Published: 03 December, 2020

Leverage Our On-Demand App Development Solutions For Your Business

The emerging on-demand apps facilitate comfort and ease for the end-users in a hassle-free way. Osiz helps to build your on-demand app pocket-friendly and market-specific.

Leverage Our On-Demand App Development Solutions For Your Business

The emerging on-demand apps facilitate comfort and ease for the end-users in a hassle-free way. Osiz helps to build your on-demand app pocket-friendly and market-specific. By extending the determined attention to your user's response, market trends, and business purposes, we are advancing par perfection on-demand app development services. Our Genuine and unique on-demand app development solutions can be spontaneously inculcated in any business ecosystem and help in business improvement.

What is an On-demand Economy?

The Word itself conveys that your " instant demand " shifted into business trends, emerging on-demand economy is drifting the traditional business into the latest on-demand economy in addition to the rapid increase in smartphone usage among global people.  

Why move with an On-demand Economy?

Smartphone has paved the way for the exponential market for on-demand apps. All the needs of the peoples are fulfilled by on-demand apps that provide ease of availability on their smartphones.
Emerging trends on-demand app has influenced all the traditional business to move forward with this on-demand economy. The on-demand market is increasing exponentially. 42% of the US population have used an on-demand service at least once.

Sailing with a futuristic business plan would be a good start for your future. 

What is On-demand App?

The On-demand app is the services provider available online to serve people's instant demands liquidating time, location constraints. It can be simply, defined as an online marketplace consist list of available services with confined details like rate, location, etc.

There are various on-demand apps available for multiple services. The traditional industries have started collaborating with the service providers to extend their services online. It helps the users to feel the comfort of utilizing the services at any time, anywhere instantly. 

The industries we served for developing the on-demand app

On-demand Healthcare App 

Healthcare app helps in listings hospitals, and the user can book an appointment for the required physician through this on-demand app. The fitness app helps to book the schedules in the fitness center in advance, secure payments.

Benefits of On-demand Healthcare App 

  • On-time medical service
  • Schedule & Fix Doctor appointments based on their availability
  • Reach out to customers at the proper time 
  • Helps in Medical Emergencies
  • Transparency
  • And more

On-demand Food Delivery App

The online marketplace contains the list of restaurants, dishes available, where users able to search, find, and order desired foods from the restaurants and pay with the help of payment gateways and share their delivery location. The live locations of the delivery boy can be tracked on the app.

Benefits of On-demand Food Delivery App

  • Easy and Smooth Customer Experience
  • Build A Visible Brand
  • A Big Boost to Customer Retention
  • Workaholics Don’t Need to Buzz for Food
  • People of Remote Places Can Order
  • Book Table for Outdoor Lunch
  • Catering to New Food Niche
  • And more

On-demand Car Rental App

The Cab service is an online rental marketplace, where users able to search, find and book the cabs available near location, driver contact details are shared, and user contact and location details are given to the drivers and pay after completing your ride. The app provides the tracking facility to track your live location of the cab.

Benefits of the Car Rental App

  • Engages and connects with the customer in real-time.
  • You can keep a check on your competitors.
  • The customer data collection was made easy.
  • Integrated payment procedure.
  • High convenience for the users.
  • live location tracking
  • And more

On-demand Grocery Delivery App

The grocery delivery app is an online marketplace where users able to search, find, and order goods. Once the order, confirmed after payment and the user has to share the delivery location. App provides tracking the live location of the delivery person.

Benefits of On-demand Grocery Delivery App

  • Better Inventory and Order Management
  • Enhanced Convenience
  • Analyzing consumer behavior & delivering personalized offers
  • Enhancing Customer Loyalty by offering Loyalty Program
  • Reducing Overhead
  • Order Tracking
  • Different Payment Options
  • And more

On-demand Repair and Maintenance App

The Repair and maintenance app where users can search, find and book the technicians needed from listed technicians with charge and exact locations on the app and users can make use of the technician nearby their location and technician once confirm the booking and get the location of the user.

Benefits of On-demand Repair and Maintenance App

  • Employee satisfaction and efficiency
  • Security and Scalability
  • Ease of selecting the provider
  • Tracking facility
  • Cashless payment facility
  • Rating and review option
  • GPS tracking 
  • Multiple orders booking
  • And more

On-demand Logistics App

In the Logistics app, the users can search, find, and book the packers and movers services listed on the app with the charge and location. The service provider once confirms the booking, and then user details are provided to them, and the user can track the live location of the vehicles and pay after completing the service.

Benefits of On-demand Logistics App

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Minimum Paperwork
  • Enhanced Security
  • Ease of Warehouse Management
  • Smoother Supply Chain Management
  • Better Inventory Management
  • Improved User Experience
  • And more

On-demand Beauty Parlor App

In the Salon/Beauty parlors app, the user can search, find and book an appointment from the listed parlors according to their required schedule once the parlor confirms the booking, and then the user has to pay after the confirmation. 

Benefits of On-demand Beauty Parlor App

  • Find and select stylists or beauty salon based on your budget
  • You can choose various beauty services.
  • Choose & Fix your appointment at the beauty salon
  • Integrated multiple payment options
  • You can rate and review professional beauticians and other beauty services.
  • And more

On-demand Travel and Tourism App

In the travel and tourism app, the user can search, find and book tickets and rental rooms from the list of available service for their required schedule in advance, and once after confirmation from the service provider the user have to pay for booking through payment gateways. 

Benefits of On-demand Travel and Tourism App

  • Easy Bookings under One Roof
  • Simplifies Transactions Apps for Tourism
  • More Improved Services
  • Exciting Offers for Those with Mobile Apps Grabs the Customers Attention
  • Collaboration
  • Best in Class Customized and Improved Services
  • Reducing the Paperwork and Simplify Transactions

On-Demand Education App

In the On-demand app, the learners can search, find, and choose the tutors, Books, learning materials listed on the app for learning. The learners need not wait to clarify doubts, books are available online and can be utilized as per the user's demand without any constraints. The user has to pay for the chosen item through an in-app payment.

Benefits of On-Demand Education App

  • learners can avail of the service at any time.
  • learners can use the service from anywhere
  • learners will pay only for the resource they utilize
  • Helps the learners to get the global level exposure
  • Easy and secure payment gateways
  • Tutors can be scheduled for online classes

 On-demand Real Estate App

The on-demand real estate app allows the users to search, find, and book the properties listed on the app. The listings contain the location, area of the property, market value of the property, and also contains the list of rental properties. 

Benefits of On-demand Real Estate App

  • Eliminate middleman
  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient in finding the available properties and location
  • Displaying dynamic offers
  • Convenient buying/selling products.
  • And more

On-demand Entertainment App

The On-demand Entertainment App allows the users to search, find, and utilize the services listed on the app. The listings contain a broad range of tracks, series, and global resources instantly available on their smart devices.

Benefits of On-demand Entertainment App

  • Easy login
  • Get the global resource on your device
  • Limitless music and videos
  • Pay only for the resource used
  • User can access the resource without any time constraint
  • And more

On-demand app for Online Marketplace

The on-demand app allows the user to search, find, and order the required products listed on the app. The app contains various product lists, and the user can navigate to the needed item and check the product details with the rate and place the order by paying. Once confirmed orders can be tracked in the app.

Benefits of Online Marketplace App

  • List of various items at a single app
  • Easy and convenient purchase
  • List of the trendy and latest collection
  • Limitless shopping through the app
  • Safe and secure payment gateways
  • Easy replacement and refund
  • And more

Standard Features of Our On-demand App 

User App

  • Easy login
  • Advanced search option
  • Scheduling
  • Order Tracking
  • Payments gateways
  • Review and Ratings
  • Help & Support

Service Provider APP

  • Easy Login
  • Profile Management
  • listings services
  • Managing Requests
  • Payments
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Help & Support

Admin Dashboard

  • User management
  • Manage service providers
  • Handling User service requests
  • Handling charges and transaction history
  • Manage ratings & reviews
  • Custom Reports

Significant Features of Our On-demand App Development Services

Fortified User-Experience

The User experience is essential for the Successful on-demand app. we use the businesses’ best app development methods and guarantee huge user engagement. The thorough testing, easy navigation, and agile set-up are the key qualities of all the on-demand apps developed by our experts.

Unlimited Customization 

Each business is distinct and the app should address all the business demands. To serve all the business needs we offer customization features for the on-demand apps we develop uniquely. Our developers are well expertise in developing an on-demand app that fulfills the business purpose.

Quality is Our Moto

We have an adroit team of developers who have in-depth knowledge in developing, deploying a trendy on-demand app. We prefer offering quality service to our clients and each app is unique in their business niche and has passed all the extensive testings. It provides a user-friendly app with ease in accessing the service and payment gateways.

Reliable Payment Gateway

On-demand App is a business that requires reliable payment processing that creates an intuitive impact of your business among the users. We integrate multiple in-app payment types with flexible and secure transaction details on history. By making multiple Credit/Debit, net banking, e-wallet, and third-party payment gateways for your business, that will help you to acquire instant and secure payments.

Launch your On-demand App from Osiz Technologies 

Osiz Technologies, a leading On-Demand App Development Company, has 10+ years of experience in developing mobile and web applications. Our pool of on-demand app developers is guaranteed to deliver quality on-demand development services to launch your On-Demand app from scratch. If you want to launch your on-demand app instantly, we provide ready-made scripts according to your business demands.

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