Published: 07 January, 2021

Start your own P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms like Localbitcoins, Remitano, and Paxful with our White Label Solutions.

The Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange runs with a decentralization mechanism that allows the buyers & sellers to interact directly, fix their trading price on the exchange.

Start your own P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms like Localbitcoins, Remitano, and Paxful with our White Label Solutions.

The Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange runs with a decentralization mechanism that allows the buyers & sellers to interact directly, fix their trading price on the exchange.

It aims to eliminate central control over the trading of digital assets of the user.

The growing trend of bitcoin indicates that people have started moving towards cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges for their financial transactions.

Launching a crypto trading platform will be a futuristic business plan.  

If you are having an idea of launching a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange, then you are in the right destination as Osiz being a predominant Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company.

Let us start with how P2P exchange works

How does P2P Exchange Works?

  • The Buyers and Sellers register on a P2P exchange platform

  • The buyers and sellers undergo the KYC verifying process

  • After successful completion of KYC, the user can log in to the exchange platform 

  • The users are provided with wallet address

  • Buyer places a buy order

  • The matching engine matches the best match between the Buyer and Seller according to the need.

  • The buyer and seller accept mutually and go for trade

  • Smart contract-powered Escrow secures Seller’s crypto assets to be sold

  • The buyer makes the payment for crypto assets to be acquired

  • Once the seller confirms the payment, then Escrow issues crypto assets, by shifting them to the Buyer’s wallet address

  • The buyer can transfer the assets to a cold wallet

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

The Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange Software comes with a white label solution with a complete source code to launch a p2p crypto exchange. It has robust UX/UI,100% customizable, built with advanced technology, highly scalable according to the business demands. 

Significant Features of P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Osiz offers the Best-in-Class crypto exchange development services with sufficient features for a successful crypto exchange.

Powerful Matching Engine

The exchange was raised with a high-speed engine proficient in matching buyers and sellers with the least latency.

Instant KYC and AML Verification 

The automatic identification verifying system facilitates the KYC process accompanying the right protocol.

Multi-Layer Security

Secure Socket Layer and two-factor authentication, such as e-mail authentication, Google authentication append vital security to the P2P exchange platform.

Escrow System 

A well-secured trusted smart contract-based escrow system facilitates trading between the platform’s users.

Dispute Management 

A robust dispute management system enables the admin with seamless dispute handling.

Automatic Swap 

Peer-to-peer swap initiates trusted users’ trades, eradicating the demand for a middleman.

Multi-Language Support 

Multi-language support helps users from several countries with comfort in your P2P exchange.

P2P Crypto Exchange Development - Technology Stack

We develop Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange Software with the latest development tools like 

  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • Laravel framework
  • MEAN
  • MERN stack. 

Benefits of our P2P Crypto Exchange Software

Institutional-grade Security

Custody solutions with institutional-grade are not just “air-gapped” computers in protected physical locations. Highly protected with secure vaulting, cryptographic hardware, and organizational governance to facilitate multi-layer security safeguarding assets.

Lightning Speed Transactions

The trading platform facilitates unlimited transactions in a fraction of seconds, and the user can sell or buy cryptocurrency in no downtime.

Self-explanatory Interface

Self-Explanatory User Interfaces (SEUI) facilitate to supply the end-user with all the information like the purpose of this button and its current state and to enable that feature.


Our p2p crypto exchange models help you extend your trading platform with efficiency to handle the rising demands of the platform functionality with its extending resource. 

Quick time-to-market

We provide ready-to-market crypto exchange software with ample features for a robust crypto exchange developed by the agile methodology that satisfies your business demands.

Our P2P Exchange Platform Development Process

Requirement Gathering and Planning

Research, analyze an in-depth understanding of your business intention, and prepare a strategic plan for peer-to-peer exchange development to produce an application that suits your objectives.

Build the Solution

Design and architect P2P solution with the required technology stack and consider important aspects like UI/UX security, smart contract, and legal policies according to the client demand.

Listing Coins and Tokens

List the coins and tokens on the crypto exchange as per the requirements.  

Test and Improve

Testing the exchange functionalities, performance according to the feasibility, and improving the specified requirements.


Deploy the P2P Crypto exchange solution with the help of our dedicated team of developers. 

Our Premium White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions

LocalBitcoins Clone Script

LocalBitcoins Clone Script is a complete cryptocurrency exchange platform clone that looks like the official website of localbitcoins. It has all the built-in features and added features. You can start a cryptocurrency exchange like LocalBitcoins instantly with our LocalBitcoins clone software developed in agile methodology by an adroit team of developers. 

Remitano Clone Script

Remitano Clone Script is a readymade crypto exchange clone website has all the identical functionalities like Remitano.It helps the entrepreneur attain the dream of launching a crypto exchange like Remitano with our Remitao Clone Software. 

Paxful Clone Script

Paxful Clone Script is a tailormade white-label crypto exchange clone with similar features Paxful exchange and advanced features. Remitano Clone software has all the trading functionalities like Remitano crypto exchange, a powerful trading engine, 100% customizable according to business demands, and helps to launch your crypto exchange. 

Why is Osiz best in P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

Our Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange software facilitates the instant transfer and allows plentiful options over banks. P2P exchange development aims to provide a spontaneous, reliable digital transaction in a hassle-free manner among the users over secured exchange platforms. 

Exclusive Features of Our P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software 

  • Secure Channel

  • High-Level Security

  • Peer to Peer Trading

  • Large Volume Trading

  • Reliability

  • Customizable UI

  • Secure Channel

  • Higher Revenue From Trading Fees

Launch your Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange from Osiz Technologies, a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company having 13 years of experience. We have highly-skilled developers developing cryptocurrency exchanges with cutting-edge technology, premium features, and rich functionality, customizable according to your business demands.

We can answer all your questions. Osiz technologies are here to help you along in your business journey. If you want to know more about technical based additional questions, please feel free to contact us

Call/Whatsapp: +91 9442164852

Telegram: Osiz_Tech



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