Ethereum Classic Blockchain Development Company

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a fork of Ethereum (ETH). It is an open source, blockchain based distributed platform with efficient smart contract functionality. It is the original Ethereum Blockchain, featuring creation and deployment of decentralization and smart contract. Like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic has a value token called Ether. The users can transfer and use the token to compensate participant nodes for computations performed in the Blockchain Platform. ETC was introduced when the Ethereum Community rejected the DAO Hard fork, on the grounds of immutability. The ETC Blockchain runs on original Ethereum chain and is completely immutable. At Osiz Technologies, we have a team of talented professionals committed to develop Ethereum Classic Blockchain as per your business requirements.

Ethereum Classic Blockchain Development Services

Ethereum Classic Blockchain Development

Our team of Ethereum Classic Professionals adept to the development of decentralized application on the Ethereum Classic Platform, as per the client’s requirement. We assist you in developing Blockchain for the success of your futuristic business.

Smart Contract Development

We are specialized at custom smart contract development. Implementing Smart Contract at the Ethereum Classic Blockchain will automate the execution process if the terms in the digital contract are agreed upon by the parties.

Ethereum Classic Blockchain Consulting

Procure a detailed insight about the blockchain development on Ethereum Classic Blockchain from our Blockchain Consultants, who are highly experienced at developing various platform of Blockchain Network

Port to Ethereum Classic

If you want to port your existing blockchain into Ethereum Classic Platform, we are proficient in doing the porting services in a flawless manner. Our team’s strong knowledge on blockchain platforms guarantee on time delivery of project.

Features of Ethereum Classic Blockchain

Ethereum Classic is a continuity of Ethereum blockchain, that runs smart contract exactly as how it was implemented, without any downtime, fraud or third party involvement. It is more than blockchain, which has some of the activities and functions of the largest network like Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. ETC Platform allows higher efficient transfer of value and runs on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This platform is adopted by most of the enterprises because of its technology and immutability. ETC stores value and lasts longer as it contains the longest running smart contract. The following are the features of implementing Blockchain on the Ethereum Classic Platform.

  • Full-Featured Decentralized Application
  • Advanced Smart Contract
  • Open-Source Community
  • Immutable Transaction
  • Long History of Reliable Operation
  • Elimination of Third Party
  • Save Time, Cost and Energy
  • Free from external interface

Why Osiz For Ethereum Classic

Being the best Blockchain Development Company, we have become a premium Ethereum Classic Blockchain Development Company offering advanced ETC Blockchain Solutions for various enterprise, start-up and businesses. The following are the qualities that makes us unique from other ETC Blockchain Development Company.

  • Efficient Blockchain and DApps Developers
  • Wide Experience
  • Custom ETC Blockchain Development Services
  • Adept to develop secure Smart Contract
  • Functional Decentralized Application on ETC Platform
  • Thorough Knowledge on Ethereum Classic and other Blockchain networks
  • Assured Completion of project on time
  • Deliver the Best ETH Blockchain Solution
  • Produce High Quality at Affordable Cost

Hire Ethereum Classic Developers

Osiz Technologies is a well known Ethereum Classic Development Company with pool of professionals, who assist you in developing your own blockchain application on the Ethereum Classic platform. Hire our great ETC Blockchain developers and make the best decentralized application and smart contract customized for your business requirements. We assure you with complete transparency and security of your data, along with continuous support throughout the completion of project.

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