limits to buy and sell biotcoins. I.e Users of LocalBitcoins are free to fix their own price and limits for their trading.

VII.  LocalBitcoins comprises of API that let you to make your own automated trading applications.

VIII.  Dynamic pricing system with hundreds of sources that ensures the prices you made are always up to date.

IX. The most identifiable thing in the LocalBitcoins is reputation that helps to pick out and filter trustworthy traders on the exchange.

X. With the adoption of Escrow protection, the trading services on LocalBitcoins remains the safest platform for both buyers and sellers.

Altogether, LocalBitcoins is one of the largest P2P Bitcoin Exchange Platform for the easy and quick bitcoins transactions.

How Osiz Aid you?

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