Pancakeswap Clone Script

Build your Pancakeswap similar DeFi based Exchange on a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with our Readymade Pancakeswap Clone Script

What is pancakeswap clone script?

Pancakeswap clone script is multi-tested, a complete source code to launch a DeFi exchange over a BinanceSmartChain like Pancakeswap. With effective implementation of unique features like Automated Market Making, Farming, Swapping, Staking, and Lending, you can launch a BSC-based DEX platform like PancakeSwap with an instant ready-to-deploy PancakeSwap Clone Script.

Features of Our PancakeSwap Clone Script

Automated Market Making
Automated Market Making
Our PancakeSwap Clone Script provides Automated Market Making (AMM) as a prominent feature that allows digital assets to be traded without permission by using liquidity pools instead of a traditional market.
Integrated Security Protocol
Integrated Security Protocol
To improve the platform security, our PancakeSwap Clone Script has the provisions with the Integrated Security Protocol feature that maintain and protects the management firms with scalability and ensures high security.
Trading Analytics
Trading Analytics
Our PancakeSwap Clone Script has the Trading Analytics that results in daily updated statistics of the current market prices of BNB, Binance token either in an hourly or weekly performance.
Swifty Audits
Swifty Audits
The Swift Audits as a specific feature in our PancakeSwap Clone Script helps to contribute a rapid and more number of audits per second that ensures the best order completion.
Transaction Tracking
Transaction Tracking
In our PancakeSwap Clone Script, this feature help in tracking the transaction history with eased-up transactions. It boosts instant trade tracking and transaction monitoring that occur in the platform.
Wallet Connectivity
Wallet Connectivity
With our PancakeSwap clone script, wallet connectivity is made simple with an easy set up of wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain. After yielding BEP20 tokens, the wallet can be connected to the exchange.
Yield Farming
Yield Farming
Our PancakeSwap Clone Script has the beneficial fact of Yield Farming. It helps to stake and farm LP tokens to earn rewards in which it generates CAKE Tokens as a reward
Staking in our PancakeSwap clone script is the same as yield farming to generate other tokens as a reward. Staking holds the native tokens for earning other tokens that would be added to the dashboard.
Our PancakeSwap clone script aid a swapping of BEP20 token to earn a native Cake token. It is a process of exchanging one token for another with no limitations for swapping tokens.
Our PancakeSwap Clone Script has an add-on as Lottery that permits users to buy a lottery for winning rewards. To participate in the lottery scheme, the user should have at least 1 ticket comprising of 10 CAKE tokens.
Non-Fungible Tokens
Non-Fungible Tokens
NFTs are created by Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for the users. NFT tokens can be staked in the liquidity pool that showcases the digital assets trade.
Initial Farm Offering (IFO)
Initial Farm Offering (IFO)
IFO in our PancakeSwap Clone Script acts as a special attribute meant for Initial Farm Offering. The IFO helps in accessing newly launched tokens with the support of liquidity pools.
Our PancakeSwap clone script is provided with the benefit of bridging that guides in transferring any decentralized digital assets like tokens from one blockchain network to another network with high-security parameters.
Based on tokens, our Pancakeswap clone script offers amazing rewards to the users. Users can acquire rewards from two times to twenty times in the form of BNB.
Top Performing Tokens
Top Performing Tokens
Our Pancakeswap clone script is provided with insights that brief about the top-performing tokens. It involves a trading volume, liquidity, costs, and sign with the display showing in a trading platform.
Low Trading Fee
Low Trading Fee
To familiarize yield farming and AMM featured DEX platform our Pancakeswap clone script holds the uniqueness of low trading transaction charges that capture many global traders utilizing your exchange.
Benefits of Our PanCakeSwap Clone Script
Get a 100% decentralized and ready-made Pancakeswap clone script for your own decentralized exchange that helps to launch DeFi based DEX on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Trade & Swap BEP20 Tokens
    BEP20 tokens can be traded and swapped
  • Connect with all types of BSC wallets
    All types of BSC wallets can be connected
  • LP Tokens
    Earn Pancakeswap native token by staking LP tokens
  • Stake and Earn crypto tokens
    Tokens can be staked to earn more
  • Get reward by staking
    Rewards can be earned by staking.
  • Dynamic token pairing and creation
    Multiple tokens can be paired with each other

White Label PancakeSwap Clone Software Solutions

Our White label Pancakeswap Clone software helps to build your decentralized exchange platform built on Binance smart chain network based on your requirements.

By utilizing our white-label PancakeSwap Clone Software, you can avail 100% customized solution that ensures cost-effectiveness with advanced features similar to PancakeSwap. It gives you the complete infrastructure of a DeFi exchange like PancakeSwap with all the technical and security features integrated into it.

Wallets supported by Pancakeswap Clone Script

Pan cakeSwap clone script supports the following wallets. All your users need to do is set up MetaMask for Binance Smart Chain to easily link with and make transactions on your platform.

Trust Wallet

Reward Multipliers in Pancakeswap

Similar to Pancakeswap’s reward multipliers, you can also set your platform’s desired reward multipliers.

CAKE/BNB (20x Rewards)
BUSD/BNB (10x Rewards)
ADA/BNB (5x Rewards)
BAND/BNB (5x Rewards)
DOT/BNB (5x Rewards)
EOS/BNB (5x Rewards)
LINK/BNB (5x Rewards)
BAKE/BNB (1x Rewards)
BURGER/BNB (1x Rewards)

Our PancakeSwap Clone - Supported Currencies

Currencies supported by Pancakeswap


PancakeSwap DEX Clone Software

PancakeSwap DEX Clone Software is a customizable Decentralized Exchange Software that is built on Binance Smart Chain works similar to the operation of Pancakeswap. Our PancakeSwap Clone comprises both the admin and user enriched basic and advanced features like automated marketing maker, Analytics, Certik smart contract that brings complete solutions for the traders as well as an exchange admin. The Pancakeswap Clone Software help to build an independent exchange platform that adapts to various frameworks providing numerous benefits to the platform users.

Create Your Profitable AMM & Yield Farming based DeFi Exchange LIke PancakeSwap On Binance Smart Chain

To build a 100% hassle-free decentralized exchange like Pancakeswap with advanced features & security protocols, Osiz Technologies offer an exciting feature-rich DEX platform that supports Binance smart chain. PancakeSwap Clone is utilized to launch a smart contract-based DeFi Decentralized Exchange Platform working with the features involved in PancakeSwap. With low trading fees, high scalability, and interoperability, you can build a cost-effective and stunning decentralized exchange platform.

What is Unique with Our Pancakeswap Clone Script

Unlock our expertise to avail Outstanding Benefits offer by PancakeSwap Clone Software

Immutable Smart Contract

Dynamic Staking

Advanced Lottery System


Multiple Payment Gateways

Governance Token



Liquidity Pools

Bug Bounty Program

Automatic Token Swap

Lending & Borrowing Systems

Referral System

Security APIs

Integrate & Support Crypto Wallets

100% Decentralized Exchange


IFO - Initial Farm Offerings

Exchange APIs

Why prefer Osiz is the right choice for your decentralized Exchange Platform Development like Pancakeswap?

Decentralized finance has alleviated the usage of traditional banking with the advanced alternative solution in the blockchain world. To lead you with the best destination for the DeFi based DEX platform development on Binance smart chain network similar to PancakeSwap, Osiz Technologies deliver you the most unique featured DEX platform with the assistance of our PancakeSwap clone script.

We Osiz, a top-notch DeFi Development Company holds 150+ blockchain developers enriched with technical proficiency offering DeFi solutions on decentralized exchange platform development like Pancakeswap along with its features. Hire our adroit DeFi inbuilt blockchain developers and be an active representative of DeFi solutions.

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Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)

Pancakswap clone script is multi-tested, source code to deploy a decentralized exchange like pancakeswap with all the live features and functionalities.

You can get the pancakeSwap clone script from Osiz. Being a top-rated DeFi Development Company we provide a reliable decentralized exchange platform.

AMM is an Automated Market Maker that creates liquidity pools for traders instead of a matching engine to match the seller and buyers in exchange platforms.

The cost depends upon the user demands for their decentralized exchange platform features.

BinanceSmartchain is highly efficient, interoperable, and cheaper than the Ethereum gas fee for the transactional charge.

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