Published :7 September 2021
Token Development

TokenMint Clone Script - To Create Your Own Token Generation Platform like TokenMint.

Tokenmint clone script

Blockchain companies create their own cryptocurrency tokens, which are often necessary in order to access their services.

If a platform offers value and people want to use it, they'll have to acquire the platform's token, which will automatically raise the asset's price.

Now, you can also create your own erc-20 or erc-223 token through the Tokenmint platform.

If you can also want to be the owner of a token generation platform like Tokenmint.

This blog helps you to achieve a dream how to launch a crypto token generation platform like Tokenmint.

Tokenmint Clone Script 

TokenMint Clone Script is a token generation platform like Tokenmint that supports ERC 20 token, ICO, and Smart contract on the Ethereum network. In TokenMint Clone your user can create a token without coding knowledge.

TokenMint - An Overview

Tokenmint is the token generation platform where you can easily create your own ERC20 tokens or Crowdsale contract & create your own ICO platform on the Ethereum blockchain network without any coding knowledge. 

Using these tools, the token minter can define the name and symbol of the tokens along with the initial supply. 

The user needs an Ethereum wallet to complete the process. The platform carries out services fees and mining fees this becomes a major source of income for the platform owner.

Mintable Token 

Mintable tokens define ERC20 compatible tokens where new tokens can be created at any time and added to the total supply. 

The Mintable token can be minted by an address that has been set in a  minter role. If there is no address on the Minter role, then no new tokens. 

Difference between Minting and Mining

There is a lot of variation between minting and mining even though both support the creation of tokens. Let see into its details!

Minting tokens enable the creation of an unlimited number of tokens in the smart contract without sending much energy or cost by deploying a smart contract function.

Mining Tokens also created new tokens but is limited based on the consensus rules of that Blockchain and it will require more spending energy. It has a secure network and the creation of new blocks.

Examples of Mintable Tokens

Here are a few of the many mintable ERC20 Tokens present out there.

  • Dai (DAI)

  • Status (SNT)

  • Decentraland (MANA)

Where you can get the Tokenmint clone?

We Osiz, as a leading token development company offer Tokenmint clone script Our smart contract developers follow Smart Contract Audit Process Manual code review, Vulnerability Identification, Automatic tool testing, Code optimization, and Gas & memory footprint analysis, Code quality analysis.

How Token Minting Clone Platform Works?

Here is the short detail of all the working processes carried out in the Token Minting Clone Platform features have been listed below.

Creation of Tokens in Token Minting Platform

The user creates a Token using the following ways-

Wallet Installation- Installing an Ethereum wallet in the platform. Also, the user is advised to hold enough funds to pay for the contract deployment service.

Fill up the Form- It’s a simple process that users need to fill token creation requirements as token name, token symbol, decimals, and total supply as custom data. 

Smart Contract Deployment- This is the important step where the user can create a new token in a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain. After completion of transitions, contracts are deployed.

Mintable Token Creation User Dashboard Available Key Term 

Web wallet- User can send/receive/withdraw tokens

Burn Token- Users can delete or destroy their tokens

End crowd sale- User can end their crowd sale

Dividend- Users can set the dividend rate for their token users and can manage the dividends accordingly.

ICO Dashboard Creation for the User

Our tokenmint clone development also offers another platform that comes with the ICO platform. Your user can create an ico token without Coding. In this platform, where you audited and verified ICO smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Once the user finishes the token creation process, there will be a notification message that will ask whether they want to create ICO for their Token. The user can also skip this step.

Building an ICO- Once a user decides to use this ICO platform, he or she must pay a fee. From the back end, the platform owner will authorize the payment status.

Users can specify the timing for the Pre-ICO and ICO, as well as the price of the coin issued, in the ICO platform. The token is sold to the desired entity.

Token holder- The buyer will search the token names for the token owner and might request the number of tokens required. To receive the tokens, the buyer must first send a certain amount of ETH to the holder's wallet.

Role of Admin in ICO - The admin's role in an ICO is to authorize the request for an ICO. The price for a token generation as well as the development of the ICO platform can be established by the admin.

Crowdsales of Mintable Tokens

The Crowsales make excellent use of these Mintable tokens. Crowd sale contracts are commonly used to create an ICO in which ERC 20 tokens are sold for ETH. The means for mixing mintable tokens with crowdsales are listed below.

The ICO creator uses a mintable token contract, granting them a "Minter Role".

The ICO creator deploys Crowdsale contract

Minter's role is transferred to the Crowdsale contract by the ICO creator. Only crowdsale contracts can create new coins at this time.

No one will be able to mint new tokens after the crowd sale is over since the contract will be set up in such away. This will ensure that no one may erode investors' token holdings.

Why Osiz For Tokenmint Clone Development?

For entrepreneurs or startups who are looking to start a token creation platform like Tokenmint.We Osiz, Best Token Development Company provides the best token mint clone script to start your token creation platform for your business. We’re a bunch of blockchain & smart contract developers who provide the best solutions to your dream project from our end-to-end development services from scratch. 

Planning to build your token generator platform like Tokenmint?, then you are in right place, Get an Experts Consultation!

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Disclaimer: Osiz Technologies never mastery the Tokenmint and their trademark as well as we never undergo any promotional activities for them.Simply,we are utilizing the term Tokenmint to identify and understand easily. This is to note that,our products and services never harm an individual and organization.

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