Published: 10 March, 2022

Polkawar Clone Script To launch cross-chain decentralized NFT fighting game platform

To cope with the ongoing market, we have to change the track and focus on the NFT gaming development to help our clients. That is why we need to be a unicorn in the crypto-world by offering you a DeFi and NFT Gaming Platform.

Polkawar Clone Script To launch cross-chain decentralized NFT fighting game platform

I think you maybe heard about a video game? Yes, nowadays it has become a passionate platform for everyone. To empower the video game to the next level NFT-based games have boomed in the world. 

To cope with the ongoing market, we have to change the track and focus on the NFT gaming development to help our clients. That is why we need to be a unicorn in the crypto-world by offering you a DeFi and NFT Gaming Platform. 

Experience a new era of blockchain-based gaming platforms. We proffer an extensive Polkawar clone script with which you can set your footprints in the NFT gaming market. 

Polkawar clone script 

Polkawar clone script is a highly-coded cross-chain decentralized blockchain-based platform for typical fighting and betting NFT games. The NFT-Based game platform has built with this Polkawar clone script will act as an all-in-one platform that promotes NFT, DeFi and Gaming. The characters, fighting equipment, and battle weaponry are all minted in the form of NFT. 

These NFTs gain value into two kinds:

  • Trading with another user

  • Increase the MANA of the NFTs 

Osiz is the best Defi & NFT game development company which offers you several Defi & NFT game clone scripts available on blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, Tron, Solana, BSC, and others. A functional blockchain game can be designed and developed by our expert team of blockchain game developers. A Polkawar clone script that can be customized to fit your needs is ready to go.

Polkawar NFT Marketplace Clone Development

In the Polkawar NFT marketplace clone development, the players can buy their game characters and relevant weapons to enter the battlefield. It will have a collection of NFTs that can be tradeable among the users and the admin. 

Furthermore, if the user desires the physical version of the equipment or weapons, they can be purchased and supplied in real-time. Polkawar clone will be created in the NFT marketplace like Polkawar.

Specification Of the Polkwar Clone Script

  1. Type Software: Defi & NFT Gaming Script

  2. Type Blockchain network& Native Token: As per the client's requirements it can be customized. 

  3. APIs Integrated: All the Prime APIs 

Overview Of  Polkawar 

In the blockchain network, PolkaWar is one of the decentralized fighting game platforms. It has got inspiration from the NFT subfield. The player or users can build their interested character by selecting the weapons and equipment with different levels, engaging in combat with other players; participating in inquests in the game as well as buying and selling items in the marketplace. 

The characters will have maximum equipment as follows:

3 Game characters 

  • Warrior 

  • Archer 

  • Magician 

7 Weapons 

  • Sword

  • Big Knife

  • Bow & Arrow

  • Gun

  • Tessen

  • Scepter

  • Magic Vase 

4 types of equipment 

  • Armor

  • Helmet

  • Wing

  • Mount

Attributes of Game Characters 

  • Health Points (HP) 

  • Physical attack attributes

  • Magical attack attributes 

  • Physical defense attributes 

  • Magical defense attributes 

  • Attack speed attributes

PWAR Token:
Polkawar has the native token, which is a "PWAR". It is used in the PolkaWar blockchain-based NFT game realm. 

  • Holds 1374th rank in coinmarketcap

  • PWAR Price: 0.09$

  • 24-hour trading volume: 278K $

  • Currently Supply: 27,072,168

  • Maximum Supply: 100,000,000

Benefits & Features of the Polakwar clone software  

  • Farming reward: The players can enjoy the reward by using the PWAR token. The LP can earn more yield by locking crypto Liquidity Provider tokens. 

  • Staking reward: By using PWAR tokens, Players can stake and earn more tokens and gems to boost up equipment. 

  • Marketplace fee: In the Polkawar marketplace, the players need to pay a small amount of PWAR tokens as a fee for goods and services in the NFT marketplace. 

  • Renting fee: In the NFT renting platform, the player has expected to construct for PolkaWar Realm. This allows players the ability to lease their own characters to others for battle and acquire the fees in exchange if they aren't playing the game actively themselves. 

  • Governance: The use of revenues, game development, and growth can process for the Token holders can participate in the decentralized governance. 

  • Play to earn: In the in-game battles field, the Users can participate and earn PWAR tokens. 

  • NFT marketplace: Users can buy and sell in-game assets on an exclusive NFT marketplace that lists in-game assets such as weapons, characters, and pets.

  • Logistic: The primary goal is to supply NFTs as a real-world asset. This new feature draws in a large number of new users.

  • NFT gaming: With an appealing background template and gaming music, NFT is a fun fighting game. Anyone can make appealing avatars and play the game.

  • NFT storage:  Secured NFT storage through IPFS storage.

  • ​NFT Wallet: Separate NFT wallet to purchase, sell and store NFTs.

How does the Polkawar Clone works?

The Polkawar game clone will be based on several; attributes that will be executed in a smart contract and combined with real-time gaming. The game is based on a logical notion that pits two players against each other for the closest attributes, which may be anything. The contestant or player is chosen using the “ First Come, First Serve” principle.

It operates by locking the bet value of USDC that will further notify the player whereas the battle between a and b goes on the field. Thus finding out the winner by comparing their properties by using the game formula implemented in the smart contract. These will work automatically if no competitor is available and will determine the battle ended with the winner who gets all the USDC collected from both parties which are secured through escrow.

Polkawar Game Development 

We provide the best solution through our Polkawar clone script as the best NFT gaming development company with a well-versed plan of execution in the development of NFT battle involved as follows:

  1. With the requirements of the client, the logic of the game has been customized and developed.

  2. DApp game floor is created. And during the designing of the logic of the game, it was discussed with a DApp expert to keep and implement the latest market trends.

  3. Excellent gaming graphics development of metaverse are done using our advanced stack of technology.

  4. We create a better DApp system to enhance the game at any time when necessary with features. And the character to be designed based on the client's requirements.

  5. There is a governance token and Mintable NFT marketplace development.

  6. The creation of a fully functional admin panel to ensure a seamless operation.

  7. Our unique approach to customer support for technical difficulties means that they can be resolved at any moment even after the game has been released.

Why launch a gaming platform like Polkawar?

Polkawar clone is a completely decentralized defeat game that was established in 2021 to combine several elements such as staking, DeFi, and the NFT marketplace onto a single platform.
It features its native token, PWAR, which has a price of about 0.09 USD and a 24-hour trading volume of about 200K USD. Polkawar has attracted a large number of users within a year of its inception due to its appealing features.
It offers three main features like

  • Polkawar Realm

  • Polkawar Marketplace

  • Polkawar Logistics

Why Osiz for Polkawar clone script?

Osiz is the leading DeFi & NFT game development company that helps you to quickly establish a highly secure blockchain-powered NFT gaming platform with top-notch functionalities and features to your specific business needs. Our Osiz offers gaming development services such as racing, adventurous, fighting, and card game. As a leading company in the software industry, we always create and deliver the best for our clients. We will create an NFT gaming platform of Polkawar clone script like Polkawar. Our top trending other clone scripts were also developed from scratch. Our NFT gaming developers will assist you and they will deliver a quality project as per your requirements. 

Stay connected with our skilled professionals.

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Disclaimer: Osiz Technologies never mastery the Polkawar and their trademark as well as we never undergo any promotional activities for them.Simply,we are utilizing the term Polkawar to identify and understand easily.This is to note that, our products and services never harm an individual and organization.

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