Published: 13 January, 2020

7 Interesting Web Development Trends & Techniques 2020

In this modern digitized world, every business needs its own website to enhance their online reputation.

7 Interesting Web Development Trends  & Techniques 2020

In this modern digitized world, every business needs its own website to enhance their online reputation. At last, every entrepreneur has also come to comprehend the significance of highly responsive websites with better UI for their business.

The trends and techniques of web design and development are tremendous and dynamic. Once those trends were born, some everglades for years with better traits, whereas others died rapidly leaving not much of a mark. Several tends which are initiated on the are making their own path towards 2020. Keep an eye on those revolutionizing web development trends and techniques of 2020.

Web Development Trends 2020

Here is the list of web development trends and techniques that will gonna rule in 2020.

1. Modular Design

Modular design lets the developers build web pages with the re-utilization of components and modules. by reusing modules and components. With the usage of modular design, developers can visualize content with dedicated blocks dynamically which makes development more flexible, faster, and cheaper.

On the other hand, it important to remember, the modular design of a web page is identical to assembling a lego set, it is mandatory to perfectly interlock each piece with one another. The space is uneven if a three-layer module is put next to a six-layer module. This leads to multi-level CSS overrides or uneven white space. At last, the design of your web page will not make sense. The utilization of modular design is the right choice to neglect these struggles. Design carefully and test your sites before going live to avoid this.

2. Mobile-First Website Design

The result of the ongoing growth of mobile traffic is due to the mobile-first approach. According to the survey, in 2019, more than half of all web traffic came from mobile devices. In fact, it is predicted that nearly 73% of all internet traffic is supposed to come from mobile devices by 2025. For the sake of this, Google developed an approach of mobile-first indexing philosophy where Google uses the mobile version of the website to ascertain the rank and quality of the web page.

In the same way, mobile-first design is now essential to gain site traffic. It is more pivotal your websites should be responsive across all mobile and desktop devices and the utilization of responsive images ensures that your media automatically fits in every mobile device screen. As a result, responsive design adequately enhances the performance and user experience of the page by displaying the content in a comfortable way.

3. Chatbots and Customer Support

Chatbots are enhancing in popularity, particularly in colloquial (Conversational) commerce. Conversational commerce is when services or items are sold via webchats, messaging services, or voice assistants. To point out, websites in existing are diagnosing the possibilities of chatbots to embellish online sales.

For instance, Amazon Echo home assistant. This conversational UI device can intelligently dispatch commands to purchase things on Amazon which creates a personal shopping experience. By 2020, it is expected that over 80% of businesses will implement some sorts of chatbot platform.

As a result, having chatbots on your website furnish assistance whenever needed, encourages online sales, and can solve customer queries. To mention that, building a chatbot to transmit with humans and designing conversational UI is an ongoing demand for web development.

4. Accelerated Mobile Apps

Accelerated Mobile Apps (AMP), an open-source library to create web pages. The chief goal of AMP is to enhance the mobile user experience by offering instant page loads. Besides, AMPs are lightweight, secure, appealing, and responsive on any device.

The reason behind the fast load of AMPs is, they render mobile web pages with limited HTML/CSS and JavaScript. While in comparison with regular mobile pages, Google caches AMPs automatically, which furnish faster load times from Google search.

In the same way, AMPs can lead to a massive enhance in the website traffic with more time spent on your pages. As a result, businesses can attain the advantage of AMP to heighten mobile websites and deliver a better user experience further.

5. Voice Search

Voice search, the utilization of spoken language to questioning search engines. It is a known fact that modern smartphones are previously equipped with a digital voice assistant like Siri and Google Assistant. Additionally, AI-based smart speakers like Apple HomePod are gaining quality. At the same time, some assertions that voice-based search has replaced the traditional text-based search.

To spot out, web developers are comprising more voice searching methods as people familiar with this technology. There are various sorts of tools you can employ to include these methods which also comprise voice recognition APIs and pre-built widgets.

6. API First Design

Modern affiliated technologies such as IoT devices, smart homes, driverless cars, wearable tech, and smartphones are all settled on huge API usage where users can attain a great benefit. Nevertheless, developing those connections becomes a little tricky. Usually, developers initiate the design from the user interface. The integration of API is done after designing the front-end application.

Building a framework to test the API requires a lot of time and coordination where the front end development holds the back end development. However, API-first design lets developers develop the API and then build the product on top of it. As a result, this can speed development and eradicate the need for code re-writing.

7. Motion User Interface

Motion UI - The precise approach to support web development’s transitions and animations. On the other hand, it is a creative way to enhance your website’s conversion rates. Developers can utilize motion UI to build live graphics in native app settings.

Companies can deviate how users collaborate with their brand and storytelling through motion UI in web development. Furthermore, Motion UI is a great way to trigger emotions in users and can greatly enhance normal user activity. As a result, developers came to realize the benefits of motion UI, and tools, like Lottie, becoming more common.

Wrapping Up

Hope, now you have comprehended the changes that are gonna be occur in modern web design and what you can look forward to. Understanding the acquirable tools which ensure that your sites proceed to provide users the best experience and most streamlined performance. By keeping your skills sharp, and staying aware of these trends, you can acquire a momentous advantage in 2020 through stick with the best web design and development company.

Web Design and Development Company

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