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What is Metaverse? Why It Become A Buzzword All-Around Crypto Space?

Published: 12 February, 2022

What is Metaverse? Why It Become A Buzzword All-Around Crypto Space?

Envisage of the world is Metaverse. It has introduced the internet's evolution built on the blockchain.

Virtual reality is cropping up with the virtual world for people to relish the 3D space through the Internet. 
By the prediction of the PWC Analysts:  Metaverse will be the durable player to significantly donate to the global economy, influencing sectors like the entertainment field, health,  education, e-commerce, gaming, and industry 4.0. 

In 2030, you can see the Metaverse Ecosystem could be worth reaching $1.5 trillion.    

Table of  Contents:

  • What Is The Metaverse?

  • What's In The Metaverse?

  • How does it work?

  • Features Of Metaverse

  • Why It's Important?

  • Applications of the Metaverse

  • Who owns the metaverse?

  • Conclusion

Are you wondering: Metaverse stats, anyhow?

After literal minutes of reading, you may get eager to know exactly what is Metaverse?

Okay, let’s start right now...

What Is Metaverse? What Does It Stands For?

While breaking the word the Metaverse, the word comes from the Greek word “Meta” meaning “beyond”, and “verse”, the contraction of the universe in English.
Thus, the Metaverse would mean “Beyond our universe”.

To make it so clear, the Metaverse acts like a mirror in digital reality and the real world for the people. It conceptual future version of the internet containing many virtual worlds in 3D, 2D, and AR linked together into a persistent, contemporary shared virtual universe. 

They can socialize, work, play, and trade crypto assets. People can interact with their own digital avatars in an immersive virtual environment to other game-player. 

Interesting Fact: In 1992, science fiction author Neal Stephenson stamped the term "Metaverse" on the Snow Crash, presenting a 3D virtual world in which people were described as avatars, could interact with each other and AI agents.

What's In The Metaverse?

Still, are you feel some things is remain a mystery?  After analyzing the Metaverse, I noticed several elements such as 3D avatars, digital assets, games, businesses, and various events that support an entire virtual economy. 

One of the major differences with the metaverse is you can travel the virtual world comfortable from your own home by using your computer and VR goggles if you have a pair. Whether you want to teleport to the next city or even the next room, by using the Metaverse you can do it. 
How Does the Metaverse Work?

By turning on the Wi-Fi or 4G on your laptop or phone, you’d view content using a head-mounted display like a pair of smart glasses or a VR headset. You can simply connect to the Metaverse as same as how you log on to the internet today. 

As a player, you can monetize with your avatars, meet with friends, participate in virtual events, and even host business meetings.

You will also be able to own unique and bespoke digital assets in the form of NFTs that will act like art, jewelry, or other valuables in the physical world.

Features Of Metaverse

To make the metaverse experience more immersive, companies are using cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), 3D reconstruction, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of things (IoT) to power the 3D world.

Digital Avatars: By using 3D technologies, digital avatars are an unconventional way to express oneself. It will be exact replicas of the human form and also replicas of the favorite pop culture figure or something entirely new. The users can customize their avatars induces the idea of gamification, leading to an interactive and immersive experience. 

A virtual world: One of the important things the users can explore is using a computer, gaming console, mobile, wearable technology, or other devices, experiencing 3D graphics and sound along the way. 

Virtual reality (VR): It is a imitate & simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. From that, by the HTC Vive Cosmos, the Oculus Quest, the PlayStation VR, the Valve Index, and other headsets are opaque, blocking out your surroundings when you wear them., the users feel even more present. 

Artificial intelligence (AI): It has been widely applied in recent years in our lives: business strategy planning, decision making,  faster computing, facial recognition, and some more.

3D reconstruction: With this excel technology, the user can tour the virtual property. Relaxing the users could look around potential new homes from anywhere and make purchases without even having stepped foot inside.

IoT: The Internet of Things is connected with thermostats, voice-activated speakers, medical devices, and much more to a wide range of data.
One of the applications of IoT on the metaverse is to collect and provide data from the physical world. 

Augmented reality:  AR allows us to see the virtual world in front of the smartphone, headsets, or smart glasses, with an overlay of digital augmentation.

Other people: Metaverse acts like a social platform. On that, there are lots of other people there, represented as avatars. Some of these avatars might be bots, virtual agents, and manifestations of artificial intelligence. 

Why It's Important?

Well, currently there are plenty of virtual worlds were existing in the online medium and in gaming consoles. From that, you can play the game but you can't virtually feel each action's virtual persona. 

To resolve that, Metaverse has inverted to get relish on that. It integrates into a seamless, persistent entity for people to appreciate. 

Applications Of The Metaverse

  • Overlapping features and activities in the real world

  • Can have Non-competitive social interactions in the games

  • The player has created virtual environments and items to support.

  • A virtual economy linked to the real world lets people capitalize on virtual goods, stocks, NFTs, etc.

  • Features mainly suited to VR and AR headsets, although other hardware may also be supported

Who Owns The Metaverse?

In the Future, Metaverse will probably not be owned by any single company. It will be shared across many creators and content providers. Currently, the most prominent players working toward and investing in the metaverse include gaming companies like Fortnite, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft, which have already created detailed virtual universes and accumulated massive user bases. Facebook, Magic Leap, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Niantic are other corporations creating leaps toward Metaverse. 


Technologies have ramped into the next level.  Virtual Reality has a bigger role to play in the coming Metaverse. In a short time, the users can create their own human-like avatar, enter into a virtual room with friends, and enjoy all the internet has to offer but in realistic 3D. 

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