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Published :11 July 2024

Salesforce RPA Integration

Salesforce Robotic Process Automation Integration

Salesforce RPA Integration

Salesforce is a leading platform for cloud-based CRM and with advanced applications addressing areas such as account management, customer service, this platform empowers businesses around the world to be connected with clients. Due to the robust capabilities of Salesforce, manual input remains time-consuming and error-prone, hence Osiz Salesforce RPA Integration helps you automate repetitive and rule-based tasks, making your Salesforce applications more efficient and flexible. Our solutions enable software robots to navigate systems, identify and extract data between Salesforce apps and third-party platforms. We have a proven record of integration of softwares to streamline business processes, allowing you to talk directly with our experts and build your platform accordingly. We assist in a free demo to give you a clear idea. 

Our Integrated Salesforce RPA Solution

We have an experienced team providing salesforce integration services with data flows in and out of the CRM platform. With our ability to complete high-volume tasks, we handle some of the enterprise services…

Sales and Customer Service
Since customers need attention throughout their relationship with business, We build Bots to automate several processes like setting up accounts, monitoring contracts, and providing customer service.

In day-to-day life, administrative tasks take time. Manual data entry between platforms is of no use. We develop RPA bots to allow organizations to minimize busy work and focus on clients.

IT and Infrastructure Management
We build RPA bots to do their work efficiently and correctly based on predetermined rules avoiding IT issues due to human error. This helps IT people in improving the system and less time on daily troubleshooting.

Lead Generation
Our bots scrape data from third-party platforms to create leads in Salesforce which expands business needs across new customers. Our integration team will set up the system with rules that avoid irrelevant entries and provide leads with highest conversation potential.

Exporting Reports
We build bots that are able to export data for regular creation pulling data into the platform. This helps employees in an enterprise to provide periodic information about customer engagement and sales trends. 

Billing and Invoice Automation
Our integrated RPA bots automatically create invoices and attach them to the correct departmental entity. Since many businesses require different types of invoices depending on the client and type of order. In case of customers making repeat orders, the bots will send invoices without any effort from the sales team.

Benefits of Salesforce RPA Integration

Enterprises collect many benefits when they take advantage of expert Salesforce Integration Services. Osiz helps you in day-to-day operations by providing various benefits.

Reduced Operating Costs - Our solution allows businesses to do more with less effort. Like handling more clients in less time reduces administrative cost.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity - We focus on the freedom of employees to spend more time on customer interactions and developing creative ideas, since they spend less time handling repetitive tasks.

Reduced Cycle Time - We integrate bots that create faster conversion and response times, increasing the rate at which sales are closed. This helps in converting leads, fulfilling sales, and managing clients.

Fewer Human Errors - Our salesforce automation removes many garbage-in garbage-out issues of human data entry. RPA bots perform tedious and repetitive actions.

Improved Customer Support - Our bots answer FAQs or direct customers to relevant parts of the company website. In case of advanced questions, it will automatically connect the customer to the proper department, as a result saving time and frustration for both clients and employees. 

Higher Customer Retention - We build a well-implemented integration plan to make customers feel appreciated even as they work with digital helpers meeting the needs of clients quickly.

Our Salesforce, RPA, and Third-Party Integration

Our connections with right RPA solution, beyond Salesforce improve workflows and insights, with integration possibilities like:

  • Our integration helps in extracting client and lead information from email platforms
  • Our solution exports data for analytic and reporting platforms
  • This integration service generates leads from data extracted from social media pages.
  • Search keywords in customer comments.

UiPath specializes in RPA services across many industries and related processes. Users' great advantage is the partnership with Salesforce Integration Services company like Osiz to help clients capitalize on best results from the CRM platform. 

At Osiz, we do Salesforce UiPath Integration to give businesses across the UiPath Orchestrator a dashboard to monitor and configure RPA bots as they work in the system.  We help businesses to streamline procedures and get the best return from their CRM investment.

Why Osiz for Salesforce RPA Integration

Utilizing Osiz custom Salesforce application is one of the most effective ways to get the most out of any Salesforce platform. Our Salesforce RPA Integration benefits enterprises of all types, with advanced features. Our custom development is available for businesses looking for innovative solutions. From C-Suite to Large Scale businesses, our solution sustains as a functional leader utilizing RPA technology in Salesforce with improvement of processes, quick throughput and fewer time-wasting errors. Our RPA bots can be the perfect assistants for any enterprise-ready platform. Our 500+ experts also integrate Salesforce with other business applications, for a substantial gain from an automation tool, especially large organizations who have complex web systems which are difficult to integrate. We rely on Salesforce integration to run businesses critical processes with integration testing, without RPA collapse. Our esteemed Software Development is shed upon 70+ countries thriving as a global leader in this era.

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