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Proton Native Desktop Application Development

Proton Native is an advanced JS framework that is similar to React Native framework. This JS is used to build a reactive environment for native desktop applications on all the platforms. This allows users to develop desktop applications faster with interactive user-interface. This latest JS framework, due to it’s progressive features to create native desktop apps on all platform, it has become one of the best JavaScript framework widely used across the globe. As a prominent Proton Native development company, we build cross-platform apps for desktop without leaving the react eco-system.

Why Proton Native JS Framework ?

Proton Native is an amazing framework for desktop application, that has the same functionality as that of React Native to mobile applications. It uses the same syntax as React Native, works with React libraries including Redux and is compatible with Node.js. The following are the features that explains why Proton Native is the best JS Framework for desktop application

Full Cross-Platform

The best JS framework for desktop applications that builds seamless user interface which works perfect on all platforms and lets you manage state in code, while doing it cross platform.

Native Components

Proton Native is native and not web-based on chromium. As this framework uses the native components to build a desktop app, it will require less space and needs fewer resources.

Intuitive Architecture

The proton Native framework comes with simple architecture that comprises easy user interface to upgrade or update the desktop application rapidly. This also saves the development time.

React Native Syntax

This framework uses the syntax same as react native framework. So the developers need not put extra effort to analyze and it is easy to build cross platform desktop applications in short duration.

Why Osiz for Proton Native Desktop App Development?

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  • Minimal development time
  • Adopt Agile Methodology
  • Expertise in Cross Platform Application Development
  • Strong Technological Support
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  • Innovative solutions
  • On time delivery

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Having dedicated JS framework developers, we are skilled and experienced to build highly functional and responsive Proton Native Desktop applications regarding to the clients requirement. We render hassle free projects to meet our client satisfaction that upholds all their needs. Hire our Proton Native Developers to build advanced desktop applications that react on all platforms.