What is PIVX?

Private Instant Verified Transaction abbreviated as PIVX is a peer-to-peer privacy focused open source cryptocurrency which has an origination coding from DASH. As PIVX is a community-centric cryptocurrency that mainly focuses on decentralization, security, privacy, and its featured benefits by its utility in the real world.

It adds up a value to enable the business by performing the activities with budget funding within the network by individual payment. It offers funding private transactions that is segregated by utilizing PIVX as zPIV transactions and SwiftX which represents an instant transactions.

Key Features of PIVX

Private Transactions

As it signifies, it has unique characteristics with its security and identity. The transactions details that has been made in private maintained with high security which helps to protect your tracking identity to none.


As it has its own features, it is specialized in securing the coin tracking in which it cannot be added to blacklist due to its absence of tracking. It rub out the PIVX transaction history before spending in it.

Self Governed & Funded

PIVX has its funding proposal system with fixed budget by allocating funds in order to improve and maintain the proposal with full sufficiency. It helps everyone to guide the development in all direction of coin generation.

Instant Transactions

In this PIVX, it utilize SwiftX technology that allows to handle point-of-sale conditions with many advantageous features. It confirms the locked payment with the reduction of five times in delivering when compared to other crypto currencies expenditure of time.


PIVX has one of the major key features as decentralization of process. Due to this, it has high security and scalability in maintaining the authority that governs it centrally. It has global distribution that refrain point of failure.

Fixed Supply

Almost in every year, more than 2L new PIVX coins are created with much secured network by staking master nodes in running either group or individual that help the network get secured throughout the process.

Benefits of Investing in PIVX

  • Improves the privacy with zPOS.
  • Increased decentralization increases the number of investors by giving a hope that it their identity is well-secured.
  • Efficient power in PIVX is that rewards the transaction fees for staking on the network.
  • It offers high transaction speed, high scalability and less transaction costs.

Future Prospects

To many entrepreneurs who like to invest crypto currency, PIVX is the most preferred for a profitable investment to acquire the best upcoming future. The present price of PIVX will generally have a good growth which is likely to get increased in the near future. If you purchase for minimum amount now, then for sure it will be predicted and acquire you with more than a three times of your investment.

One main reason in the contribution of PIVX rising is that it provides 100% obscurity in which everyone make private transactions in an efficient and faster way that creates a backlog of several other cryptocurrencies.

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Hire our Pivx Developers

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