White Label NFT Marketplace Development Company

White Label NFT Marketplace Development Company

White Label NFT Marketplace development aids in launching an NFT platform for hassle-free trading of NFTs. Our White Label NFT Marketplace has advanced security features and functionalities that help to deliver a reliable NFT Marketplace. White label NFT marketplace solution helps the entrepreneur to launch their trending NFT marketplace platform with a storefront, auction, trading NFTs instantly!

Why Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Solution?

Developing an NFT MArketplace from scratch would take 3 to 6 months. NFT marketplace with advanced features and highly secured marketplace development process takes at least 12 to 18months. 

Whereas, Our white-Lable NFT Marketplace Solutions helps you to launch your NFT marketplace platform within a month. This is very efficient in reducing the resource and time required to build an NFT marketplace.

Osiz, being a renowned NFT development company offers the robust White-Label NFT Marketplace Development Solution with all advanced features and functionalities to acquire a powerful NFT marketplace platform.

Business Benefits of Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Platform

White Label NFT Marketplace aids you to launch your trending NFT marketplace platform with customizable features and functionalities to provide hassle-free NFT trading.

Satisfy Evolving Needs 

Our White label NFT Marketplace helps to deliver
a premium brand of services and products to establish trust among the clients to get loyal consumers. Our White Label NFT Marketplace is ready to extend its service with the growing demands of the business.

Build Brand Identity

Users favor branded solutions as they have trust in brands. Providing qualified services helps you to improve your brand identity and essential to validate and value a brand that aids in brand equity.

Elongate Brand Awareness

Building brand identity and awareness are very important for a successful business. You can improve your brand identity and awareness among the clients with the help of marketing and advertising. We provide Mobile friendly and SEO-friendly NFT marketplace development services. The quality of service you give builds the trust of the clients for reputation.

Monetization of Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Platform


You can charge a commission fee for creating NFT, Selling NFT, Buying NFT on your marketplace platform. The commission fee is one of the revenue generations on the NFT marketplace platform.

You can charge a fee for listing the user NFTs on the storefront on your NFT Marketplace and it depends upon the price value of the NFT being listed on the platform.


You can get revenue from advertising, displaying feature ads for user's NFT on your marketplace platform.


Usually, NFT is sold through auctions on the marketplace, listing NFTs on the auction on your marketplace platform you can get a commission for each successful auction completion and it also helps to improve the instant liquidity NFTs on your platform. 

NFT Standards used for Unique NFT Development 

ERC 721 - Ethereum standard used to build non-fungible or unique tokens.

ERC 1155 - Ethereum token standard allows the creation of every type of asset

TRC 721 -TRON's first non-fungible token (NFT) standard to track and transfer NFTs on TRON. 

ERC 998 - It is an extension to the ERC-721 standard that adds the ability for non-fungible tokens to own other non-fungible tokens.

EIP 2309 - It is an extension to ERC-721, for a standardized event released while creating/transferring one, or many non-fungible tokens.

Features of Our Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Development Solution

Intuitive UI & UX on our NFT Marketplace

Our White-Label NFT Marketplace Platform has user-friendly designs that help the user with easy navigation, advanced search options, storefront, hassle-free NFT trading on the platform by integrating crypto wallet integration. 

  • Easy Signup 
  • Participate in NFT Auctions
  • Integrated NFT Wallet
  • 2FA Authentication
  • Integrated Support Desk
  • Trending bids and collections
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • User Activity Logs
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Cart Management

Robust Admin Dashboard

Our NFT marketplace platform offers a user-friendly admin dashboard that helps to handle your NFT marketplace platform efficiently.

  • Customer Management
  • Whitelist/Blacklist Management
  • Assets Management
  • Payments & Fees Management
  • User Activity Management
  • API Integrations & SDKs
  • SMS alerts & Notifications
  • API integrations
  • Trade management
  • Marketplace Analytics
  • Wallet management

Exclusive Security Features in our White-Label NFT Marketplace Platform


In our NFT marketplace platform used AES 256 encryption for dynamic and static data. PII data is also encrypted to secure data integrity. Advanced security features are integrated to enhance the security of the NFT marketplace.

Firewall, DOS, DDOS

We have integrated advanced Network Security layers for Firewall protection for web applications, Server handling, ports handling. DOS, DDOS security from illegal and malicious traffic.

Blacklist Management

The Admin can blacklist users based on unlawful activities, IP, Geolocation. The admin can monitor the user activity based on the IP and other factors.

2FA, Authenticator

2FA authentication helps to enable advanced security to guarantee the authenticated users accessing the user account on the NFT Marketplace. Ensure user accounts using 2 Factor Authentication, Google authenticator, Re-Captcha, etc.

Multi-platform Support Feature

NFT marketplace must be efficient to provide ease of service to the users. Our white-label NFT marketplace platform gives the adaptability for users to access the marketplace from multi-platform like iOS, Android, etc. 

Seamless UI/UX

Our NFT marketplace is designed with exclusive UI/UX. The marketplace presents an efficient and reliable dashboard. The advanced UI gives experienced traders the extensibility to use the platform efficiently.

High Performance

The NFT Marketplace must have higher efficiency in handling the user request and responding to the user actions through reliable API integration handles the process with reliability. NFT marketplace can be scalable in the future as per the growing demands.


The NFT marketplace can be accessed from various types of devices like computers, laptops, tablets & mobile. The Platform is built to provide Multi-Platform and Multi-device accessibility.


Our White-Label NFT Marketplace has customizable UI features according to your requirements and branding.
The additional features can be added according to the business demands.


The Features and functionalities can be enabled and disabled on the NFT marketplace according to your desire.
These can be done on Settings and additional security layers etc.


The NFT marketplace is integrated with additional payment gateways, KYC modules, AML modules, Security layers, etc.

Launch your White label NFT Marketplace from NFT Development Company

Build your NFT MArketplace Platform from an Osiz, leading NFT Marketplace development Company. We have 12+ years of industry experience in building crypto solutions, well-experienced Blockchain architects, the latest tech stack, reliable and innovative solutions for business demands. 

  • Prompt Project Delivery
  • Skilled NFT developers
  • Priority to clients demands
  • Post-development support
  • Additional Security Layers
  • Reliable NFT Marketplace Development
  • White-label NFT Marketplace Solution

Promptly launch your NFT Marketplace with our White-Lable NFT Marketplace Solution, Get a Free Consultation!

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