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NW.js Desktop Application Development Company

NW.js is a javascript framework used to build desktop applications with HTML, CSS including WebGL. It was an Intel’s Open Source Technology worked by combining the Node.js programming framework with Chromium’s (then) browser engine. The original name of NW JS is Node Webkit.

Node Webkit (NW.js) allows developers to build cross-platform software using modern web technologies. Node webkit provides support for all Node.js APIs and most of third party modules. It is flexible to create desktop apps for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. This framework is a complete package for web developers interested in creating desktop applications using web technologies.

Why NW JS?

Source code protection

NW.js is a source protection tool. This allows you to compile your JavaScript to V8 bytecode (formerly it used to produce machine code).

Security model for Desktop App

NW.js provides more security model for desktop application, that allows you to “Bypass all security restrictions, such as sandboxing, same origin policy etc.

More Distributed

In NW.js would use the “normal” build in production, which does not include DevTools (only SDK build does).

Extensions & Enhancements

NW.js is built with two options separate contexts and mixed contexts. Both  contenct in NW.JS are easier and more straightforward to build your whole app.

Why Osiz for NW.JS Development?

  • Highgrade NW.JS framework for desktop application
  • Using Advanced framework
  • Delivers impressive list of demo applications and video games
  • Build faster development lifecycle.
  • Always offers greater community support.
  • Uses various sophisticated tool for applications.
  • Building NW.JS framework from scratch.
  • Deployment and maintenance.

Hire Our NW.JS Developers

Osiz Technologies provides topgrade NW.JS framework to build various desktop applications. Our NW.JS framework helps to build applications like hybrid applications, to native applications, to backend, to cloud collaboration tools, to robotics.

Our company delivers scable network desktop applications for business and enterprises. We offers 100% reliable and secure solutions for your business development. Osiz technologies assist you to build your desktop application from the base and always provide 24/7 support for maintenance. So, Hire Our dedicated NW.JS developers now !!