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Digital Signage Company in Madurai India

Digital Signage is a constructive and captivating Communication Medium in everyone walks of life, which project your Business more interactive with Multimedia Content wherever you wish.

Engage your Digital Signage with Osiz technologies to promote your business events, advertisements, and services via a screen, video wall, kiosks digitally. We provide you content-rich digital Signage Software which helps you to create and deploy the rich dynamic multimedia content to the corresponding targeted audiences based on event, company, and marketing strategies.

Why Digital Signage?


BHealthcare and clinic use digital signage to provide information to the patients, visitors, staff. They also provide direction to the patients, visitors and also promote hospital facilities and services.


Digital signage plays a vital role in displaying the news, upcoming events, campus activities, campus facilities, sponsor ads, and emergency notifications.


Malls, Theaters and some event places use digital signage to show up to date information, events and also provide direction to the users.


Most of the ads are being displayed on the bus, taxi and railway station about the arrival and departure time, ads, location map, weather and so on.

Solutions Provided

We provide various advanced solutions to the customers need based on the current trend.

Desk Booking Software

Desk booking software is specially designed for booking management to make ease of your room bookings, video conferencing, hospitality, visitor management and so on.

Digital Menu Board Software

Digital menu board software gives you elegant digital menu boards, where you can edit your prices, add descriptions, text, slideshows, videos via wirelessly and update the menu with minutes.

Display Wall System

Display Wall system is to magnify the infrastructure with different display size and shapes. It provides the audience, information with dynamic visual, captivating videos and eye-catching colors.

Telepresence system

A telepresence system is an intuitive touch control via a network connection which provides you areal time experience and virtual reality configures with large screen monitors.

Why Choose Osiz for Digital Signage

  • Osiz technologies create an advertisement to look professional, effective, high standard and also easy to change instant.
  • Expertise in providing content with pleasant visual makes the atmosphere more lively and attractive to look at.
  • 24 x 7 services provided.
  • We have a great concern with your Time and Money.
  • Our developers are expertized in various platforms like Google, Chrome.
  • we work with tablets, smart screens, Android Boxes, Android widgets, social widgets

Hire our Developers

Hire our digital signage software developer who mainly focuses on delivering the specialized solutions more attractive and real-time experience in small stores, healthcare, Malls, Swimming pool, Sports, Education and wherever you want.

Our Developers always thinks out of the box to escalate your business to the next level with their dedicated work.

Awards and Certifications

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