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In the digital era, blockchain technology has paved way to cryptocurrency with decentralized method of exchanging value. Cryptocurrencies are most widely used by businesses and and today, investing in crypto exchange platforms enables the cryptocurrency users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at ease and become a part of digital currency revolution. In this trading platforms, people can buy and sell multiple crypto currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dash, etc.

Osiz Technologies is a cryptocurrency exchange software development company developing cryptocurrency exchange software to facilitate secure and faster transaction. We are competent blockchain team having experience in building customizable cryptocurrency exchange platform with ground breaking features and advanced security that enables seamless transaction. Our scalable cryptocurrency exchange solutions are designed to help our clients in saving tine and unnecessary costs.

Why You Need Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform ?

Highly Secure

Since it is decentralized exchange platform that has no intermediaries in the system and the platform utilizes multisig, HSM and three-layer wallet system, you can assure that it is highly secure for users.

Reliable Software

Integrating the best trade engine that is fast and reliable, with the core of the system ensures that the platform works perfectly at any situation. The user can access to the software at anytime.

Fiat or Multi currency Exchange

This amazing platform will enable the user to trade digital currency with fiat money and also with any other cryptocurrencies. The user can exchange their cryptocurrencies easily in a hassle free environment.

Complete Privacy

As the third party is not involved in the process, there is complete privacy between the seller and the buyer. This decentralized platform also allows the user to determine the proper value for currencies.

Components of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Matching Engine

The traders must be allowed to buy and sell cryptocurrency safe. For that, we develop advanced exchange platform with perfect trade engine which can process several million transactions per second. It contains all transactions, information, order listing and bookings are recorded and shared to the users conveniently.

Order Book

Order book is a list of buy or sell orders, arranged in order to price and timestamp. The matching engine contains numerous types of order like market order, limit order, stop order, buy stop order, copy order, etc. It can be freely accessed by the traders at anytime through order book.

Wallet Integration

We build crypto wallets for any type of cryptocurrency for secure transaction. Traders can store and retrieve funds easily within the wallet using public and private keys. The wallet with multi-signature feature is used to split different private keys for each users and multiple key addresses are recorded along the transactions.

User-friendly Dashboard

Having the dashboard design clean and simple will be easy to use for the traders. The dashboard will contain important components such as Price chart, Market depth, markets list (coin pair), Wallet, buy and sell order form, buy orders list, sell orders list, Trade History.

Liquidity API

API allows you to realize and outlook the current trading activities running on the website. As the live trading is implemented in the website, you can increase the amount of trading orders. It enhances the base of new traders for new exchange and automatically increases profit flow.

Multiple currency exchange

We specialize in building advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform through which a trader can exchange the cryptocurrency fast and secure with any other digital currency or even with fiat currency. This component allows the users to trade in a flawless way.

Features of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

    To facilitate faster transaction, we ensure that the following features are integrated to create your own cryptocurrency exchange software.

  • High transaction per second
  • Digital Wallet
  • Multi layer security
  • Powerful Trade engine
  • KYC and AML
  • Leverage Trading
  • Order Sharing
  • Integrated Referral Program
  • Multi-currency Wallet
  • Mobile Application
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • API Integration
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Admin Backend Panel
  • SEO Enabled

Why Choose Osiz For Exchange Platform Development ?

    With years of experience in cryptocurrency development, Osiz technologies has the ability to create advanced cryptocurrency exchange platforms that are easy and convenient for the traders.

  • Secure development process
  • Extensive experience
  • Transparent Model
  • Strong technical knowledge
  • World class technology
  • Customizable solution
  • On time delivery
  • Proactive approach
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cost effective

Hire Us

Build your own cryptocurrency exchange platform with high security to buy and sell cryptocurrencies faster in a highly secure environment. We inherit talented developers, who are skilled in developing high quality exchange software and mobile applications as per your requirements. Right from development of cryptocurrency exchange platform to execution of blockchain, we provide complete support throughout the process. Engage with us to develop scalable, reliable and secure cryptocurrency exchange platform for a flawless trade.

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