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Published :24 June 2024
Cyber Security

Role of Security as a Service in Cloud Computing

Security As a Service

Security As a Service (SECaaS)

Security As a Service is shortly known as SECaaS. It is a cloud-based approach to externalize your cybersecurity. As a leading cybersecurity development company, Osiz provides data protection, database security, VoIP security, and overall network security are all covered by outsourced security. Each can assist a company in fending against online dangers like malware and botnets. Because SECaaS is simpler to scale as a company expands, it is becoming a more and more attractive data security option for businesses. It also allows one to avoid having to pay for the establishment of a complex on-premises security architecture.

Benefits Of Security As a Service (SECaaS)

Quicker Allocation

Scaling up or down fast and adding security measures as needed is possible with an SECaaS product. You only need to inform the supplier of the security services you require, and they will take care of the rest.

Easier Internal Administration

You may control the applications and sections of your network that users can access using SECaaS. People might therefore be restricted to use only what they require to do their tasks. You can easily access the internal administration with our Security As a Service. 

Cost Efficient

You may select the membership plan that best suits your requirements because you are signing up for a cloud-based service. By doing this, you may prevent splurging on security services that are either ineffective or not beneficial to your company. 

Release the Resources

Your office staff and other employees may concentrate on achieving other company goals with SECaaS in place. The day-to-day oversight of cybersecurity incidents and preventative actions is removed from your plate, freeing up more time for your IT staff to support the company's expansion.

Availability of Security Professionals

If you employ your in-house team, they might not have the necessary experience or might be overburdened with other projects, making it difficult for them to devote enough time to cybersecurity. In contrast, if you utilize SECaaS, you receive skilled, experienced security specialists.

Top Features Of Security As a Service (SECaaS)

Advanced IoT/OT Protection

Modern data protection requirements, such as safeguarding the data that enters and exits IoT and OT-connected equipment, devices, etc., are too complex for legacy security to handle. As more data is produced by your company, SECaaS expands to safeguard it.

Zero Trust Capability

The only architecture that can provide zero trust security is cloud-delivered architecture. Users are tracked by the security policy with zero trust, regardless of the device they use to log in. Architects from the past are unable to do this.

Automation Process

As the cloud isn't constrained by hardware and can thus be enhanced continually, cloud security architects may use schema and logic to automate certain tasks, which will ease the workloads of administrators, threat hunters, SecOps teams, and other stakeholders.

Some Examples Of Security As a Service (SECaaS)

Here are some well-known examples of Security As a Service (SECaaS).

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): This type will keep an eye on and examine data on a business network to stop important information from being compromised by hackers.

Firewall As a Service: By providing sophisticated Layer 7/next-generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities through a managed service to safeguard traffic.

Sandboxing: It uses an integrated file behavioral analysis to offer another degree of protection against advanced persistent attacks (APTs) and zero-day threats.

Secure Web Gateway: This method increases online security by keeping unsecured internet traffic out of the internal network of a company.

Steps to Select the Best Security As a Service(SECaaS)

The following are the straightforward steps to select the best Security As a Service (SECaaS). 

Step 1: Check Availability

Both your network and your SECaaS supplier need to be accessible around-the-clock. Examine the vendor's SLA to ensure that they can meet the uptime requirements of your company and learn about their approach to handling outages.

Step 2: Quick Response Times

Availability is not as crucial as quick response times. Seek out suppliers who guarantee response times for questions, system updates, and crises.

Step 3: Disaster Recovery Planning

Your supplier should collaborate closely with you to identify your infrastructure's weak points and the outside threats most likely to inflict major harm. From weather disasters to vandalism, your supplier should make sure your company can bounce back fast from these unfavorable occurrences.

Step 4: Vendor Partnerships 

A SECaaS provider's quality is contingent upon the quality of the suppliers with whom it has established partnerships. Seek suppliers who have the know-how to support top-tier security solution vendors and who collaborate with them.

Why Choose Osiz as Security As a Service (SECaaS)?

As already said, Osiz is the top-rated Cybersecurity solution in the industry, we provide excellent Security As a Service (SECaaS). If you are planning to choose the best SECaaS, look no further than Osiz. We guarantee your digital assets will be extremely well-protected. Our knowledgeable staff uses best practices and cutting-edge technologies to provide complete security solutions that are customized to your needs. The greatest level of security and compliance is ensured by Osiz through proactive threat management, quick incident response, and round-the-clock monitoring. Put your trust in us to protect your company from constantly changing cyber dangers so you may concentrate on expansion and innovation.

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