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Golang Development Company

Our Golang development company has been building web application for the custom business needs. Our esteemed Golang developers are always dedicated to deliver custom web application using cutting-edge technology.

Golang Web Application Development Company

Golang, also known as Go is procedural programming language by Google, developed in 2007 but launched in 2009. It has quickly gained popularity as an open source and truly supports environment adopting platforms alike to dynamic programming languages. Golang Google programming is for developing next-gen apps for the various business industries.

Osiz is a top notch Golang Development Company which provides end-to-end solutions for Enterprises, Digital Agencies and Start-ups to delivers truly outstanding projects based on their requirements. Our team of skilled developers have in-depth knowledge of the Google Go language and adopt a systematic approach to develop the ultimate business-ready applications and streamlining web based software development. Our experienced team has deep expertise in developing cutting edge solutions for Android and iOS platforms.

Why Golang?

Golang is a modern programming language, developed with modern requirements in mind. Its reliability and suitability with its speed and easy compilation makes Golang perfect for all types of business industries.

Simple Complied Language

Go as a programming language is very simple and easy to understand the entire specification and it uses the real fundamental machine code.

Easy Cross Compiling

Golang allows you to cross-compile your application and it runs on different machines. It generates implementable and executable binaries for various operating systems with simple commands.


Golang has the facility which is allows you to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and also simplify the process of multi-threading in an efficient way.

Garbage Collection

Garbage collection feature of the Golang is actually the automatic memory management that helps to control over memory allocation, resulting reduced latency in the latest versions of garbage collector.

Safe and Secure Code

Golang’s safe and secure code means it's check the errors and deploy the codes simply with Go compiler. It automatic converts the codes into the machine codes.

Access of Smart standard Library

The Golang modern programming language is have a smart standard and rich library source covering multiple areas. The modern language asserts to have a fully-functional web server.

End- To-End Golang Development Services

Go Development Services

We provide complete Golang development solution and services which is includes modular integration, Unit testing and deployment, wire-framing, front & back-end development, debugging and more...We also integrate Go-Routines, which enable concurrent advanced functionality.

Custom Golang Programming

We work with the Google Golang to build the ultimate applications, supporting existing programs and so on. Our team of experts create scalable Golang web based apps, cross-platform apps for various devices, back-end developers, intranets, networks, multi-core and distributed systems, robust and encoded scripts, APIs, and responsive GUIs.

Golang Web Development

Our esteemed team of experts provides end-to-end golnag wb development services which includes UI/UX design, database management systems,server-side application, CMS,Single-page applications, Web services, CRM, Entire web portals, cloud architectures and APIs

Golang Mobile App Development

We build the ultimate mobile apps that are responsive, machine-aware, and easily customizable with various platforms. We utilize multiple advanced tool for writing modern programming code and implementing in Golang packages along with events. We leverage the power of Golang programming expertise to provide comprehensive app development solution for both Android & iOS platforms.

Golang Vs Other Programming Languages

Golang has Overcome the Challenges of Ancestor Programming Languages

  • Automatic Memory management
  • Unwieldy Type Systems
  • Insufficient Multi-core and Parallel Computation Support
  • Dependency Management

Why Choose Osiz for Golang Development?

  • 10+ Years of experience in developing web based applications which feature high scalability and computation.
  • 200+ Technology developers, designers & marketing experts
  • Our Golang Developer has Unmatched expertise in Golang (GO), Google Cloud & Data Platforms.
  • We are Agile, in Golang development as well as problem-solving by revamping processes rapidly to align with priorities.
  • We identify & monitor world wide client’s business problems & provide focused solutions.

Hire Golang Developers From Osiz Technologies

Want to develop an cloud-based business application with the Golang programming language? Osiz Technologies is one of the most preferred Golang development companies from India with 200+ skilled & dedicated Golang developers to help different business industries and fulfill their project needs. Our skilled developers are updated with latest trends and frameworks and will assist you with your project time-lines, bring expertise and experience to your team. Our pool of dedicated developers follow Agile methodology that ensures seamless communication and complete your business project transparency. So You can hire our dedicated and talented Golang developers on hourly or full time basis based on your business needs.